Krishna Chali London 18th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Krishna embarrasses Radhe’s mum

Krishna Chali London 18th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Radhe coming to meet Saajan. Saajan gets irritated as Radhe breaks his romance. Saajan asks him to stop outside. Radhe says I want to take advice from Bhabhi, what to gift Krishna. Radhe says I will come with you and buy gold ornaments, we will meet later, go and freshen up. He goes. Radhe says you changed a lot, you are avoiding me, great, this is my promise to you, I will never avoid you. Saajan says we shall meet later. Radhe says I understand. He smiles thinking of Krishna.

Bela makes Krishna ready. Radhe’s mum says you are newly wed bride. Krishna says I m ready. Shukla’s wife makes her don the ghunghat and says Lali got married 8 years ago, even then she dons a ghunghat, you will come out this way. Krishna says I can’t see anything, I will collide and

fall down. Radhe’s mum asks shall I change the rules for you. She gets angry and makes her don a longer ghunghat. Krishna says what’s this rule, why do I need to cover my face, one must show respect by heart, not ghunghat, Bua has taught this to me, I can’t agree to cover my face. Radhe’s mum asks her to come for Mu Dikhai. She dons the ghunghat and takes Krishna. Radhe comes and says I m ready. He strikes head to Krishna and says sorry. Radhe’s mum asks Krishna to give water to everyone. The ladies joke on her long ghunghat and ask is everything fine.

Krishna makes the water fall on the ladies, when they comment more on her. Radhe prays and breaks the savings pot. He sits to count money. He says 30000rs is my life savings. Krishna lifts her ghunghat and says sorry, I couldn’t see, I told the same to mummy ji, I m Krishna. Bela smiles and says she ruined their sarees. She asks them will they hear Krishna sing. The lady says Chobey said she speaks well, she would be singing well too. Krishna says I don’t know singing. Radhe’s mum says just do it if they are telling you, any devotional song. Krishna thinks of her family. Radhe comes there. Krishna sings Jai Siya Ram….. The ladies laugh when she sings. Radhe imagines Krishna and smiles.

The lady says bahu sings so well, I will tell this to Chobey ji, shall we give her gifts now. The ladies give her gifts. Radhe goes. The ladies leave. Bela says Krishna has embarrassed us. Krishna says I told you I can’t sing, so I have sang this way. Radhe’s mum thinks to teach her a lesson. Radhe goes shopping. He likes a pendant that costs 50000rs. He says I have just 30000rs. Saajan bargains with the jeweller. Radhe says its my first gift for my wife. Saajan’s wife says take something else. Radhe says no, its Radhe Krishna written in this, how to get more 10000rs. Saajan says leave it, I will give you 10000rs, you can return me anytime you want. Radhe says you are insulting me, I want to gift something to Krishna from my earnings, but love isn’t there in my fate. Saajan stops her. Radhe says leave me alone. Saajan says fine, I will go for a movie with my wife. Radhe gets sad. Ye duniya….plays…..

Radhe’s mum takes Krishna’s bag and throws the things out of the house. Krishna cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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