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NOTE : As always read the A/N guys..!! Today also it is must..!! :-p Blue mail..!!


Episode starts from SwaSan hugging eo Swara bcm calm after sometime..!! Nd parted from Sanskar..!! ” Jamun..!! Kya hua..!! Hmm..!! Tum kyun roh rahi ho..!! ” said Sanskar while poking his hairs..!! Swara wipes her tears..!! “Kuch nhi Sanskar..!! Bas something went in eyes..!! Come lets go..!! ”

Saying so drags Sanskar from there..!! Nd left from there but Sanskar is still angry on the idiot aunties..!! They goes to their respective classes..!! But Swara is all disturbed..!! Sanskar feels bad..!! Nd in lunch also SwaSan didnt talk much..!!

At evening..!! Everyone is leaving Adarsh already left as he had a meeting..!! SwaSanShu is heading towards the entrance..!! The Aunties are walking before them..!! Sanskar smirks nd smiles..!! It had rained in noon..!! So the ground is muddy..!!

Sanskar signs something to Ishu..!! She winks at him nd both pushes the Aunties in mud..!! They fell on the mud..!! And fully covred with it..!! They are looking very funny..!! Swara unknowingly laughs at them whole heartedly..!! Sanskar admires her..!! Nd turns before she could notice..!! Aunties glares them..!! Whole childrens sorrundes there nd starts to laugh at the aunties..!!

” u..!! Hmm..!! U both made my Jamun..!! Cry na..!! This ur punishment..!! ” said Sanskar while poking his hairs..!! Swara looks at him..!! Sanskar held Swara hand with a smirk which is unoticed by Swara nd take Ishu in his arms..!! Nd leaves from there..!!
AT NIGHT 11 pm @MM

Swara was lying in her bed by hugging her pillow nd laughing like hell..!! She rolling in the bed nd laughing..!! ” omgg..!! Swara control..!! Ok ok..!! ( take a deep breath ) hahaaaa..!! ( again burst out into laughter ) hahaaa..!! Omgg…!!

That ladies reaction when My Sanskar pushed them on the mud..!! Oh god he is soo cute..!! Nd Ishu she is really impossible..!! My Sanskar said me as His Jamun..!! Oh god sooooo cute..!! I love u Sanskar..!! Yeah I love u My Sanskar..!!

I dont know this right or wrong to Love u..!! But whatever may be the Consequences is I love u Sanskar..!! I m finding My Mom’s warmth in ur Embarace Sanskar..!! How ever u are..!! Or what ever u are..!! I love u Sanskar..!! I love u..!! ” said Swara nd sat nd bed while hugging the pillow..!!

Shekar who was passing by sees Light glowing in Swara’s room..!! He peeps in Swara got frightened..!! She looks at him..!! Shekar glares her..!! ” didnt sleep yet..?? ” asked Shekar..!! ” wo..!! I m not getting sleep..!! ” said Swara..!!

” huh..!! Whatever 2mrw Varun Mishra is coming to meet u..!! Tell me any cafeteria or any places i need to inform..!! ” said Shekar..!! ” no i cant go…!! Ask him to come to my School..!! ” said Swara..!! “Whatever..!! Behave with him nicely ok..!! ” said Shekar nd leaves..!!

Swara hits her head in pillow starts to curse Shekar..!! ” I think this man is cooking something in his sinful brain..!! Chalo Swara whomever that Varun Mishra ( moking ) u r the sherni na..!! Make him run..!! But why i feel like i know him..!! Whatever..!! ” said Swara to herself nd raises her imaginary collar..!! Nd slept thinking about SanShu..!!

SwaShu is sitting in the ground as Swara’s class students are enjoying their pt hour..!! Ishu is sitting on Swara’s lap..!! ” acha Ishu bolo..!! Whats ur Papa’s fav color..!! ” asked Swara..!! ” hmm papa..!! Papa ko Sky blue is Fav..!! But i hate it Jamun..!! ”

said Ishu with a Pout..!! Like this Swara is asking about Sanskar to Ishu..!! Ishu being innocent answering her every questions..!!

On the other hand..!! Sanskar is teaching violin to 10C..!! The bell rings..!! Asusual Sanskar places his violin in his bag carefully..!! Nd zipped it..!! He was about to go out after bidding bye to the students..!! By the time the Same aunty who bad mouthes Swara came in as now this is her period..!!

