Epilogue starts from SwaSan getting married nd getsup from the mandap to take blessing from elders..!! Now the only elder is Shan’s mom..!! SwaSan takes blessingz from her..!! Than Sanskar hugs Adarsh, Shan , Varun & Karan..!!

Last but not the least..!! SwaSan sits in their knees infront of Ishu..!! She literally jumped on them..!! SwaSan smiles nd hugs her..!! Later all guests went from there to their respective houses..!!

At evening

In Karan room

The full boys gang is there sitting on the bed..!! Nd continuously advicing Sanskar nd highlight point is not a Single man there xcept Sanskar is married but they are advicing him..!! Sanskar is now fedup with their bak baks..!!

” Stop it guys..!! ” all looked at Sanskar..!! ” First tell me one thing..!! U Mr.Shan u r alergic to girls that u dont have a single girlfrnd till now..!! Nd Mr.Karan u r the one who said ‘ Girls are not my type ‘..!!

Nd u both my bhaiyas are still bachelors at their late 20s..!! Nd me now i m a married man in this stage u guys are Advicing me like u all are Xpericend in Married life huh..!! ” said Sanskar which makes all the boys pout..!!

” Acha ohk ohk lets leave guys i think MARRIED MAN is getting bored with us..!! Let him go to his Wife..!! ” said Adarsh..!! Sanskar blushes a lil..!! ” haan come on come on..!! ” guys said nd leaves the room..!!

They went out nd sees Shan mom playing with Ishu..!! Varun went to took Ishu in his arms..!! ” Sanskar i m taking Ishu with me..!! Waise bhi u guys need some privacy na..!! ” said Varun in a teasing tone..!!

” but Varu..!! ” b4 Sanskar could said anything Ishu xclaims ” Nhi i wont go anywhere..!! I ll be with maa & papa only..!! ” all looks on being helpless..!! ” Haan Ishu Baby u only asked na that u want a sister..!! ” said Karan..!!

” Haan tho..!! ” said Ishu inoccently..!! ” So if u dont go today than u cant get ur sister..!! U want sister rite..!! Than go with Varun..!! ” said Karan..!! All signs in relief..!! ” Acha..!! But ek min..!! ” Ishu taps her chin like she is thinking something deeply..!!

” but how will they bring me a sister..!! ” asked Ishu which made everyone’s eyes popped out from their sockets..!! ” Woo..!! Wo..!! ” Karan stammers..!! Shan glares Karan ” Haan baby wo..!! Ur Maa & papa will go to doctor nd than will u a sister ohk..!! ” said Shan trying to convince her..!!

” Ohhh..!! Than i ll also go with them..!! ” said Ishu..!! Which makes all glared at Shan..!! ” Haa baby u can go but Doctor will give u A Badaa wala injection are u ohk with it..!! ” asked Shan..!!

Ishu imagines the scene nd shouts ” Nhiiiiiii..!! No i dont want injection i ll go with Varun uncle..!! Bye papa nd dont forgot to bring me a sister..!! ” said Ishu which makes everyone laugh..!!

All leaves..!! Sanskar closed the main door nd claimbs the stairs..!! With so much nervousness..!! He finally reached his room..!! He opens the door..!! Which sent thousands of shivers to Swara..!! Who is sitting on the bed covering her face with veil..!!

Sanskar came in nd bolts the door..!! Swara clutched her skirt..!! Sanskar came forward nd sits on the bed near Swara..!! He called out her name..!! Swara hmmed..!! He slowly ups her veil..!! Nd holds her chin made her see in his eyes..!!

Sanskar smiles at her..!! Swara nervously smiles back..!! ” Bohot nervouss horahi hai na..!! ” asked Sanskar to which Swara nods..!! ” Me too..!! We know eachother verywell but i dont y i m feeling this much nervouss..!! See my hands are also shivering..!! ” he shows her his hands which were shivering like hell..!!

Swara unknowingly starts to laugh..!! ” Jamun y r u laughing now also..!! ” said Sanskar with a pout..!! ” Haahaaa..!! Sanskar see how much ur hands are shivering..!! Haahaaaa so funny..!! ” said Swara continuing her laughing..!!

” Mera haal tuhjhe funny lagraha hai..!! ” said Sanskar..!! Swara nods inbtw her laugh..!! ” wait now i ll show u..!! ” said Sanskar while starts chasing her as she already starts to run..!!

