Krishna Chali London 24th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Krishna gets Gajanan arrested

Krishna Chali London 24th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Krishna asking do you put the ghunghat to hide your wound marks. Lali cries. Krishna makes her sleep. She thinks of Lali and Shuklain’s words. She calls up police. Shukla goes to open the door. Krishna opens the door and lets police in. Shukla asks what’s happening. Matuk comes and asks what’s going on. Inspector says its a serious matter, a case is filed for women abuse and domestic violence, the address is yours.

Shukla asks inspector Pandey to leave, he will manage. Pandey says I heard your bahu was beaten up. Pandey and Shukla argue. Pandey asks who is the victim. Shukla says leave else I will beat you. Pandey says better behave yourself. Matuk asks who filed the report. Pandey says Krishna, your younger bahu. Radhe asks what did you do. Krishna says

you should have done this before. Constable goes to take Lali’s statement. Pandey asks them to find Gajanan. Shuklain tries to stop. Bela asks her to let them do their work. The lady says Lali’s state is really bad, you did right to complain, get her to police station tomorrow. Krishna says fine, I will take this responsibility.

Shuklain asks them to leave Gajanan. Shukla says let them take him, nothing will happen. Gajanan gets arrested. Shuklain runs and gets a rope noose to threaten. She says I will give my life. Everyone stops her. Shukla says get down else I will pull the chair. She cries and says they took my son away. She asks Krishna is she satisfied now. She gets angry and says I should kill her. She throws a vase at Krishna. Radhe holds the vase. He asks Krishna is she fine. Shuklain cries. Pandey asks Matuk to come to station. Triloki tries to bribe him. Pandey leaves. Shukla asks Triloki to get the car. He stops Radhe. He asks Radhe to become his wife’s puppet. He goes. Krishna shouts mummy ji and runs. Radhe goes to see. They stop Shuklain from hanging herself. Shuklain gets down. Bela thinks the fan got saved. Krishna gets water for Shuklain.

Shuklain asks what do you want, police didn’t come in this house, they dragged Gajanan today. She asks krishna to give them poison. Radhe says Krishna didn’t do wrong. Shuklain gets hurt. Krishna holds her. Shuklain pushes Krishna away. Radhe holds Krishna and asks are you fine. Shuklain cries. He says you can push me, I won’t tolerate bad behavior with Krishna. Bela says you love Krishna even after all this drama, you care for her a lot, I wish Krishna’s family gave her such values. Krishna says you can push me, no one cares for Lali here, you are trying to prove me wrong, what do you want, you want Lali to be killed.

Update in ProgressPrecap:
Shukla says its a petty issue. Pandey asks him to sit all night, he will serve her. Bela says Krishna has filed a complaint and sent Gajanan to jail. Krishna says Lali you have to give statement now. Lali gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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