Krishna Chali London 27th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Radhe takes Krishna on a date

Krishna Chali London 27th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Krishna going to Radhe and sitting on his bike. Radhe gets happy. He wears his helmet and glasses. He leaves. Saajan says Radhe Krishna Ki Jai. Voiceover tells about Radhe’s dream, not about the suhaagraat dream as Krishna got him scared of snake, he had a dream to take his wife on his bike, Radhe learnt bike riding, Saajan helped him, this way…. FB shows Saajan teaching bike driving to Radhe. Krishna holds Radhe and asks him to pay attention, why don’t they repair the pits. He says let it be, many couples come close because of it. His phone vibrates. He asks why are you ticking me. She says I m not interested, answer your phone. He stops the bike and answers.

Saajan does sit ups and asks did you reach Sasural. Radhe says no. Saajan says I got defamed

and now my wife is punishing me. Radhe asks why did you call me, I will reach Malihabad and call you. Saajan jokes and says you are going out for the first time, take her on a date, a date means when a couple spends time alone and romance, be romantic, its first first date. Radhe says fine, bye. Radhe stops the bike near a temple. Krishna asks what happened. Radhe says we got to see this day by God’s grace, a new bike and my wife, I should thank him.

Radhe and Krishna pray. Pandit gives them prasad and blesses. Radhe asks her to stay happy, why is she sad, did he do anything wrong again. Krishna sits on the stairs and cries. He comes to her and asks are you all right. She says I haven’t come here for the first time, I used to come here in childhood with my mum before every exam, I couldn’t do anything to save my mum, many women suffer and die by cervical cancer, my mum was one of them, I didn’t wish to become doctor for earning money, but to serve such women like my mum. He says don’t worry, everything will be fine. She says you won’t understand, shall we leave.

Saajan calls him and asks what’s going on. Radhe says I came to temple and…. Saajan says you are a unique piece, who takes a girl to a temple on date. Radhe says she has shared her thoughts with me. Saajan says there is a dhaba there, go there and romance with her. Radhe instigates Pyaare and Dulaare for a race and sends them. Krishna asks Radhe to drive. He says no, I don’t want to race, but romance. She asks what. He says we will go to dhaba. She says do whatever you want. They stop at a dhaba. Radhe goes to washroom. She asks the man to just get tea for her. Some men see her sitting alone. She thinks where is Radhe. Radhe comes and says sorry, my zip was stuck, I got late. Krishna sits close to him. Radhe says mum still puts elastic in my pyjama. He checks the menu and says the place is good. She says its a cheap place, come to this side a bit. Radhe smiles. He thinks she is also in a romantic mood like me, so she wants to see me. They get the food. The man asks them to have Masala Shikanji like love birds.

Radhe says I didn’t know love birds also drink Shikanji. The men joke. Radhe answers them and says you are strangers for me, I can’t share shikanji with you. The goon asks him to go to his mum, he will handle the madam. Radhe gets angry. Krishna holds his hand and says leave it, ignore them. Radhe says they are teasing my wife, I will teach them a lesson. He goes to them. Krishna looks on.

Radhe fights with the goons. He gets beaten up. The goon gets a big boulder to throw at him. Someone races the bike and hits the goon. Radhe gets saved.

Update Credit to: Amena

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