Krishna Chali London 3rd July 2018 Written Episode Update: Radhe’s family gets upset

Krishna Chali London 3rd July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Radhe saying Krishna got this black tea because of me, I will make this tea white. Radhe’s mum calls Matuk. He asks what’s the matter. She says who is the biggest well wisher of this family. He asks who. She says you… who else. He says I can do anything. She says just get Radhe, Dubey and his family trapped him, he had promised to come back, he didn’t come, just get him back right now. He says you have chosen the right man for this job, I will get Saajan and go with him to bring Radhe back, just give me blessings. She blesses him. Radhe goes to milk the buffalo. He gets a kick. He falls in cow dung. Banwari asks are you hurt. Radhe says no, just some cow dung stained my clothes. Banwari asks him to wash hands.

Saajan and Matuk are on the way. Saajan

asks Matuk to maintain balance and sit. Radhe talks to Rajjo sweetly. He says you love Krishna a lot, I also love Krishna so much, she is like your younger sister, you are like my sister in law, give some milk, my reputation is at stake, I will sing an amazing song for you. He sings bohot pyaar….He milks the buffalo. Matuk says I will file case on you, drive property. Radhe gets a bucket of milk. Banwari says well done. Radhe says how much did you pay for buffalo. Banwari says just 75000rs. Radhe gets thinking and says if you give me 2 years time, I will give 1.5 lakhs and take Rajjo home. Banwari asks why will you pay double. Radhe says this is about love, love is priceless, just send one litre milk to Dubey every day, I love you Rajjo. He turns and falls in cow dung. Banwari holds his head.

Saajan gets Matuk to Dubey’s house. Radhe says you guys here. They get shocked seeing Radhe’s state. Matuk asks who are you. Radhe says its me, Radhe. Matuk asks are you Radhe. Saajan asks what’s all this. Radhe says I went to milk the buffalo. Matuk makes video call to Radhe’s mum. He says I met a person, he is claiming to be Radhe, his voice matches, I m confused, see him. Radhe says its me. Radhe’s mum asks who’s this beggar. Radhe says its me, Radhe, your son. Radhe’s mum asks is it you, what have you done with yourself. Radhe says I went to get milk for everyone. She asks who did this. He says I had gone to get milk for Krishna so that she can drink white tea. Krishna comes and asks Matuk to come in.

Radhe’s mum scolds Krishna. Krishna says you have misunderstood. Radhe’s mum says shut up, should I believe my eyes or you. Radhe says I went on my own. Radhe’s mum says I m the one suffering, I will end this story today, don’t disconnect the call. Saajan says hang up the call. Radhe’s mum goes to Shukla while he is with his friends. Chobey says I m the better candidate. Gajanan and Triloki stop her. Radhe’s mum says nothing can stop me today. Shukla asks what’s happening. Radhe’s mum says you were the one who was adamant to get trophy bahu for Radhe, I m going crazy seeing this, you will also lose it, see this. He sees Radhe with cow dung. He says I can understand. He shows Radhe to everyone and says this is the state of farmers, so I want to contest in elections. She says no, he is your son Radhe, he is treated such in your bahu’s Maayka. Shukla gets shocked. The men laugh and make fun of Shukla. Shukla scolds Radhe. Radhe says I slipped and fell in cow dung when I went to ilk the buffalo. The men hear this and laugh. Radhe gives phone to Matuk. Radhe signs to Saajan.

He asks Krishna not to worry, he will fix everything. Saajan says its a big mess. Matuk asks Radhe to take a bath and leave, matter got worse, its out of hands now. Shukla ends the meeting and asks the men to leave. Radhe’s mum cries and says Radhe’s fate is bad, why did you get this girl. The men look on. She complains about Krishna. Shukla asks her to shut up. She tells everything that Shukla gave money to bring bahu. Shukla asks will you humiliate me in front of everyone. The men say that Shukla has bought the bahu and got her here. Shukla asks them to leave. Chobey says you manage your family, we will manage business. They leave. Shukla gets angry. Radhe takes bath and comes. Matuk says who would think this, Radhe had cow dung all over him. Radhe says no, I got cleaned. Bua says Radhe has been humiliated, what does Krishna want. Radhe says its not Krishna’s mistake. Dubey scolds Krishna. He raises hand and stops. Krishna cries.

Shukla and family come to Dubey’s house. Shukla beats Radhe. He says he has become his wife’s slave now.

Update Credit to: Amena

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