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Episode starts from Swara is teaching the students of 10C..!! Which is the adjacent class to 10B..!! She was writing something in the board nd xplaining it to the students..!! On the time she heard sound from 10B..!!

Swara herself dont know why she got panicked..!! She ran to the room..!! Nd found a violin from one of the boy’s hand fell down nd broke..!! Duet which the whole class is silent..!! Swara is observing everything keenly..!!

The whole members in the class seeing eo faces..!! Nd lastly at Sanskar’s who is raising his eye brows..!! Soon the whole class burst out into laughter..!! Sanskar is laughing whole heartedly by clapping his hands nd jumping..!!

Swara too smiles seeing the scenerio..!! ” Acha rahul..!! ( boy who broke the violin ) hmm..!! Its ok come..!! U..!! U use my violin..!! ” says Sanskar nd the boy happily comes nd takes his violin..!! While Sanskar instructs everyone with his actions..!!

Swara is amazed by his gesture..!! How can a mentally disablled person be this much understanding..!! He minglled with everyone in a minute..!! Swara lost in her thoughts again her trance got cutted by Sanskar..!!

“Acha friends..!! Now its..!! Class over..!! Rahul give my violin..!! I m going..!! ” asked Sanskar almost in a shouting tone to Rahul..!! Actually he didnt ask he just grabed the violin..!! Nd he placed it in the bag carefully nd ziped it..!! He turns to childrens “Bye..!! ”

Sanskar waves his hands while taking the bag in one hand..!! Boys shouts back “Bye sir..!! ” Sanskar smiles nd leaves..!! Swara laughs at his innocence nd again lost in his innocence..!! Sanskar sees Swara he smiles nd again gave a heart attack to her..!!

He again hugs her..!! ( Swara omgg Many more attacks are waiting for u dear..!! 😀 ) Again her thoughtz got break by Sanskar..!! ” see i made many friends..!! Hahaaa..!! ” said Sanskar while breaking the hug nd clapping his hands..!!

“Oh acha..!! Very good..!! Come on Sanskar lets go to Adarsh..!! ” said Swara to which Sanskar nods,,Sanskar again entwinkes his hands with hers..!! This time its not a attack..!! Swara smiles nd Both heads to Princi room..!!
SwaSan enters hand in hand..!! They smiles seeing Ishu sitting on Adarsh lap..!! Nd both are playing Games in Computer..!! On seeing Sanskar Ishu getsdown from Adarsh lap nd ran towards Sanskar..!!

Ishu hugs him by his lega..!! SwaRsh ( Swara + Adarsh ) smiles seeing SanShu..!! Sanskar took her in his arms..!! ” papa..!! What happened now..!! The big wala boys did anything to u..!! ” asked Ishu with a narrowed eyes..!!

“Hmm..!! Nhi..!! Nhi Ishu..!! They all bcm my friends..!! U know vo..!! ( Sanskar said Swara’s words towards the boys ) ” Said Sanskar while making her sit in Adarsh table..!!

” Swara..!! ” said Ishu while gesturing Swara to come near her..!! Swara came near Ishu..!! Ishu kisses her cheeks..!! ” Thank u..!! ” Ishu wispers..!! “Ishu hmm..!! Dosti me no Thanks aur..!! no Sorry..!! ” said Sanskar..!!

Swara smiles..!! Ishu nods..!! ” haan papa..!! No sry nd No thanks..!! ” said Ishu..!! “Acha bolo Ishu..!! What u did..!! ” said Swara like this trio was talking..!! Than after sometimes at lunch time..!! SwaSanShuRsh went to canteen..!!

Ishu is sitting in Adarsh’s lap..!! SwaSan is sitting beside them..!! All are having their lunch silently..!! While SanShu inbtw feeding eo..!! Suddenly Sanskar shouts ” Ahhhh..!! ” making Swara starled..!! While AdaShu smiles..!!

“Sanskar kya hua..!! Why did u shout..!! ” asked Swara being unaware of his behaviour..!! ” and y u both are laughing..!! ” Swara asked seeing AdaShu smiling..!! They starts to laugh more loudly..!! Sanskar pouts..!!

“Can plzzz anyone tell me whats going on..!! ” said Swara trying to be angry..!! “Ok ok Swara..!! Listen..!! He is going to ask his doubt..!! Thats y he is shouting..!! ” said Adarsh inbtw his laughs..!!

