Krishna Chali London 20th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Krishna fools Radhe

Krishna Chali London 20th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Krishna crying and seeing the family. They all discuss about Radhe’s wedding night and the arrangements. They go to decorate the room. Bela says I will ruin the night, I just propose friendship once but keep enmity forever. Radhe says I have got the gift, I shall leave now. Saajan asks will you go alone, I mean if you need help, don’t call me to ask for help at night. Radhe says you tell me what to do. Saajan asks his wife to leave. She goes. Radhe thanks her. Saajan says come, I will make you exercise. Radhe’s mum sees Krishna at the door. Krishna stays sad. Triloki, Bela, Matuk, Lali and Radhe’s mum do the arrangements. Bela comes with some books. She says I thought to spread a new sheet. Radhe’s mum helps and likes the sheet. Bela asks Radhe’s mum to proper

the mattress. Radhe’s mum gets the adult magazines.

Bela starts the drama. She says its Radhe’s room, he is not innocent, he has played well, you remember the day when we got betel and gajra from his pocket, I saw a lipstick mark on his collar. Krishna gets shocked. Matuk says so what, Shukla was happy that Radhe has grown up. Radhe’s mum stops Bela. Saajan takes Radhe to a paan/betel shop. He says its Radhe’s suhaagraat today, make special paan for him. Radhe asks why are you telling him, I don’t eat betel. The man gives him a betel. Radhe asks what’s special in it. Saajan explains Radhe that its a bed breaking betel. Radhe asks where will I sleep if the bed breaks. Saajan asks who got you married. He tells something in his ears. Radhe smiles and says give four betels. Saajan says just two, you have one and make Bhabhi have one. Radhe gets the betel and thanks the man. Shukla asks Triloki to explain how money is going missing every month. Triloki says its not any magic, its maths.

He starts explaining and gives an example while praising Matuk. He says this is the game of maths, I shall leave now. Matuk says just Krishna can explain us. Shukla asks will we ask her everything, no need, I will find out. Radhe sees Krishna’s pic and shows the betel. Mere rang mein….plays… He imagines Krishna and dances with her. He romances her in dream. Bela stops Radhe at the door and asks for nek. Radhe asks her to hold the packet. He asks Bela to take money. Bela asks what’s this. Radhe says its a necklace, wedding night gift. Lali says its beautiful. Bela says its good, but it would be costly, did you steal it. He says I have bought it. She laughs and asks how did you get money. She says its my savings. Lali says great, you won our heart, we won’t want nek. They go wishing him all the best. Radhe goes to Krishna and sees her.

He asks are you still annoyed with me. He says Saajan told me, we are like two tyres of scooter, both should run together for a happy marriage, we will celebrate wedding night, I will make a new start and plan future, this was my dream. She asks were you waiting for this. He says yes, I got something for you. He gives her the betel, its called bed breaking betel, have it by my hands, I got two, one for you and one for myself. She starts screaming. He also screams and asks what happened.

Bela and Triloki, and others hear them. They think its happening. Krishna asks why are you shouting. Radhe says I told you I will support you always. She says there is a black fat dangerous snake in the room. He gets scared and shouts. He says wait here, I will call everyone. He runs out. She smiles.


Krishna scolds Radhe and says you were reading dirty magazines. Radhe cries and tells Saajan that Krishna called him characterless.

Update Credit to: Amena

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