Krishna Chali London 20th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Krishna attends a White wedding

Krishna Chali London 20th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Radhe thanking the driver and saying I will call you if I need any help. Driver says sure, I will come to help. Radhe and Krishna smile seeing the hotel and get inside. Krishna says we have booked a room here. Radhe introduces himself and gives his passport for ID. The man says take your seats, the room will be ready in 10-15 mins. Radhe asks what did he say. Krishna says he has asked us to sit. Radhe says he could have told this to us directly. She says leave it, I m feeling hungry. They go out and get some food.

Krishna says we shall call mum and dad and tell them that we have reached. Radhe makes a video call and talks to everyone. Krishna holds Radhe’s hand. He smiles seeing her. He says I m not feeling cold. Krishna steps on his foot. Shuklain says its

Krishna’s first day at college, apply her tika. Shukla jokes. Radhe thinks I forgot the puja items, if Krishna tells this to mum, it will be big thing. He goes to get the items. Shukla asks Krishna to study hard. Krishna thanks him and cries happily. She turns and sees Radhe gone. Shukla and shuklain pray for the children. He says everything will be fine now, don’t worry, we will keep puja soon. Radhe tries to explain Mauli/sacred thread. The man asks do you want watch, telephone? Can I call someone? Radhe calls pandit and asks is there any temple around, what south hall… The man says I have a map, I can help you, this is south hall here. Radhe says this is what I wanted. Krishna comes and asks what are you doing here. Radhe says washroom. She asks is the room ready. He asks did you come to sit in room, I will go in a week, I m thinking to take you around London.

They sit and get a portrait made. Wo rang bhi kya rang hai… They smile seeing the portrait. They dance. They spend time. Radhe gets close to her. Radhe says where will I find the temple, everything seems the same here. She asks what are you finding, come here. A guy is seen walking on the road. Krishna and Radhe take a selfie. The guy passes by, colliding with Krishna. She looks at the guy. Krishna and Radhe get close and click a selfie. The guy is seen going to his car and leaving. Radhe says there is a church in south hall, there is a puja shop near the church. Krishna asks what are you finding in map. He says just for knowledge, what will I tell Bela and everyone, I will memorize the names of the places we visited. She smiles. She sees the church. She smiles seeing a couple going for wedding. He asks where is the church.

She shows him and says its so beautiful, someone’s marriage is happening there. She says I always had a wish to attend Christian wedding. He says you go, I will come, I have to go to washroom. She says this is not Kanpur to go anywhere. He says I will find a public toilet, I will just come. He goes. She enters the church to watch the wedding ceremony. She gets seated. The rituals begin. The guy reaches there and gets seated. He eats the food. The wedding completes. The groom lifts the bride’s veil. Krishna imagines Radhe and herself as groom and bride. The groom suddenly falls down. Everyone gets shocked and rush to him.

Krishna says I can help. She checks the groom’s pulse and says I think we need to do CPR. The guy shouts stop it, do you even know the full form of CPR. She says cardio… He says shut up and leave. Krishna gets back.

Update Credit to: Amena

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