Krishna Chali London 28th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Krishna rescues Radhe

Krishna Chali London 28th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Radhe going to the goons and drinking their Shikangi drinks. The goon asks where will you go to pee when you will need to. Radhe says on your face, you deserve this. Krishna scolds the goons too. She asks why were you staring at me, we are fed up by your comments, Radhe is my husband, he is not mad. She holds his hand. Radhe smiles. She says you both are mad loafers, ill mannered men. Radhe says I m a decent man Radhe, she is my wife Krishna, I m her husband. Goon says I will make your ears ring now. He slaps Radhe and says explain me now. Radhe beats him. Goons catch him. Krishna asks them to stop. Goon pushes her. Radhe beats the goon. The fight goes on. Radhe says you broke my phone, cheaters, you both came together to fight. The goons beat him. Krishna worries and

goes away. Radhe asks where are you running away. The goon says she has left you. Krishna rides the bike. The goon takes a big boulder to hit Radhe. Krishna hits the goon with the bike. Radhe gets shocked. She kicks the goon and asks Radhe to come. Radhe kicks the goon as well and says I have hit the last kick. They leave on the bike. Radhe makes Krishna wear the helmet.

Voiceover: Radhe had this dream since childhood, he didn’t think this dream will get fulfilled this way. He holds her waist. She turns a bit. He holds the bike. Radhe’s mum says its all waste rituals, why did Krishna take Radhe along. Bela says you should have gone along. Lali asks how can she go. Bela says Shukla has opened the safe and shown to Dubey, now Dubey knows we can give away money to him, he can influence Radhe and get money. Lali asks what’s this nonsense. Bela says very soon Shukla will open a hospital for Krishna and Dubey. Radhe’s mum says Radhe never stayed out of the house at night ever. Krishna and Radhe greet her family. Dubey asks about his clothes. Krishna asks him to say. Radhe says I fell down the clothes, I m fine, I was wearing a helmet. Pyaare and Dulaare come dancing and says Jija ji lost, we are the real speedsters. Bua says I will beat you, come, why did you race, see Radhe has suffered pain.

The men play drum. Radhe asks why are you annoyed. Krishna asks why did you become hero, they have beaten you a lot. He says I got angry as they were staring at you. She says your phone got broken. Bua says see how they are murmuring, they can’t live without each other. Dubey smiles. Bua does tilak to Krishna and Radhe and welcomes them. Krishna meets Sonu and asks where is Rajjo. Dubey says Rajjo…. Bua says Dubey missed you a lot, I keep crying and even Rajjo missed you. Radhe thinks Rajjo is their buffalo. Bua says Rajjo fell ill, she is taken to a vet, she will come soon. Pyaare says we sold Rajjo. Bua signs him. Krishna says I m proud of you, you didn’t Rajjo yourself and sent her to a doctor. Dubey says she is pulling my leg. Bua asks everyone not to tell Krishna about Rajjo. Radhe changes and comes. Dubey gets tea. Radhe says I would have kept a pair of clothes, these clothes are also comfortable. Dubey asks is everything fine at home.

Radhe recalls Krishna and says its all good over there, the problem that happened in marriage ended, Krishna is so nice, everyone praises her, she has sung a song, amazing, I think she got this talent from you, you are a doctor, but look like an artist, sing something, Dubey says no. Radhe insists. Dubey says I used to sing this song for Krishna’s mum. He sings Chaudvi ka chand ho… Radhe imagines Krishna and says its amazing, you are romantic at heart, may I sing now. Dubey says sure. Krishna says I will sing for my wife too. He sings bohot pyaar karte hai…. Dubey gets shocked and makes a face. Radhe asks did I sing so bad, you are crying. Dubey says no, its tears of happiness, you are very good. He hugs Radhe and blesses him. Radhe thanks him. Dubey says you and Krishna always stay happy. Radhe smiles.

Bua says Pyaare and Dulaare will take you to market, buy clothes from my side. Radhe says I have to return tonight. His mum calls and says if you respect me, leave from there. Krishna asks are we leaving or staying back.

Update Credit to: Amena

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