Krishna Chali London 25th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Krishna does Radhe’s aid

Krishna Chali London 25th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Krishna asking do you know meaning of love, you just think for yourself, your love, marriage and dreams, what about me. Radhe says fine, beat me, dad has also beaten me, you also beat me. He goes and cries seeing his wounds. He gets scared to do the aid. Krishna comes and says sorry. He says you didn’t sneeze. She says I m just apologizing. Krishna does the aid and says you shouldn’t apply medicines without cleaning the wound, else you may get injection, now apply the medicine. He smiles and says you did it on your own, you always do as you wish. She smiles. She says its done. She turns to go. He thanks her. She says sorry, I hit you too hard. He says its good that you hit me. She asks really, shall I hit again. He says no. She gets her bedding done on floor. He asks

what are you doing, there is a bed. She says you are again talking about suhaagraat, you are a stubborn person. He says no, I meant to say you can sleep on the bed, I will sleep on sofa. He thanks Krishna. She sleeps.

Its morning, Radhe’s mum calls them out and asks them to open the door. Krishna says good morning, I m just coming. Shukla says see what I did, its good morning. Krishna sees Radhe sleeping and fixes bandage well. Radhe’s mum asks is the tea ready. Laila asks Krishna how is she. Krishna says I will make tea. Lali checks her hand and neck. Krishna says I m fine, what are you looking at. Lali says the bruise, last night…. Bela joins them and jokes with Lali. Lali asks her not to joke on everything. Bela assks how was the suhaagraat. Krishna drops the bread. Bela asks what have you done. Lali helps. Bela asks Krishna again. Radhe’s mum comes and asks what’s happening. Bela says I will give tea to Radhe, will he be in his room. Krishna says yes, he is on couch. Bela asks what couch. Krishna says ouch, I got a sprain in leg, I will give him tea. She goes. Radhe’s mum asks the man to take newspaper to the grocery shop. Krishna shuts the door. She says if anyone sees Radhe sleeping on couch, everyone will create a scene. She mocks Shukla.

She hears Radhe saying Krishna ji don’t run away. Krishna says I m here, the bandage is again getting off, shall I pull it off. He screams. She says your wound got fine, get ready, the jail door is open, anyone can come. He says if this is jail, I m ready to spend my entire life with you. She says I closed door so that none knows you were sleeping on the couch. He thanks her for the tea. She says you are welcome, get ready and come for breakfast. She goes. He gets happy. He calls Saajan and says you are welcome Saajan…. Lali comes and checks the room. Radhe asks what happened, are you searching for something. He hugs her and says it was the best night of my life, it was amazing, dad closed the door from outside, what happened, you look worried. She says I m not worried, I m upset, even you… I thought you are different, I didn’t expect this from you. He asks what happened, what’s the problem to celebrate suhaagraat.

She says is it not wrong to force a girl. He asks why will I force her, Bachchan Saab told in cinema, no means no, I know forcing is wrong. She says it means you didn’t force Krishna. She says I think there is something wrong in my face, no one has respect for me, unfortunately, men are taught one meaning of suhaagraat, I also felt so, I understood, its not a cat and mouse game, its like a relation between bat and helmet. She asks how. She says helmet and bat aren’t useful without each other, if they stay together, they can’t get injuries and can make many scores, I saw Krishna smiling for the first time, I understood her and made her understand my word. She says I expected this from you. Krishna comes to call her. Lali happily hugs her. Radhe goes to have a group hug. Krishna stops him.

Lali says Krishna had to read a newspaper at home. Shukla learns this. Radhe’s mum scolds Krishna. Radhe says I will get an english newspaper for Krishna, I promise.

Update Credit to: Amena

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