” hahaa..!! Swara papa will shout if he gets doubt..!! ” said Ishu..!! Sanskar pouts..!! Swara was like ‘is this is a aline gang’..!! ” bohot ajeeb log hai yaar tum sab..!! ” said Swara while shooking her head..!!

“Ok Sanskar now ask ur doubt..!! ” said Adarsh while smiling like an idiot..!! ” haan..!! Haan bhaiya..!! What is her name..!! ” asked Sanskar pointing towards Swara..!! “Arey Papa..!! Why are u asking like u dont know her..!! ” asked Ishu..!!

“Nhi nhi..!! Nhi..!! I dont like her name..!! Nhi nhi..!! ” said Sanskar almost shouting making eo look at them..!! ” Sanskar calm down..!! Plzz eo is looking at us..!! ” said Swara..!! ” hmm..!! Ok ok..!! But i dont like ur name..!! I wont call u by that name..!! ” again Sanskar shouts..!!

” acha thik hai Sanskar,,now u tell her any name..!! Nd we ll call her by that name..!! Ok..!! ” said Adarsh,,Sanskar smiles widely nd getsup..!! He walks to nd fro..!! While poking his hairs..!! Nd tapping his forehead..!! Swara smiles seeing him..!!

After 5 mins Sanskar shoutz..!! ” haannn….!! Mil gaya..!! Mil gaya..!! ” said Sanskar while jumping nd shouting..!! Swara closes his mouth with her palms..!! Nd made him sit,,Sanskar pouts..!!

” acha Papa bolo,,what name..!! ” asked Ishu with curiosity..!! ” haan..!! Haan..!! Ishu..!! Her name is..!! Is..!! Jamun..!! ” said Sanskar being Xclaimed..!! ” kya..?? ” asked SwAdaShu being confused..!!

” haan..!! Tum dekho na bhaiya..!! Iski cheeks itni soft soft..!! Like jamun..!! ” says Sanskar while pulling her cheeks..!! ” han yes papa..!! From now onwards she is Jamun..!! ” said Ishu while giving hifi to Sanskar..!!

SwaRsh shooks their head smilingly seeing the imposibble father nd daughter..!!

Its time for leaving..!! Ishu is in Sanskar’s arms..!! Swara is sitting in her scooty near SanShu while starting her scooty..!! “Ok Sanskar,,Ishu babye..!! Meet u 2mrw..!! ” said Swara..!! SanShu pouts,,Ishu forwards her both hands..!! Swara took her in her arms..!!

Ishu kisses her cheeks..!! “Bye miss u..!! ” said Ishu with a pout..!! Swara pecks her cheeks..!! “Bye..!! ” swara said back..!! Sanskar pecks Swara’s cheek while taking Ishu from her hands..!! ” Bye Jamun will miss u..!! ” said Sanskar..!!

But he dont know that he is giving her heart attack yet again..!! Swara again came to sense hearing Sanskar ” JAMUNNN…!! BYE…!! ” said Sanskar..!! Swara just smiles nd leaves..!! SanShu goes to their Sweet home..!!

“Papa…!! Dont put chilli this much..!! ” said Ishu while grabing the chilli powder from Sanskar..!! “Haan..!! Ishu..!! But what if its less..!! Nhi nhi..!! Me dalunga..!! ” said Sanskar and again grabs the chilli bottle from Ishu nd going put it in dal..!!

He was about to put puder while saying “me dalunga..!! Dalunga..!! ” but stops hearing a voice..!! ” Sanskar nhi..!! ” SanShu turns nd wispers ” Jamun..!! ” Ishu jumps from the slab..!! Nd hugs her from waist..!!

Sanskar also ran to her nd hugs her..!! After they part ” Jamun tum..!! Tum yahan..!! Hmm kyun..!! ” said Sanskar while poking his hairs..!! ” oh..!! See Ishu..!! I think ur Papa is not happy with my presence..!! I m going..!! Bye..!! ” said Swara nd turns to go..!!

But do u think guys he will leave her without giving heart attacks..!! He pulls her towards him..!! Nd this time he back hugs her tightly..!! Saying ” Nhi..!! Nhi..!! Mat jao..!! I m sorry im sorry..!! ” says Sanskar while gripping her from her belly strongly..!!

