Krishna Chali London 18th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Krishna gets Veer arrested

Krishna Chali London 18th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shukla saying we have to catch Veer and get justice for Radhe. Krishna agrees. Goon says Shukla has messaged, we have to leave. Police comes to catch Veer. Krishna cries recalling Veer. Goon stops the car and puts some tickets in his pocket. The goons leave. Veer gets out of the cab and looks at the place. He says something is wrong, I have to run from here. Police reaches him. He sees Krishna coming and opens arms for her. She asks what’s happening. Krishna asks did you run over Radhe by your car, yes or no. He says yes, but…. listen to me. Krishna slaps him.

Shukla gets emotional and looks at the sky. He says Radhe…. stay happy, your murderer is about to be punished, I m happy now. Veer says Krishna I know, what it sounds like, its not true, believe

me, I was on my way to tell you the truth. She says yes, thats why you have sent your mum to me, so that I take all blame on myself, I didn’t agree to it, your entire plan failed. He asks what, when did come say all this, Krishna believe me, Shukla did all this, its his plan, he cheated you like always, I was coming with all the proofs, but Shukla kidnapped me, I won’t spare him. Krishna shouts enough, don’t dare to hurt Shukla, you and your mum have cheated me.

She says your mum cheated me always, she tried to frame me and now you were trying to flee. Veer says its not true, I wasn’t fleeing. She says you didn’t come, the reason was your plan to flee, ticket to Dubai, you had hit Radhe by your car and left him to die, you fled, your love was all a lie, you didn’t think of me once. Veer says everything is against me, I won’t be able to justify, I will get punished, I deserve it, just listen to me once.

She says I did wrong to trust you, I just got cheated by you, I don’t know if your love was true, I won’t be abe to trust you now. They cry. He shouts to her. She leaves. He gets arrested. Bheegi bheegi si…plays….. Krishna cries. Veer is taken to the police station and put in lockup.

Shuklain cries and asks how did this happen, our Radhe…. Shukla says calm down, Veer got punished, if I had told this to anyone before, no one would believe, Radhe got justice, stay happy now. Sunaina comes there crying. Shuklain asks how did you come here. Sunaina says I m your culprit, put me in jail, save my child. Shuklain says get out of here. Shukla says Veer killed Radhe, his entire life will pas in prison. Shuklain makes Sunaina out and cries for Radhe. Shukla scolds Gajanan for helping Veer and getting him married to Krishna, Veer killed Radhe. Dubey meets Veer and asks why would you save Krishna if you had to lie. Veer says don’t say I want to get saved from punishment, I just want to talk to her once, I should get punished, I want to clear it, I wasn’t cheating her, trust me. Dubey nods and goes.

Krishna sees a baraat. She breaks a bottle and threatens the groom. She scolds his dad for stopping the ambulance for baraat.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    Misunderstanding… then leap…

    I am glad tho, that Veer did his time… it was the right thing to do, even if it was done the wrong way… now I would like to see a very strong Krishna… no bowing down to no one… n I hope Sunaina suffered her fate for hiding the crime…

    1. Savithri V Ramani

      Nice this is the only way .because we also loved Radhe very much his innocence etc etc. Veer listened to his stupid ma being a doctor he could have atleast helped him to get admitted
      .like a fool he left the place. His fate has brought him to Krishna. Let us see any how nice episode

  2. If Radhey is not dead Krishna will have to pay for the injustice she made for veer.

  3. Totally bakvas serial Krishna is unlucky for marriage first husband died second one in jail I stop to watch this stupid serial

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