Krishna Chali London 23rd July 2018 Written Episode Update: Gajanan beats up Lali

Krishna Chali London 23rd July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shukla insulting Gajanan and asking him to be a man. Gajanan gets angry and leaves the food. He goes. Radhe asks Shukla to come. Shuklain asks him to get lost. Gajanan thinks of Shukla’s words. Lali comes to the room. Gajanan takes a belt and beats her. Krishna stays stressed. She hears Lali screaming and goes to see. The kids cry. Krishna asks Pinky where is Lali. She knocks the door and asks Lali is she fine. Radhe consoles the kids and takes them. Shukla tries to sleep. He says whatever happening is right, ask Krishna not to become the leader and go to sleep. Shuklain goes to stop Krishna. Krishna asks can’t you hear Lali screaming. Shuklain says its between a husband and wife, go from here.

Krishna says I will break the door if anyone doesn’t help. She

pushes the door. Radhe move her aside and breaks the door. They go in and see Lali hurt. Krishna hugs Lali and says everything will get fine. Shuklain says come out with me. Krishna says get some water quickly. Shuklain says Lali get up and tell Krishna that you are fine. Krishna asks what are you saying, can’t you see how badly injured she is. They argue. Krishna asks Radhe to call for an ambulance, they have to take Lali to hospital. He gets thinking. Shuklain takes his phone and scolds him.

Shukla comes and asks what’s happening. Krishna taunts them that they are worse than owls. She asks Radhe to call the hospital. Shukla says you married a stubborn girl Radhe, you call up the mental asylum, everyone got mad here. Radhe says look at Lali’s condition, so I m calling the hospital. Shukla asks Shuklain to do aid and give haldi milk to Lali, it didn’t happen for the first time, it happens, Shuklain think to get things in control, Radhe take care of Gajanan, give him some tea. Shuklain takes Lali out. Gajanan asks Radhe to go and attend Lali. Krishna gets antiseptic. She moves Bela aside. She asks Bela to get warm water. Bela helps. Shuklain says Lali has to stay here with Gajanan, your point of view won’t make any difference. Krishna says married life isn’t like this, I have never seen such things between my parents. Bela says stop talking about women empowerment. Krishna makes Lali have medicines. Radhe asks Lali to sleep in her room, Gajanan has gone to sleep at the lakeside. Krishna takes Lali to room and wipes her tears. She says crying won’t help, change will come if you take action, Shukla said this didn’t happen for the first time, why didn’t you tell anything till now….

Krishna opens the door and asks police to come in. Inspector says its a serious matter, I was informed that your bahu was subjected to physical violence.

Update Credit to: Amena

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