They were running in the whole room..!! Finally Sanskar caught hold of her wrist..!! But duet misbalance both fell on the bed..!! With Sanskar is on top..!! Both are breathing heavily duet sudden proximity..!! Sanskar’s eyes got stuck in her rosey lips which were now shivering..!!

Sanskar leans closer to her while holding her both hands above her heads..!! Finally their lips met..!! Their lips mould perfectly with eachother’s..!! They both were sucking out the life of their lips..!! Soon they broke the kiss duet lack of oxygen..!!

Swara looks at Sanskar while he looks up at her ” May I..?? ” he asked to which Swara passes a tight smile..!! He frees her hands nd caught hold of her petite waist..!! He nuzzled himself in the crook of her neck giving her wet kisses there…!!

Which is giving her unbearable pleasure..!! He started caressing her waist..!! Nd with in a moment he unpined her pallu..!! He is travelling down to her throat all the way giving her wet kisses soon their clothes were lying at a corner..!! Nd they bcm two bodies nd one soul..!!

After sometime

Sanskar covered them in a blanket nd took her in his embarace..!! ” Jamun..!! ” Sanskar called out Swara hmmed..!! ” huh..!! Finally today i ate the Jamun..!! ” said Sanskar..!!

To which Swara turned crimson red..!! She beats his cheast..!! ” haahaa acha sun..!! Waise Jamun is soo tasty u know..!! ” said Sanskar while Swara beat him nd turns to other side..!! Sanskar smiles nd back hugs her..!! ” acha sorry now turn..!! ”

Said Sanskar Swara turns nd hugs him both slept in eo embarace..!!

Next day

The sun rays falls on the Newly wedded couple..!! As the sun rays entered Swara starts to nuzzle more on Sanskar..!! He wrapped his arms around nd pulled her closer nd slept again..!! Then after sometime..!!

Swara nd wokeup nd find herself in her cute husband’s embarace..!! She smiles remembering their life incident like from their first meeting to yesterday night..!! She blushes remembering it..!! She pecks his forehead nd tries to free herself from him..!!

But she that his grip is getting more tighter..!! She shockingly looked at him only to see him smirking like anything..!! In a swift moment..!! He rolled over nd Swara is beneath him..!! Swara’s eyes popped out from her sockets..!! He grins seeing her xperessions..!!

” Sanskar what are u doing leave me..!! Leave me its already late Ishu will come..!! ” said Swara..!! To which Sanskar nods no vigorously..!! ” nhi..!! She is not at home..!! So dont worry..!! ” said Sanskar..!! ” not at home matlab..!! ” asked Swara..!!

” Matlab She is with Varun..!! Now dont disturb me..!! ” said Sanskar while again starts to giving wet kisses in her neck..!! Swara is melting in his touch but wanna tease him..!! ” Ishu tum aagaye..!! ” said Swara..!!

Sanskar jumps from her nd looked at the door only to find the closed door..!! He turns to see Swara who is laughing like hell..!! ” Shona ki bachiii..!! Teri tho mein..!! ” saying so Sanskar Jumps on her nd came above her..!!

Swara’s breath stops at the sudden proximitey..!! Sanskar looks at her eyes which is now showing the full love towards him..!! Sanskar smiles he pinned her hands above her head..!! Sanskar leans towards her lips..!!

Swara being shy turns to otherside Sanskar nuzzles in her neck giving wet kisses there..!! Swara is feeling his touch suddenly hears a voice..!! She tries to free her hands from him..!! ” Sanskar..!! ” said Swara..!!

” Umm..!! ” Sanskar hmmed being busy in his work..!! ” Sanskar..!! Utto Ishu aagaye..!! ” said Swara..!! ” Now dont try to tease me more..!! ” says Sanskar while nuzzling more..!! ” Sanskar its true..!! Thik se suno..!! ” said Swara..!!

Sanskar lifts his head little up nd hears ” Papa..!! Mom..!! Utto its 7 already..!! ” Ishu shouts from out while banging the door with her tiny hands which hardly makes sound..!! Sanskar jerks nd gets up from Swara..!!

” What 7..?!?!? ” said Sanskar while at his mobiz..!! ” I m saying this frm so long see now ishu also came..!! ” said Swara while giggling..!! ” Go nd open the door..!! ” said Swara while running to the washroom..!!

Sanskar smiles widely nd went to open the door..!! As soon as he opened the door he felt a imbalanced as our little don Ishu litrally jumped on him..!! Ishu is holding Sanskar from his neck as she jumped on him..!! Sanskar hugs her back nd smiles..!!

