Krishna Chali London 31st July 2018 Written Episode Update: Shukla gets revengeful

Krishna Chali London 31st July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shuklain asking Tantric baba to step ahead. Radhe says Krishna really beats up. Tantric says I m not scared, step aside witch. Shuklain asks Krishna to move back. Krishna says no, you get back today. Shuklain says just move back. Krishna says you move. Shuklain moves away. Krishna beats the tantric. Radhe says hit him on his head, he has hurt my leg. Shuklain says leave him. Radhe says you deserve this. Krishna asks tantric to get out. They get scared seeing Krishna. Radhe smiles and recalls their wedding night moment. They go.

He says you saved me. She asks are you fine. She checks his leg. Shukla says give this small gift to your wife, get my work done. Minister says your work will be done, but its illegal, that person is your relative. Shukla says I understand

profit and loss, I m a businessman, I have to make him pay for my loss. Minister agrees and accepts the gift. Shukla goes out and calls Dubey. He asks how are you, where are you. Dubey says I m fine, I m in clinic, treating patient. Shukla says wow, you are a great man, so selfless, everyone is fine here, stay in touch. Krishna helps Radhe. He says I m better. She says I will give your foot and hand a hot compress. She does it. He looks at her. She asks would you leave me if I got hurt this way. He says no, that’s about me, why did you stay back. She says how can I leave you in such a broken state. He asks why. She says we are staying together, a bond is formed, I m a doctor by heart, doctor never leaves patient unattended. He says I m your patient, its true. She asks what are you saying. He says such people used to treat when there were no doctors. She says that tantric is fake, Vaid used to treat in old times, not everyone is fraud, they had knowledge, my dad doesn’t have a medical degree, but he has much experience, he is serving many people, are you getting relieved. He says a lot and smiles.

Shukla comes home. Shuklain says I was waiting for you, you have no idea what Krishna did, I managed to get a tantric for warding bad sight off Radhe, Krishna has hit him with a bat, why did you get her home. He says enough, I found a way to deal with her, she is messing up with me, she doesn’t know its result.

Krishna comes to room and sees Radhe writing something on plaster. She asks him not to lower his leg. She feeds him medicines. She sleeps. He feels itchy. He screams. She wakes up and asks are you fine, keep hand down. He says call mum please. She says she must have fallen asleep, tell me what is it. He says nothing, call Saajan, its something which I can’t ask you to do.

Saajan and Radhe shout in washroom. Saajan pours water on Radhe. Krishna runs to see and asks what happened Radhe. Radhe asks Saajan to cover him up, give the towel. Saajan asks Krishna how are you, did you watch any new film. She says I haven’t see any film. Radhe says I was feeling itchy since I didn’t bath since two days. She says you should have told me, Saajan you can go, I will change the bandage, don’t worry. Saajan says I understood. He goes. Krishna says you would have told me, I would have given you a bath, I mean sponge bath. She makes him plaster safe and then gives him sponge bath. He smiles. Dil hai ke maanta nai…plays… He gets a peaceful sleep. Krishna sleeps. Bela looks on and says there is no drama, mum didn’t taunt Krishna, I was getting bored. Triloki says maybe its the silence before the storm, dad is upto something, he calls someone and asks for his work. She gets glad. He says something will happen for sure. Shukla drinks wine. He calls someone and smiles. He says I have to show her place, Krishna and her entire family must understand the consequences of going against me.

Dubey sees her clinic and home ruined. Official slaps him. Dubey gets arrested.

Update Credit to: Amena

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