Krishna Chali London 20th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Radhe demands an apology

Krishna Chali London 20th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Krishna coming inside the house. Everyone looks on. Shukla asks haven’t you seen a human before, serve me food. Lali gets scared. Shukla praises the daal made by Lali. Lali shivers in fear and drops the bowl down. She says I m sorry, I will clean it. He says its fine. Gajanan asks her to work carefully, apply ghee on roti. Shuklain does it. Shukla taunts Gajanan. He says this guy could never become a man. Shuklain asks him to have food. Shukla says I m praising my family, look at Lali, she proved that Gajanan can’t say anything to her, keep it up Lali for your amazing work. Krishna recalls Shukla’s doing. She cries and packs her bag. Radhe comes and asks what are you doing. She says I don’t want to create a scene now, I can’t life here, please don’t stop me.

He says you can’t leave this way, dad used to punish me and mum, but I didn’t leave home, I know wrong happened with you today.

She says wrong happened when my dad couldn’t understand that he is ruining my life by getting me married in this house, when your mum insulted me, when your dad pushed me inside the room and asked us to have suhaagraat, whatever happened today is a crime, your dad would have killed me, everyone was watching the drama. He says you didn’t see how I tried to stop dad, I didn’t let him harm you, I promise you, I won’t let you get harmed. She says I feel suffocated here, I can’t live here anymore, I thought to win the bike and everyone will be happy here, I valued your dreams and wanted to get bike for you, but this didn’t happen, this house is a jail, I can’t suffer more here, I will leave this house in morning. He says no, I will talk to dad. She asks do you have courage to ask him, can you tell him that he did a crime today, he has to apologize for it, no, whatever your dad does here is right, can you raise voice against him, gather courage first and then talk to me. He gets angry and goes to Shukla.

Shuklain asks him to sit and have dinner, everything will be fine. Radhe asks what’s the big deal if Krishna went in disguise to participate, she did this to get a bike for me, you think she will stay here now, its your fault this time. I come and apologize to you when I do mistake, today you have to apologize to Krishna. They all get shocked.

Shukla asks what. Radhe repeats himself. Shukla says fine, come. He stops and asks what happened, come, you feel weird, don’t you, you have lost your mind, you are asking me to apologize to your wife, I spend loads of money to get trophy bahu, I will not apologize, I will beat you to pulp, run away from here. Radhe says I won’t run away, you have to listen to me. Shukla says you will listen to me, you are good for nothing and raising voice against me. He warns everyone. Radhe says come with me. Gajanan shouts enough Radhe, you have said enough, leave from here, we all have to suffer because of you. Shukla asks them to clap, Gajanan spoke up today, he can vent out anger on younger brother, he can’t say anything to his wife. He says I thought you have become a man, you were behaving like a girl before, if you were a man, Lali would have not got Guddan as Krishna here, she planned all the drama. Gajanan gets angry.

Gajanan beats Lali. Krishna hears Lali screaming and runs. She says I will break the door if no one helps me. Radhe and Krishna break the door and see Lali injured.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. This show is showing how to degrade & beat woman and domestic violence is shown, how come no one raising voice against such show. There is nothing interesting coming.

  2. This TV series krishna chale London is disgusting given the jana rational wrong message ladies abuse

  3. This TV serial krishna chole london is discuting give the generation wrong message to ladies abuses them

  4. Best show..and some people will always bark behind back coz they are the fan of that previous idiotic show namkaran which was so irritating that star plus had to shut it off..They are blaming KCL huh,worst shows are running on SP for a long time and that namkaran was a shows a woman who kills her daughter in law and they are calling KCL abusive..!!

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