Krishna Chali London 4th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Krishna returns home

Krishna Chali London 4th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Krishna coming home. Everyone looks on. Krishna says I had to come for sure after what dad did. Shuklain asks what did he do. She sends a video to Shukla. He checks it and gets shocked. Shuklain says don’t blame him. Krishna says he isn’t saying anything, someone has to bring out the truth. She asks Shukla to speak up. Matuk says Krishna is playing riddles with us. Shuklain asks why did you come back Krishna. Krishna says Shukla asked me to come back home, he told me that he will trust me if others don’t, if I respect the family, I shouldn’t leave the family, so I have come back to fulfill my responsibilities, right?

She says he called me ten times and said puja will be done by me, he would be happy now. She holds his feet. He blesses her. She smiles.

He says this is not a topic of parliament, she is bahu, she has come back, come on Radhe, lets do the puja. Bela says how come Devta come in Shukla. Bela says Shukla is good hearted, right. Gajanan nods. Shukla gets angry. Krishna sees Radhe. Bua asks why did Krishna go. Pyaare says she came and went on her wish. Prashant says why did she like to go to that hell, she isn’t happy there. Dubey says she didn’t like Geography, but she was stubborn to top that subject, she did that, how shall I explain that relations and studies are different. Matuk does puja rituals. He asks Radhe and Krishna to come. Lali asks them to do rituals together. They do the swing rituals together. The mauli thread gets stuck in her bangle. The kids joke that they got handcuffed. Shuklain says we got Krishna, who is a burden to bear. Shuklain says how did this happen. He sees the actor admitting that he did everything on Shukla’s saying. Krishna says I didn’t watch Bhojpuri films, maybe Lord wanted me to learn your game.

She tells him about Gita. She says Lord Krishna said this to Arjun, that he will get re-birth in every age to firmly establish Dharm, its Janmashtami today, I saw the movie that aired in the market, I identified the actor and made some calls to get details, when I called hospital lab, I learnt your medical tests didn’t happen, I understand even heart attack and tears were fake, Lord Krishna has supported me, I have got you prasad, have it. He eats prasad and asks are you done, you have no idea, you are messing up with me, I did the drama, what will you do, go and show this video to everyone you want, I m not scared.

Shukla says no one raises voice against me. Krishna says everyone is scared of you, when they know about this video, they will stop respecting you, they will know that your words are fake, you always said you do things for family. But you do everything to maintain your fear, you did this planning to make Radhe away from me, he will go away from you, you think he will worship you, respect you after seeing this video, shall I expose you, tell me. He asks what do you want in return. She says your hitler rules won’t work in this house, everyone will have freedom to live life on their terms. He says you want to free this house from me, who will give you the rights, your husband, Radhe? I have already planted hatred in his heart for you, he hates you.

She says look at me, I wanted to become a doctor, I can go to London but I came here, I m still strong seeing my dreams shattering, this work won’t be tough for me, I will change Radhe’s opinion about me and win his trust back in two days. He says you have unsettled me now, Diwali is after two months, I will make Radhe’s wife do Laxmi puja and light the diya, there will be a difference, you won’t be his wife, it will be someone else, got it, your dad was too eager to get divorce papers, I will get you divorced now, I will find a nice girl for Radhe in two months, you got much qualified. He stumbles. She holds him. He shouts leave me. She says both of us are here, lets see who goes and where, Dussehra comes before Diwali, Raavan will not be set on fire, your ego and your hitler dictatorship will burn, and also your delusion that you are God of this house, change is a universal truth, one who doesn’t change with time becomes history. He looks on shocked. She leaves.

Krishna says I have equal rights on everyone, I have married you, I m your wife legally. She asks Radhe what is he doing. He says I want my rights as a husband. He gets close.

Update Credit to: Amena

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