Krishna Chali London 17th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Radhe’s drunken drama

Krishna Chali London 17th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Krishna saying who has come at this house. They see Radhe in drunken state. Radhe greets Dubey and Bua. Saajan holds Radhe. Radhe says even if I m married or not, you will be my Bua, but how do I address Dubey. He jokes and says my life is turned upside down. Krishna asks Saajan to take him. Saajan says I wasn’t getting him, he stood in front of truck. Radhe stands on sofa and says everyone looked me down, look at me, I m above everyone, the mighty Radhe, I m not drunk. He acts silly. Krishna asks why are you doing this, you signed divorce papers and I complied with that, why do you want to create scene now.

Radhe says you should have torn papers, why are you so proud, you know what, I m a donkey, I m an idiot, but you are smart and educated. He gives her

invite. He asks will I go in pandal without my wife, answer me. Dubey asks him to get out, else he will break his head. Radhe says you remember, how you gave me a warm welcome when I came here for the first time, you are chasing me out today with a stick, I m not going anywhere. Dubey says I will break your head, get out. Radhe says try if you can, I won’t go. He runs to Krishna’s room and shuts door. He says I m son in law of this house, I won’t go, we are not yet divorced, I have a right to stay here. Dubey asks him to leave. Radhe says stop doing this. Dubey says I will break your head. Radhe says donkey has won, get me out of here. He falls asleep. Everyone sleeps. Krishna goes to Radhe.

She gets inside the room and takes Radhe. She makes him sleep on bed. He says I won’t go. He stops Krishna. He says Krishna I love you, please don’t go to London. She cries and goes. Its morning, Bua does puja. Krishna comes to wake up Radhe. He opens eyes and sees her. He gets shocked. He asks how did I come here. Dubey and Saajan wake up. Dubey asks him to get out. Saajan says you were stubborn to come here, you said you are donkey. Dubey says you entered Krishna’s room forcibly, she is going to London in two days. Radhe says I don’t care where she goes, I came here because… Dubey asks why. Radhe says Krishna is madly in love with me, she has followed me many times. Dubey says look at me and say. Radhe says I don’t like keeping someone’s favor, I m organizing Dandiya function and came to invite her. He says I m giving you an excuse, you can come. He goes. Saajan says sorry and leaves.

Krishna gets shocked reading Lali’s reports. Doctor says Lali has cervical cancer, stage two. Lali fees hurt. Doctor says she just has 8-10 months.

Update Credit to: Amena

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