Krishna Chali London 4th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Radhe loses his bike

Krishna Chali London 4th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Krishna asking Dubey to hit her. He cries. She says did you think about me, what I felt after knowing that you sold Rajjo and AC, you stopped Sonal’s tuitions. Bua comes and says I told you not to sell Rajjo. Dubey says we will get Rajjo back, you can’t blame Radhe. Krishna says I just wanted Radhe to know what we lost for his bike. Bua says you should have taught Krishna since childhood. Krishna says yes, you should have taught me that I m like any sheep, not any human, you should have told me that I can’t think or dream, why didn’t you say that you got me educated to get me settled in a rich family, Radhe is a good person, he is very simple, but he didn’t need a wife like me, he needed a bike and a wife with whom he can ride the bike, you did wrong with me and

him, he needs someone like him, not me, I prayed that he gets the girl he likes. She goes. Dubey cries and says how shall I explain her.

He gets Shukla’s call and asks what, are you coming here, what to do now. Matuk asks what, dad is coming here? Radhe says I m already worried. Saajan says don’t worry, just surrender in front of him, maybe he sees an innocent kid in you and spares you. Shukla comes home with family. Radhe worries. Shukla creates a scene. Radhe says don’t tell anything to them, its not Krishna’s mistake. Shukla slaps him. Dubey interrupts. Shukla says shut up, no one will talk in between, I m talking to my son. He asks Radhe to stand up. He scolds Radhe. He says you are the essence of my life, you threw yourself in cow dung, you have ruined everything. Matuk says yes, he ruined everything.

Shukla says you have ruined my reputation. He beats Radhe. Dubey and Bua feel bad. Shukla says I will forget my limits Dubey, if you come in between. Radhe’s mum stops him. Shukla says Krishna has made Radhe a puppet, Radhe is not your son now, he has become wife’s slave, I got insulted in front of businessmen, you were supposed to keep your educated wife as trophy. Krishna holds Radhe and says you can vent your anger on me. Radhe smiles. Krishna says he stayed here on my insistence, don’t say anything to him, he milked the buffalo for my sake, my dad sold buffalo for Radhe’s bike. Shukla says see, Radhe wants bike to go on ride with his wife. He says I will deal with you later Krishna, I will find a solution for Radhe’s bike first. He sends the bike. Radhe says no, don’t take my bike. Shukla says either sell the bike or throw it in Ganga ji. Radhe begs him and says you beat me, its my childhood dream, don’t take the bike. Krishna cries seeing him. Shukla asks Radhe to leave the bike and stand away, stop dreaming. Radhe cries. Krishna says please forgive him. Radhe’s mum says why are you punishing the bike. Dubey says I beg you, forgive me. Shukla says your bike is the root of all problems, just take it away.

Radhe says throw me in Ganga, not the bike. Shukla makes him away. Radhe and Krishna cry when the bike is taken away. Everyone feels sad. Radhe’s mum asks Krishna is she happy now. Dubey says I m not feeling happy seeing this. Radhe’s mum says its better you keep peace like you were silent when your daughter refused to come for Jaimala ritual. She asks Bua not to talk in between. She says I can understand well, you can’t arrange so much money as per your status, who can refuse to money. She reminds him and insults him. Dubey asks didn’y you get any money left to buy a bike, we paid you 17 lakhs, did you spend all the money in marriage, do you think we are fools, Krishna is making Radhe pay for it by milking the buffalo, see his bike got sold today, we have squared the buffalo, right Krishna Dubey, sorry, Krishna Shukla…. the district topper. Shukla asks will you send us away like this, won’t you arrange food. Dubey and Bua ask them to come in. Bua asks Krishna to come with her. Radhe sits sad.

Shukla says I bashed Radhe in front of everyone and got hurt, make sure that you don’t repeat mistakes, I won’t bear Radhe next time.

Update Credit to: Amena

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