Swara gasps by his grip..!! She parted from him somehow..!! Nd turns..!! ” Acho ok..!! I m not going come now..!! What were u doing that time..!! When i m coming..!! ” said Swara while heading towards kitchen..!!

“Me kuch nhi kiya..!! Hmm..!! Me tho sirf chilli dal rahithi..!! ” said Sanskar innocently..!! “Oh acha..!! ” saying so Swara takes the spoon nd tastes the dal..!! Her face changes to horrified..!!

“Jamun kya hua..!! ” said Sanskar while taping Swara’s shoulder…!! “Ahhhh….!! Maaaa
…!! Papaaaaaa…!! Ishuuuuuuuuuuu…!! Paaaniii..!! Paaaaanniiiiiiii…!! ” Swara screams..!! To which SanShu starled..!!

Ishu jumps from her place..!! Nd gives her water..!! Still it is burning in her tounges..!! Sanskar takes juice nd gives it to her..!! ” Jamun drink this..!! ” but no chance..!! ( Sanskar had emptied half bottle of chilli powder in dal..!! )

To be continued……………

DISCLAIMER : No Sandals or broom sticks after reading the first question of A/N..!! I m just ok guys..!! I m a bacha u know..!! 😀

A/N : Hey guys actually Two no no three questions are there today everyone should answer it ok..!! Its a Whitemail *-)..!!
1st : what will u guys do if is said SANSKAR IS NOT AT ALL A MENTALLY UNSTABLE PERSON.
..!! Or what will be ur reaction if he is NOT A FULL MAD
2nd : guys i have selected two title choose one or should i continue with KOI MIL GAYA
¡ INDISCRIBABLE LOVE ( suggested by Raina )
¡¡ A LOVE STORY BEYOND LOVE ( Suggested by neptune )
3rd : tell how Sanskar is going to treat Swara’s burning tounge..!! ( connect the first question with this )

Ok guys tell me…!! Answer is must friends..!! Hahaaa guess
..!! Till than

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  1. Rosey

    well its superbbbbbbbbbbb awesom
    and yup answer to your questions
    A1 : i think sanskaar is not mad…i don have logic to prove it but i feel it from his charactr
    A2 : i Chose Raina suggestion
    A3 : i think sanskaar will kiss swara

  2. Haha……. Its tooo funny…..n wonderful……. Answer???…. Dont no m very bad in answering….sry…updat next soon

  3. Pummy

    For 1st question i wil get heart attack in real
    2. Muje yahi name pasand h
    3. Kuch v kare kis na kare even he is nt mental plz
    Post next part jaldi jaldi

  4. May b pagal hone ki natak karne ki piche koi reason hey… 2 no nam gd …. 3rd no idea…. This part is Amzg …. Soo nice … Post soon

  5. Neptune

    heyyyyyy maha this part was beyond ammmaaazzzzing swra jamun ha ha that is soooooo cute and its true too hmmm if sanskaar is not mad than i think i will get a biiiiiiiggggg jhatka but you know by this twist the story will turn more interesting hmm and about treating swara’s tongue simple just make her eat jamun ha ha awesome na i kniw i know am so intelligent now don’t praise me so much and paost soon am waiting

  6. Asha

    Hey Chellakutty my reaction to the first question is???????????☻??? and I will not throw or beat u with sandals .. I will directly throw cake and chocos on you ..????????????….and 2nd title was nice … can you tell me what is the meaning of koi mil gaya….
    Third question make ishu do something that will be cute….
    This is just my suggestion pa.. if you don’t like it no problem….
    But you missed my briyani it was so tasty because I made it for 2nd time with so much craziness ?? ….summa thaan sonnaen

  7. Awesome dear…… Waiting for the next part…..

  8. It was awesome
    And I think May be sanskar kiss swara

  9. Independent

    Why do I have a feel like he will kiss her

  10. Pramudi

    I read this story today & it’s interesting.
    For the 1st one, i will be very happ if he is not mad. Because i want him as a normal person. If possible make ishu as his adopted daughter. For 2nd one, both suggestions are awesome. And your topic also good. Final choice will be yours dear.
    Waiting for the nxt part.

  11. Sus


  12. nice dear

  13. Soujanya


  14. Gayathri.visu

    Sissy OMG! Its so cute… Adi dhool Maha! So many heart attacks but sweet heart attacks for Swara…. ‘Jamun’ Swaravuku correctaana peru, I loved it! Waiting for next part dear…..

