Krishna Chali London 26th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Radhe and Krishna save Lali

Krishna Chali London 26th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shukla making a call. Saajan comes to him and says all the arrangements of Raavan dahan is done. Shukla asks what shall I do then, I m so busy, I have much work. Saajan says he never appreciates me, where is Radhe. Shukla calls the doctor and asks is everything fine. Doctor says yes, everything is under control. Radhe says Shukla can’t do this, he took Lali to hospital, I will call dad now. Krishna throws his phone and says wake up from your sleep, I told you much is happening around you, you are blind, am I mad to miss London flight and come here. Gajanan says Shukla didn’t take Lali to hospital. Radhe says Krishna is filling your ears, she dislikes dad. She asks him to take phone and tell everything to dad, if anything happens to Lali, he can’t forgive himself.

She says let us go, Lali is suffering from cervical cancer, we don’t know how is she. She leaves for police station. He says we won’t go there, else dad will know. She asks then who will trace the number. He says there is one way, my Hanuman.

Saajan gets shocked seeing Krishna. He says Radhe, I can see Krishna. Radhe says she is here so you will see her, don’t joke with me, I have come with imp work. Saajan gets glad and asks him to say. Radhe asks him to take his friend’s help. They meet some man and request him to help them with the cab details. Radhe asks the man to give him information. Saajan describes Shukla. A man recalls seeing Shukla. He says Shukla didn’t pay me money, I took him. Radhe asks him where did you drop him. The man says I left him at some old hospital. Krishna asks can you take us there. The man agrees. Shuklain and Bela dine. Shuklain says I wanted my three bahus to light diya with me. She asks Bela to tell Gajanan to make her talk to Lali. She gets sad and leaves the food. Bela enjoys the food. The driver gets them to the place. Gajanan sees goons and says I will see them. Krishna stops him and says there maybe many goons, they can hurt Lali. They hide and get inside.

Gajanan says I will go and see, stay here. A glass falls by his hand. Goons turn to see. Gajanan gets inside and sees Lali and Pinky tied up. He gets shocked and angry. Radhe. Saajan and Krishna wait for him away. Goon catches Gajanan. Radhe says he is showing knife to my brother. Gajanan shouts. Goons hold him. Krishna says we should inform police. Radhe runs to save Gajanan. He gets punched. Goons catch Saajan and Krishna also. Goon says he got entire army here, take them inside and lock them in different rooms. Radhe shouts on goons. Krishna says his emotions always come out on wrong time. Gajanan gets some idea. He says I don’t want to leave from here Radhe, I won’t go. He signs Radhe. The goon jokes on Gajanan.

Gajanan asks Radhe who was he, who went in Raavan’s Lanka. Radhe smiles and recalls their childhood moment. Gajanan hits the ground and shouts Jai Shri Ram. Radhe smiles. Krishna, Saajan and goons look on puzzled. Gajanan firmly keeps his foot. Goons try to move his foot. Radhe beats goons and frees Krishna. They hold hands. Gajanan asks Radhe to get in. He catches all the goons and pushes them away. Gajanan runs after Radhe. They look the door and look for Lali and Pinky. Goons hit the door. Gajanan hears Pinky crying. They get shocked seeing Lali and Pinky tied by ropes. Gajanan hugs Pinky. Krishna frees Lali. Gajanan hugs her and cries. Saajan consoles Pinky. Radhe says dad has done a big mistake this time. Krishna sees some medicine bottles. She asks Radhe to find doctor mask fast. Radhe sees the goons coming.

Radhe scolds Shukla and says person should have deeds like Ram to do Raavan daahan, Gajanan is Ram for me, not you. Gajanan does Raavan dahan. Krishna and Radhe smile. Someone is seen coming….

Update Credit to: Amena

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