She Sanskar nd gulps..!! Sanskar smiles while poking his hairs nd walks towards out while the aunty walks in..!! When they both are near to eo Sanskar shouts in her ears..!! While the aunty fell down being scared..!! Whole class burst out laughter..!! While Sanskar already ran from there..!!

SwaShu is continuing their talks inbtw Ishu got doubt..!! ” Jamun ek minute..!! I have a doubt..!! ( Swara nods ) Why are u continuously talking about Papa haan..!! U didnt asked a single question about me..!!

No u r not my Jamun u r Papa’s Jamun..!! Katti..!! I m going..!! ” saying so Ishu getsup from Swara’s lap nd ran from there..!! Swara standsup nd calls out her name..!! But she ran from there..!!

Swara smiles nd shooks her head..!! She turns nd dashed with a person..!! Duet the force she was about to fall but the person holds her arms before she could fall..!! Swara looks at the person..!! Nd frees herself from the man..!! She was about to go..!! But stops hearing the man..!!

“U r Swara rite..!! ” asked the Man..!! Swara turns being amazed nd asked him ” yeah but how u know my name..!! ” Man came near her ” oii Shona..!! U forgot ur Barun also..!! ” said the Man..!! Swara thinks for sometime ” Barun..!! What name is this ( mumurs herself ) Sry i didnt remember u..!! ” said Swara..!!

” haan Barun is not my name..!! It is given by u only..!! I m Varun only..!! ” said Varun..!! Swara smiles widely nd punches his chest playfully..!! ” hey Barun..!! Tum how many yrs na..!! I think its minimum 13 yrs since we met right..!! ” said Swara..!!

” han..!! We were when we dont know eo sur name also..!! Btw what are u doing here dinoser..!! ” said Varun..!! ” oiii Barun mesh..!! I m working here..!! Nd dont u dare to call Swara Malik as dinoser ok..!! ” said Swara..!!

” haan..!! Haan..!! Wai ( was about to say something but something strikes his mind..!! ) Swara Malik teacher..!! Shekar Malik ki beti..!! ” asked Varun Swara nods..!! ” shitt..!! ” said Varun..!! ” kya hua..!! ” said Swara..!!

” Swara i m Varun Mishra..!! ” said Varun while sitting on the bench..!! ” what..!! So u r the Varun Mishra son of My so called Father’s friend..!! ” asked Swara..!! Varun nods..!! ” Swara u know why i m here now..!! ” asked Varun..!!

Swara nods in negative..!! ” Our so called Father’s want us marry..!! ” said Varun..!! ” what..!! I know that So called Papa is cooking something in his mind..!! ” said Swara..!! ” but Shona i dont wanna marry..!! ” said Varun..!!

” Even i dont wanna..!! ” Swara words left incomplete as Someone called her ” Jamun..!! ” Swara turns nd find Sanskar is coming with Ishu in his hands who is still pouting..!! But Sanskar stops there..!! Nd his grip Ishu is getting more tighter..!!

Swara notices this time Sanskar’s eyes is clearly showing Anger..!! Nd she sees towards the direction where Sanskar is seeing..!! She found the Sanskar is glaring Varun who is now teary eyed..!! Varun getsup nd ran towards them Calling ” Sanky…!! ”

Sanskar puts Ishu down nd hides her behind him..!! ” Sanky..!! Tum kahan thi tum..!! ” asked Varun while cupping his face..!! Sanskar is glaring him with blood shot eyes..!! Swara seeing the scene with a confused look..!!

Varun got a punch in his face as his answer..!! Sanskar holds his collar with rage eyes ” How dare u to come infront of mr again..!! ” said Sanskar..!! Swara widenes her eyes in shock..!! She cant believe the truth that Sanskar is a normal man..!!

Sanskar is punching nd slapping him continously..!! Varun fell on the ground Sanskar takes Ishu in his arms nd leaves..!! Here Swara was utter shock nd Varun is crying in pain not in outer pain but in inner pain..!!

Precap : Past revelation

A/N : Hey guys how was jhataka nd drama..!! I know it is boring but plzzx haan no broom sticks..!! Ok are u guys ready for today’s questions ok come on..!!

¡¡ Who is he to SANSKAR ??
¡¡¡ How Varun know Swara ?? What relation they have ??
¡v Why Sanskar is beating Varun??

Ok answer the question..!! If u guys dont give me answer tham NO PAST REVELATION OK..!! Blue mail :-p so guess the answers..!! Love u all..!!

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