    My Answers dear,
    1) if its true, then I m very very very happy dear. But how can u make this possible?
    2) Maha enaku rendu title namelaiyum satisfaction illa dear. But choice is yours!
    3) Baccha if u have naughty idea, don’t do that! Bcz Ishu is there na, so no naughty thoughts. Ishu ethavathu idea panni Swarava calm pandra maathiri seiyalaam!

  15. IME

    Twinny u left me speechless
    It was Awesomeeeeeeee
    Loved itttttttt
    Cuteness overload
    And so many attacks
    Waiting for nxt part eagerly
    1- Um…. I would be happy
    2- Yahi accha hai agge it’s Ur choice
    3- idk I think he will treat it giving sign that he is not mad
    This is for u
    Khud khareed ke khaa Lena
    Mai nai dene vali
    Mai bhukkad hu naa
    Aur haa phone mat khana varna nxt epi nai mile ga muje ??
    Love u ??????????
    Take care

    1. Mahavir

      omggg…!! twin..!! u na ok i wont eat this mobiz if i do so na than no one will bought me a new one thats also a reason..!! thank u..!! :-*

  16. SNY

    Awesome maha….
    1.????????appadi irutha kandippa stry semmaiya irukkum
    2.moonu title lum nalla irukku ….ana koi mil gaya spr???
    3.kandippa kiss pannuvan?????
    Next one soon….

    1. Mahavir

      haahaaa thank u akka..!! :-*

    1. Mahavir

      thank u dear…!!

  17. Scooby

    Amazing dhool kelapita… Im getting heart attacks by ur epi more than swara. Ahem ahem spoiling a kid ???
    Then firstly if he is not mentally disable y did he act?? For whom?? Why??? My reaction i will beat blue and black… Then will hear the past y ur acting ??
    Jamun ?? mouth drooling yup i love hrr cheeks hellu??

    1. Mahavir

      omgggg akka calm down how many questions..!! wait nd watch akka i m ready to give u many more heart attacks..!! hahaa thanku..!! :-*

  18. awesome..i really liked 1st title..tc..

    1. Mahavir

      thank u dear
      …!! :-*

  19. Arshaanya

    Loved it…
    1. I’l b happy if hez not mad… n i wat u to make him fine wid tym..
    2. M happy wud dis title only n now evey1 is comfy wid dis titke..dun chnge it..
    3.u knw wat all want ?? bt dat wil not luk gud her i guess bt age its ur wish

    1. Mahavir

      thank u…!! will keep ur suggestions in mind :-*

  20. Rachna

    I think sanky chose “angel, shona” this type of name for swara but “Jamun” ???

    I chose raina suggestion..
    If he will not mad then first I will be shocked bcz why he is living lyk mad person and for why He is doing lyk this and for whom??????
    Update soon next part

    1. Mahavir

      u will get ur answer soon rachu..!! thank u..!! :-*

  21. Seebu_s

    hey dear…nice episode…but if u change tittle then so many readers may leave as it will be utter confusion…so i suggest u to dont change tittle?if u want…u can..!as it is ur ff…continue soon..
    p.s-lol?i know u r girl…but seeing ur user name i’m confused???

    1. Mahavir

      as u say akka..!! nd akka i m a girl only i attached viru’s name with my name thats it..!! thank u akka..!! :-*

  22. nice dear…pls continue with this tittle only…bcs ppl who miss reading 1chapter will get confused as they dont know what tittle will be..!as i missed 2-3ffs like that…i suggest dont change

    1. Mahavir

      ok neha dear..!! thank u..!! :-*

  23. Aashi26

    amazing , sweet , cute…………………..epi 1) I will get a heart attack like swara……….. 2) I am happy with this tittle 3) I am sure sanskar is going to a asanskari thing……….(kiss) loved this epi akka from ur thangachi……….

    1. Mahavir

      haahaaa thank u cutiee thangachi..!! are u in fb..??

      1. Aashi26

        no akka I am not in fb and will not be able to until 18….strict orders from mummy……..

      2. Mahavir

        itz ok thangachi..!! :-*

  24. Simi

    Awesome.. Poor swara ???
    1. Sanskar is not unstable… ??? That will be a shock..
    2. Good title
    3. Dont know ??

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