Krishna Chali London 1st June 2018 Written Episode Update: Radhe assures Krishna

Krishna Chali London 1st June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Krishna coming for the rituals. The ladies sing and clap. The rituals are done. Radhe’s mum and Bua make Krishna wear the jewelry. Radhe tries to talk to Shukla. Everyone gives gifts to Krishna. Krishna looks at Radhe. Radhe’s mum asks Bua not to hurry, its not good. Shukla asks his wife to start engagement rituals if they are done. Krishna asks Radhe to listen to him. She asks did you talk to your family. He doesn’t answer. Shukla asks them to do ceremony fast. Radhe’s brothers teases him. Gajanan says I need the list to check if Dubey is doing the arrangements well. Shukla gives the list. Radhe worries. Shukla sees Radhe and asks why are you staring at me, I m your dad, look at the girl and make her wear the list.

Krishna and Radhe exchange the rings.

Everyone congratulates. Saajan and everyone dance on Sadi gali…. Krishna asks Radhe to answer. Light goes. Radhe runs out. Krishna runs after him. She asks him to inhale slowly and exhale. She says sorry. He asks why are you apologizing. She says I was angry on you yesterday. He says don’t worry, I will talk to dad. She says I have kept my promise and got engaged, you won’t get baraat tomorrow right, I plead you, I can’t marry till five years.

He says don’t fold hands, you have my word, I promise, I won’t come with baraat. She thanks him. Sonal asks her to come, everybody is dancing. Radhe and Krishna also dance with everyone on London Thumakda…. Krishna requests him again. Shukla and family come home. Shukla says Dubey didn’t arrange alcohol, drop me to my friends, I will have couple of drinks and come, come to pick me after some hours. Gajanan agrees and goes to drop him. Shukla’s wife asks Lata to make packets of fruits and sweets for relatives. Radhe thinks of Krishna’s words and worries. Shukla’s wife gets shocked seeing all the rotten fruits in the baskets. They find rotten fruits in all the baskets. Shukla’s wife turns angry.

She asks them to call Dubey to Kanpur. Her son calls Dubey and asks did I disturb you at this time. Shukla’s wife takes the phone and asks him to come to talk to her. He asks her the matter. She says its imp, that’s why I m calling you here, get Gulkand along. Dubey thinks what’s the matter. Radhe comes and asks about Shukla. His brother asks him to go and sleep. Radhe worries and asks Lord why is he delaying.

Bua and Dubey check the spoilt fruits. Shukla’s wife says we have you so much money, you couldn’t buy good oranges, its about our reputation.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Dishani01

    i think Krishna’s bua have money and don’t put it’s for marriage….
    i feel for her dad…

    cute radhey is really hurst for her lady love…
    if he tells his papa then he’ll gone..
    poor baby?????

  2. Where did they pick up this looser named radhey?? He does not know a of acting!! He might have a presentable face but his expressions are GARBAGE. It looks so pathetic when he tries to show his teeth and smile! Better actor can be found in Bombay rail station.

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