Krishna Chali London 22nd June 2018 Written Episode Update: Shukla beats up Radhe

Krishna Chali London 22nd June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Triloki saying Shabnam. Bela scolds him. Krishna asks who are you. Radhe says she is the one who will prove me innocent. Radhe’s mum and Gajanan ask what’s going on, who is she. Kids wake up. Gajanan asks Lali to take them inside. Shabnam introduces herself. Radhe’s mum asks what are you doing here. Krishna says Radhe just left and got her here. Shabnam says don’t worry, I m not interested in coming here, Radhe begged me to come and save him, so I came here leaving my four guests. Radhe’s mum cries. Radhe says I got her here. Gajanan asks why. Radhe says I wanted her to meet Krishna. She asks why.

Shabnam says you had a doubt on him, he got me to confirm. Shukla shouts enough, Triloki show her the door, throw money on her face. Shabnam winks to him. Triloki

asks her to come, he will drop her. She flirts and goes. Radhe says but let me talk, Krishna ji she came to say… Shukla slaps him. He beats him. Radhe says Saajan took me there. Shukla says Saajan…. that’s what I m thinking how can you get her here. He asks Gajanan to get Saajan. Saajan’s wife cries and asks Saajan to keep Radhe at home. Gajanan comes and drags him. He takes Saajan home. Saajan sees everyone and greets Shukla. Shukla asks Saajan to just say what he asks, why did Radhe get Shabnam here. Radhe signs Saajan. Saajan gets beaten up. He says I will say. Radhe says be quiet. Saajan says you got her home. Shukla says speak up. Radhe says don’t say.

Saajan says its not my mistake, it not even Radhe’s mistake, I don’t like to complain, if Krishna insults Radhe and calls him characterless, how would I feel. Shukla says you won’t like it. Saajan says I got hurt, Krishna called Radhe characterless, if Krishna isn’t ready to stay with him in room, won’t I help him, I told Radhe to call Shabnam and tell Krishna that Radhe is innocent, not characterless. Shukla sees Krishna. Radhe’s mum says I knew she is behind this. Bela says but snake came in their room so they decided to sleep out. Saajan says it was a drama, how will snake come suddenly. Krishna says I didn’t ask for any proof from Radhe.

Shukla says this is not a court. He scolds his wife for not teaching bahu. He says your drama won’t be entertained here Krishna, you are our bahu of this house. He asks Radhe to come. He gets Radhe and Krishna to their room. He asks Radhe to be a man, else don’t keep Shukla name, dog hunts for cat, dog doesn’t become her slave, prove it that she is a cat and you are a dog. Krishna says we are not animals, we are humans, its our personal matter. Shukla asks then how did the matter reach me, I will decide now, you have to celebrate suhaagraat today. He locks them. His wife asks are you doing right. He says yes, I will sleep outside here. Krishna wears a helmet and takes bat in hand. She says this is my shield and weapon, if you try to force, I will beat you. Radhe asks her to beat him as everyone does. He stops her and removes her helmet. Shukla rests. His wife massages his legs and calls him too much. He says I m doing this for Radhe’s married life. He asks don’t you want grandchildren. She says I do want. He says that’s why I m doing this.

Radhe says I was telling you, you don’t need to protect yourself from me, I m not a devil, I m not characterless, I got Shabnam to tell you that I protected myself, you attacked me, you don’t want to trust me. She says I gave you a chance and trusted you. He says I didn’t cheat you, I tried to talk to dad and wrote a letter too, but I couldn’t tell him, Saajan confused me and switched off my phone, it was my mistake to listen to him. She says fine, the day I had run away, who told my brothers. He says I told them, but I told you honestly, I was scared to lose you, I like you, I love you a lot.

Radhe tells Lali that suhaagraat is not a dog and cat game, its like pairing of helmet and bat.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Dishani01

    radhey is so innocent …
    but i like his cutie character …
    because he love Krishna without any exception …
    only want her love and Partnership to his life and make his life as colourful ..
    but no one love his innocent … poor radhy… i feel this character pain… his parents growing him like this but what his fault for wants love .. no one love him only hurt him for his innocent. saajan is one true friend and good human for radhey he also little fool but good…

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