kon hai jo sapno mein jo aya (promo 3)

Here’s the third promo. I will update the intro whenever I’m free as my school is starting from 1st August .

There is a huge concert where people r gathered to hear the songs of the Rockstar Rohan…(rohan is in his vanity van and is talking to his assistant)
Assistant: sir I always had a question….u always sing songs about love, but do u believe in it?
Rohan: ya…I do believe in love even though I never fell in love…my female fans r after me because of my fame and songs but the lady I fall in love, I will be after her to prove it to her…
Assistant: interesting…anyways sir I think now u should go on the stage for your performance
Rohan : ya( he goes to the stage and sings different songs and at the end the fans claps for him)

At the end of the performance Rohan notices a girl in simple pink anarkali walking pasr the crowd without wanting to see his performance. He follows her with his car and passes by her and the mud gets on her dress. It is seen that it is none other than Suhani.
Suhani: excuseme Mr… can’t u see and drive?
Rohan : sorry but u don’t know who I am
Suhani: I don’t want to know…( she makes a face and walks away)
Rohan : interesting….( he smiles)

Yuvi meets suhani near the bus stand and she was waiting for the bus in a crowd. the crowd walked passed her and pushed her . she was about to fall on the slippery mud when yuvi holds her by the waist. They have an eye lock… meanwhile rohan was following Suhani and sees all this…he has mixed emotions and he turns the opposite side and smiles thinking about something…

What do u think about rohan’s character ? Pls let me know in your comments on what u think about his character

Credit to: Sanaa


  1. Farhat

    It’s awesome.. Maybe he’s negative character.. I have no problem even if he is negative, because it’s those negative characters that make the story more interesting and appreciable..

  2. Ruksy


    |Registered Member

    wow so awsome i like rohan. even if he does go crazy about suhani she seems like the type of person not to care.

  3. radha

    story line was very nice.i think he should be negative.because when there were problems it will make them more closer and their love fr each other increases.i know it may be positive or negative u make it finally positive.waiting frur next update.

  4. Diya

    Tis promo is also nice but I liked the 2nd one ! more as u mentioned my name there. He he he he….

    • Sanaa

      Thanks Diya….hahahaha….I mentioned it to make the promo a bit interesting not because of ur name. Keep supporting dear

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.