Krishna Chali London 19th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Radhe burns his bike

Krishna Chali London 19th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Radhe and Krishna apologizing. Shukla takes kerosene and goes to burn the bike. Radhe begs him not to burn the bike, its gifted by Krishna, they have won it on their own. Bela wishes Shukla burns the bike as she couldn’t win it. Shukla says Krishna and Radhe teamed up, so Radhe got a tongue in his mouth. He gets scolding Radhe. Radhe asks him to stop. Shukla catches Krishna. He pours more kerosene on the bike. He then pours it on Krishna. They all get shocked. Bela says is he going to end the problem forever. Shuklain says it will be court case.

Shukla says nothing will happen, Gajanan throw money on inspector’s face, shut the gate. Gajanan shuts the gate. Shukla says I told you, if any mistake happens, Radhe won’t suffer, you are arrogant, you have studied a lot, I will teach you a lot, give me the match box. Radhe says no, you can burn me, spare Krishna. Triloki and Gajanan worry. Shukla asks them for match box. Shuklain says it will be disaster. He asks her to shut up. Matuk says don’t get angry. Radhe says please dad.

Shukla says you were arguing with me, right, you will decide today, wife or the bike. Krishna cries and sees Radhe. Shukla says I m asking something, your wife or the bike? Radhe says wife. Shukla gives him the match box. Radhe burns the bike. They look on. Radhe cries thinking of his bike. Shukla says I m hungry, serve the dinner. Radhe and Krishna cry. Everyone goes.

Krishna goes to wash her face. She cries. Radhe comes to her and cries. The water stops coming from the tap. She moves the tap and hits it with a rod. Tap breaks. Water flows out. Radhe and Krishna cry, standing under the fountain. Radhe tries to stop the water. Krishna shouts aloud. Radhe hugs her. Everyone hears her shouting. Shukla asks Shuklain to serve food. Shukla says I m getting it. Lali gets scolded. Radhe says get up, lets go inside. Radhe cries seeing her tears.

Krishna asks are you bold enough to ask Shukla, can you ask him to apologize for his mistake. Radhe asks Shukla to apologize to Krishna for his mistake.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Shukla along with family should be jailed.
    What these people are showing.
    Star Plus has crossed all limits.
    Bakwas ???

  2. Shukla should be jailed for this. Are there men still like him in this world. Khrisna should complain about him.

  3. Sejsmiles

    blo*dy regressive show.

  4. This is a crime and star plus should not show this on TV to encourage people like Shukla.

  5. This retard namkaran fans are crying over this..!!! Where were they when avnis dadi killed avnis mom,in yrkkh kartik mom beats and throw naira out of house,and mother of all Raman beats his adult brother and son,adi beats his wife and ishita Mataji kills her son and don’t even go to jail..!!! KCL is a new show and the shows moto is how a educated girl change a uneducated and backward family..but this a**holes will still cry over their NK..!

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