Krishna Chali London 16th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Guddan takes Krishna’s disguise

Krishna Chali London 16th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Matuk telling about the next round, which will show if husband and wife have love in between them or not, the wives have to get blindfold and identify their husbands. Radhe asks Krishna to identify him by a touch. Bela finds Triloki. Krishna finds Radhe and gets close to know him. The round gets over. Bela wins the round. Bela dances in between them. Radhe says I thought you will identify me. Krishna says sorry. He says its fine, we will win next round, why do you want to win this competition, what will we get. Krishna holds his hand. He gets happy that they joined hands. He says I wouldn’t wash hands for three days now. She smiles.

Guddan says I will get caught, don’t make me do this. Saajan says no, this is tough. Bua says just do this drama for us once. Lali

says yes, wear Krishna’s saree and have long ghunghat like me, none will know you are Guddan. Saajan asks Guddan to go. Matuk says the third and last round will begin now, Bela and Triloki are ahead of Mr and Mrs. Sodhi, this round is called Taal se taal mila, are you ready to do this. Bela says we have to win. Triloki says sure. Krishna thinks Radhe lost his smile and pride because of me, I will return both things to him today. Bela says we will win this competition. Radhe stops Krishna and says we will practice a bit.

Minister says its fine if Krishna can’t come. Shukla says I will get it. He sees Shuklain and asks what happened. Shuklain says Krishna didn’t open the door, so I got minister’s wife to this washroom. He says I will break the door now. Bela bribes a man and asks him to cut the stage. Krishna sees Bela and thinks she is more of a Chudail. Bela stares at her. Matuk says we will have a dance competition now. Bela and krishna start the dance, followed by their partners. Jhoom barabar…..plays….. The man cuts the stage foundation bamboos. Krishna steps aside and falls down. Radhe holds her hand in time. Everyone looks on. Radhe pulls Krishna towards him and they continue dancing. Bela sees his beard coming off and gets shocked. Krishna hugs Radhe and propers his beard. Bela tries to see them and falls down. Triloki loses balance and falls too. Krishna and Radhe win.

Shukla goes to break the door. Lali opens the door. Shukla asks her to get Krishna. Guddan says I m gone. Lali asks her not to worry. She takes Guddan to them. Minister questions Krishna. Guddan gives a confusing prompt reply. Shuklain says Krishna’s voice looks changed, nothing. Shukla asks minister to ask her anything, she made Chobey and Chaurasiya speechless, ask her anything, she will not get tired of answering, she is smart. Minister says fine, if you insist. He asks Krishna what is your thought about the elections. Guddan says I went to have chaat after giving vote, it was enjoyable. Shukla says he is asking about elections. She says elections goes on like festivals, nothing is certain, things happen as per Lord’s will, you also fought in elections and lost, this time you will definitely win. Shukla asks did she get mad. Minister says what did I ask, what is she saying, did you check her degree, is she really a topper. Shuklain says she speaks her heart out. Minister’s wife asks why is she donning a long ghunghat. Shukla says she has great values, Krishna did we ever force you to don veil, never, come on, lift the veil and greet minister. Guddan worries. Shukla insists.

Radhe and Krishna get the prize. They get shocked seeing Shukla.

Update Credit to: Amena

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