Krishna Chali London 21st June 2018 Written Episode Update: Krishna scolds Radhe

Krishna Chali London 21st June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Radhe shouting snake. Everyone hears him and comes to ask what happened. Radhe says there is a snake in the room. They all look for the snake. Shukla asks will you call everyone here. Krishna says I was thinking to sleep in the veranda. Radhe’s mum says yes, there is a threat of snake here. Krishna asks kids to sleep with them. Kids agree. Krishna smiles. They arrange the bedding in veranda. Krishna goes to get water. Radhe thinks Krishna is also upset. He goes to her and says everything went wrong, I m sorry, I wanted to make the night special. She says you were dreaming of this wedding night and read dirty magazines. He says no. She says you went to meet Shabnam too. He says Saajan took me there, I didn’t do anything.

He says this doesn’t matter to me,

you are blind with lust, you are restless for the wedding night, do you know what happened with me in this house today, let it be, its no use telling you about it, you can’t think anything, you are selfish. He says no, I just think about you all the time. She says enough now, do you have any idea, what happened with me in the past ten days, my entire life has changed, I left my home, my marriage was fixed without my will, my dream of studying and becoming a doctor got shattered, your dad humiliated me and your mum targets me for everything. She scolds him. She says I begged you for my dream, I just asked for five years, what did you do, you shattered my dreams, you have grown up to celebrate a wedding night, I trusted you, you broke my trust and dreams. She cries. She says like my dream was not fulfilled, your dream will also be left unfulfilled, this will happen every night, just remember this, its my promise.

Radhe comes to meet Saajan. Saajan falls down the bed and shouts who is it. His wife says it must be your friend Radhe. Saajan says I will kill you if its you Radhe. Radhe beats him up. Saajan asks what are you doing, it was your wedding night today. Radhe says yes, it got ruined because of you. He beats more. Saajan’s wife says I think Radhe got possessed by some spirit, I will pour kerosene oil and make him free of spirit. Radhe leaves Saajan. She says this is just water, tell us what’s the problem. Radhe says you told me to get married and plan a wedding night, everything will get fine. Saajan says yes, so what, what’s wrong. Radhe says you told me to take betel for Krishna, it ruined everything, she was already upset, only because of you, she called me characterless. They get shocked. Radhe cries. Saajan asks what, there would be some reason. Radhe says you took me to Shabnam. Saajan’s wife asks who is she. Radhe says Shabnam of that dark lanes. Saajan’s wife asks what. She cries. She says why did you go there.

Saajan stops her and says I didn’t do anything. Radhe says even I didn’t do anything, everything got ruined, Krishna thinks I spend good time with Shabnam. Saajan says tell her you didn’t do anything. Radhe says she doesn’t trust me, you are the reason, she said that I have ruined her life, you have ruined my wedding night, she threw me out of the room and threw the gift too, I had so many dreams. Saajan’s wife says a girl can’t tolerate this if a husband betrays her, you have to prove that you are innocent. Radhe asks but how shall I make her believe. Krishna looks out and says where did Radhe go. She thinks of Bela’s words. Radhe comes home with Shabnam. Radhe’s mum gets the perfume smell and checks her husband. He wakes up and asks why are you sniffing me like a dog, did you go mad. She says no, the perfume looks familiar. Shabnam uses the perfume. Krishna sneezes. Radhe comes to her. He falls back when she sneezes. She says sorry. Everyone wakes up by sound and go to see. Radhe says I know you will forgive me, I got a proof of my innocence. Krishna asks who is she. Everyone comes and looks on. They ask who is she.

Shukla scolds Radhe. He asks Radhe to become a man, dog hunts for cat, he doesn’t become a slave. Krishna says we are not animals, we are humans, its our personal matter.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. A selfish girl her father took money for wedding expenses how could she think her father will bear expenses for medical collage She has no courage to speak to her father and wanted her husband to speak she is a mannerless

  2. Yes Krishna is vamp is rude to her husband and why she expected Radhe should stop his marriage and defy his father,Even I faced same situation, My wifw wanted me yo cancel our marriage and defymy father . I ccould not leave my father alone as my mother died few months earlier.

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