Krishna Chali London 17th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Dadda gets trapped

Krishna Chali London 17th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Krishna hugging Radhe. She says you didn’t tell me and came here. Shukla hugs Shuklain. Krishna asks him is he fine. Shukla chants Har har mahadev. Police comes and arrests goons. Krishna says sorry for injecting you. Officer says its okay, you have great control on your hand, you should become a doctor. Inspector thanks Krishna and Shuklain for helping them catch the culprits. Krishna thanks the police. Shukla thanks them too. Radhe says I had already told you about the power of love. Krishna hugs him.

Dadda does the auction and asks the people who can make the highest bid. He puts everything on sale. The bidding starts. Shukla comes shouting 50 crores. Dadda gets shocked. Radhe comes and then Krishna. Krishna and Shuklain seal the bid. Dadda says all of

them here. Shukla says I have bought the house, it has been sold, no one has the guts to buy my house, got it. People leave. Dadda takes a matchstick and goes to ignite fire to burn Bela. Triloki and Gajanan shout. Shukla comes and holds his dad. He blows off the matchstick. Everyone smiles. Shukla says I m here, the temperature will soar now. He raises hand on Dadda and stops. He says I feel like slapping you, but you are my elder brother, so I m sparing you. Krishna and Radhe beat goons. Triloki asks Bela to get conscious. Bela cries and hugs Triloki. Gajanan beats the goons. Shukla says I have done terrible things, but I m not cheap like you, you cheated my family, you were going to sell my kidneys, I should have finished you the day when you killed Vrinda, this is my family. Everyone cries and hugs Shukla.

Shukla says you thought you will come and ruin my family, I m Shukla, I will finish you. Dadda goes to hold Radhe. Radhe makes him away. Dadda says you are my son, you will support me right. Gajanan says no Radhe. Radhe gets angry and says you are the poorest person in this world, you have nothing, despite having everything, I was your child, but you couldn’t take that happiness, you have lost me forever. Shuklain smiles. Radhe says for me, my dad and mum are here, they will be always my parents, I feel ashamed to call you Bade papa. Shukain hugs Radhe and Shukla. Shukla apologizes and says I was unfair to you, I should have done justice 22 years back, you will punish him and do justice today. Krishna gets Dadda’s stick and gives to Shuklain. Shuklain gets angry.

Krishna reaches London with Radhe. She gets late for her classes. Radhe tries to help. Someone is seen walking on the roads. Krishna rushes to college.

Update Credit to: Amena

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