Krishna Chali London 17th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Radhe and Krishna win the competition

Krishna Chali London 17th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shukla and Shuklain asking Krishna to lift the veil. Guddan worries. Shukla asks her to listen. Lali gets tensed. Guddan shows her face. Minister and his wife see her. Gajanan comes and greets them. Guddan thinks I got saved. Minister says we shall leave now, your bahu didn’t answer well, I have to go and distribute award to winners of couple competition. Shukla says I will drop you. The lady gives the mu dikhai gift. They leave. Shuklain scolds Krishna and asks her what made you put this big veil. Guddan runs away. Shuklain asks what does she want from us.

Matuk says we have got our new winners, Mr and Mrs. Sodhi. Everyone claps. Krishna thanks Radhe. She says we won. Shukla and minister come there. Shukla asks him to help him get the contract for petrol pump.

Minister refuses to him, by reminding Krishna’s words. Matuk welcomes the minister. Minister gives the prize to Krishna and Radhe. Radhe sees Shukla and worries. Shukla looks on. Minister asks what happened. Krishna says dad will be happy to know that we won this competition. Shukla leaves. Matuk says marriage lasts long when husband and wife are in sync, the special gift will be given to the winners. Radhe gets surprised seeing the bike. Krishna smiles.

Minister gives the bike key. Radhe smiles and goes to the bike. He gets on the bike and checks it. She says this is for you, this is the reason I wanted to participate in the competition, I wanted to bring a smile on your face. He says you did all this for me, you are great, thanks a lot. He hugs her.

Shukla recalls minister’s words. He says Krishna ruined my dream of getting this contract, now I have to explain her. Radhe says I m lucky to marry you, you are a brave wife. Bela says who are these people, who won the trophy. Triloki says Mr. and Mrs. Sodhi. She says they are fraudsters. She pulls his hair in anger. She asks him to wait and watch what she does. He says stop, what are you doing. Guddan comes running and says Shukla is angry, Krishna has to come home, if Shukla breaks the door and gets in, it will be big mess. Saajan says nothing can happen. Bua asks him to call Radhe immediately. Saajan says why is it not connecting. Matuk congratulates Radhe and Krishna. Radhe and Krishna sit on the bike. Matuk takes selfie with them and asks them to pout. Bela gets angry. Krishna sees Bela coming. Triloki stops Bela and takes her back. He asks have you gone mad, what if you have lost. Matuk asks him to take care of his wife, ask her to learn to accept defeat. Triloki says sorry. Krishna says we shall leave soon.

Radhe gets Saajan’s call. Bela thinks I heard this caller tune before. She thinks its Radhe’s ringtone. Krishna answers call. Bua asks her to come soon. Krishna says I can’t hear you. Bua says go to your house, Radhe and you reach home soon. Krishna says I will go home and call you. She says something is wrong, lets leave fast. Bela says they are in big trouble, they came here to win competition. Shukla thinks Krishna did wrong today. Shuklain asks why did you get Krishna home. Matuk, Bela and Triloki come home. Matuk says it was amazing. Shuklain asks did Bela and Triloki win. Matuk says no, she was busy in knowing what others are doing, she slipped on stage and lost, show was amazing. Shukla asks why is Krishna taking time to come downstairs. He shouts to Lali.

Bela says check Radhe’s phone once. Bua calls Radhe and asks is everything fine. Shukla hears this.

Update Credit to: Amena

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