Krishna Chali London 14th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Krishna reaches Radhe and Shukla

Krishna Chali London 14th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shuklain crying for Krishna and asking her to open her eyes. She sprinkles water on her face. Officer asks them to board the flight. Shuklain scolds him. She cries and asks Krishna to get up. The man says their claims may be wrong, but she is really unwell now, the airlines won’t allow them to board, its my duty to get her check up done in first aid room, we shall send them if she gets fine in some time. Officer agrees.

Shuklain sees Krishna acting. Dadda shouts on the mic and goes to Bela. He says I m practicing for tomorrow’s auction. Triloki and Gajanan come there and scold Dadda. Goons catch them. Gajanan says I will kill you. Dadda says that’s more like it. He says you were going to Dubai, you would have died there, I will kill you over here, your

family would be dying there. Gajanan says nothing will happen to them. Goons tie up Gajanan, Lali, Matuk and others. Dadda says I will auction this house in front of you all. They get shocked. Dadda says let me see who saved you all.

Shuklain cries for Krishna. Officer says I will get the doctor, stay here. He goes. Shuklain says he called us the trouble. Krishna wakes up and checks the medicines. She recalls Dubey’s words. She gives the injection to the embassy man. He turns and sees her. He faints down. Krishna asks Shuklain to get burqas fast. Officer gets the doctor there. Krishna and Shukain wear the burqas and flee. Officer sees the man fallen unconscious on the floor. He raises an alarm. He looks for Krishna and Shuklain. Krishna and Shuklain join the group of women. They leave. Goon laughs on Radhe. Radhe says you can’t understand the power of love. Goon asks him to explain then. Radhe gets up.

Triloki, Bela and everyone are tied up. Matuk sees temple and prays to Bholenath. He says Radhe is your big fan, keep his faith, make some miracle happen. Radhe says you want to know why we came here, we all love family and intend to earn money to send to family. He says Krishna and Shuklain have reached here, as they love me and my dad a lot, we can fight with this goons, we don’t lose hope so soon. Shukla and everyone look on. Radhe says we have beaten one goon, now six remains, and we are 14 people, we Indians are not so coward to die without fighting, we will give them what they deserve, Har har mahadev. Goons laugh. A little boy repeats har har mahadev and hits the goon. Everyone chants along and get up to fight. Radhe smiles. They all beat the goons. Shukla asks them to open the door. They come out of the chamber. Goon goes to hit Shukla. Krishna hits on the goon’s head with a hammer. Radhe and Shukla see Krishna and Shuklain. They smile.

Krishna hugs Radhe. They smile. Shukla says I announce that the money given by the govt to Radhe, will be used to take Krishna to London and fulfill her dream of becoming a doctor. Krishna and Radhe reach London.

Update Credit to: Amena

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