Krishna Chali London 11th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Radhe and Saajan cheat Krishna

Krishna Chali London 11th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Radhe asking Saajan to help. Saajan says she won’t help if you say. Radhe insists. Saajan says why do we get ideas after having wine. He tells the idea. Radhe smiles. He comes home and looks for the papers. He sees Krishna coming from bath. He smiles seeing her. She sees him and asks when did you come. Radhe says just now. She asks couldn’t you knock, I will just come, you sleep on bed, I will sleep on sofa. Radhe thinks I can’t let you go. He takes papers and clicks pic. He keeps papers back. He calls Saajan. He says my work should be done. Saajan says you sleep now, good night, it will be done. He sleeps. Radhe smiles.

Its morning, Krishna wakes up and says result would have come. She prays to get strength to take the right decision. She goes. Radhe

wishes himself all the best and smiles. Saajan gets tea for Krishna. She thanks him. He says I have opened cyber cafe just for you, take your time. She prays. He switches off the modem. She checks and it gets stuck. Radhe comes. Saajan says I will do it on my computer. Krishna says I have to check my medical entrance exam result. Saajan says I will check. Radhe says I came here to wish you good luck. Saajan says I will get result print. He gets the paper and gives her. She checks for her roll number. Saajan and Radhe smile, and ask what happened. She cries and says my roll number isn’t there in this list. She goes. Radhe asks how did you do. Saajan says result was already out, Krishna’s roll number was there, but I removed it. Saajan hugs him and says Krishna shouldn’t know that I gave her wrong result. Radhe says no way, I will not let her know, I will love her a lot. Saajan says come, she is upset with you.

Radhe asks would you tell Prashant that you are sorry. Saajan says never. Radhe says now I will do this. He gets a bouquet and says you get jealous. He goes. Saajan says he always does the opposite. Radhe comes to meet Prashant. He apologizes and gives flowers. He says I doubted on you and my wife, I want to start new life with her. Prashant says you got late, everything will end now, everything has a limit, Krishna has crossed limit to tolerate you and your family, Krishna is a diamond, you couldn’t manage her. Radhe asks what’s going on. Prashant says you remember how she ran away on marriage day, she will run again forever. He asks him to read the paper. He says Krishna cleared medical entrance exam, she got a letter from London medical college, they want her to study in their college, she needs someone dear, so I took posting there, we will go London together, you sit here on your dad’s shop, Krishna Chali London, I m going to tell this to her.

Radhe takes a vase and throws at his head. Prashant faints. Krishna cries and recalls her dreams. She calls Dubey. She says I failed in exam. Dubey asks what, there maybe some mistake. She says no, I will talk later. Dubey tells this to Bua. Lali comes to Krishna and asks what happened, why are you crying. Krishna says I have failed, I didn’t think that I will fail in any exam, I can’t become a doctor, maybe that’s why I had got married. Lali asks her not to cry. Krishna asks did you come for work. Lali says no, I will come later. Krishna stops her and asks again. Lali says I want your help, you can refuse. Lali gives money and says Gajanan wanted to have netbanking, will you get ipad for him from my side. Bua calls Prashant. Saajan gets shocked and asks Radhe did you go mad, did you kill him. They see Bua’s call.

Radhe says forgive me. Krishna says you have to plan to send Gajanan and Lali to Mumbai for their anniversary, if you want my forgiveness. Radhe thinks Prashant is shut in godown, how shall I go.

Update Credit to: Amena

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