” I missed u papa..!! ” said Ishu..!! ” Haan baby me too..!! ” said Sanskar..!! ” Haan papa see thats y i came here early in the morning itself..!! Acha now tell me where is my sissy..!! ” Said Ishu..!! Sanskar stammers..!! ” Haan..!! Vo Ishu baby where is Varun bhai..!! ”

Asked Sanskar to which Ishu turns nd finds Varun..!! ” Papa i think he is in Hall..!! He came with me till Main door but patha nhi abh yaha q nhi aayi..!! By the way papa where is Mom..!! ” said Ishu..!! Sanskar signs in relief as she forgot about her question..!!

” haan baby mom is taking bath come letz go downstairs..!! ” said Sanskar..!! Nd takes Ishu downstairs there Varun is sitting in the hall with a coffee which he made himself..!! ” Hey Sanky..!! Sry yaar i tried much but Ishu Zid karke yahan aagye..!! ”

Said Varun..!! ” Its ohk bhai..!! U know waise bhi i too missed my Baby very much..!! Thank u soo much..!! ” said Sanskar..!! Varun smiles widely..!! They talked for sometime after that Swara came downstairs..!!

She is wearing a grey colour Saree with sleveless blouse..!! Sanskar is awestruck to see her..!! Varun cleared his throat Sanskar came to sense while Ishu hugs Swara..!! Nd than her first question..!! ” Mom where is my Sissy..!! ” asked Ishu..!! SwaSanRun eyes popped out from the sockets..!!

” Mom u only promised me na..!! Now tell me..!! Where is my sissy..!! ” said Ishu..!! SwaSan bcm embarassed..!! ” I think i have to go..!! I forgot that i have a meeting now..!! Bye Guys..!! ” saying so Varun litrally ran from there..!!

” Mom Say na..!! ” Ishu asked with brimming eyes..!! Sanskar panicked nd took Ishu in his arms..!! ” Ishu baby..!! Wo kya hai na..!! Doc said that now ur mom is so week that she cant took care of two children..!!

U love ur mom rite..!! ( Ishu nods ) than ohk just wait for some years ohk…!! ” said Sanskar..!! Ishu thinks something..!! Nd hugs Swara..!! ” I love u more Mom..!! ” said Ishu..!! SwaSan smiles..!!

SwaShu broke the hug..!! ” I think here no one wants me..!! ” Said Sanskar with a pout..!! ” Heee..!! We Love u..!! ” said SwaShu in Unision nd hugs Sanskar..!! Sanskar kissed on Swara’s neck which made Swara widen her eyes..!! While Sanskar winks..!!

” Acha tell me what u did with Varun..!! ” asked Sanskar while pulling out from the hug..!! ” Wo papa we played manything yesterday..!! We played Video games nd etc..!! Etc..!! ” said Ishu..!! ” Acha u both cont..!! I ll make coffee..!! ” saying so Swara goes to Kitchen..!!

While SanShu is playing finger ghost..!! While playing Sanskar smells something diffrent..!! Sanskar smells it clearly..!! Nd runs to kitchen..!! ” Swaraaaaaaaaa…!!! ” he shouts before pulling Swara out from kitchen..!! He fell on Ground with Swara on top..!!

They shared an eyelock..!! But it is soon got broke by Sanskar..!! ” Jamun u ok..?? ” said Sanskar while cupping her face..!! Swara nods confuesdly Sanskar hugs her..!! ” Sanskar what happen..!! ” asks Swara..!! ” Swara smell it carefully..!! Gas is leacked..!! ” said Sanskar while getting up..!!

” whatt..!! ” said Swara..!! Sanskar goes in & offs the Cylinder..!! ” Who it will be Sanskar..!! ” asks Swara..!! Sanskar nods in no..!! ” Mom papa..!! ” said Ishu while coming in..!!

SwaSan smiles Sanskar made Ishu sit in the Kitchen Slap..!! ” Haan baby..!! Bolo..!! ” said Sanskar..!! ” Bolo..?? Like seriously..?? Ur chotu sa baby is hungry here nd u guys are Romancing here..!! ” said Ishu while putting her hands in her waist..!!

” Sorry baby..!! Just 5 mins ohk wait..!! ” saying so Swara starts to prepare her world famous UPMA..!! Ishu is continuously talking with Sanskar but his mind is still thinking who it will be..!!

After lunch..!! ” Papa lets go for outing..!! ” said Ishu..!! ” Plan mindblowing..!! Ohk go girls get ready..!! ” said Sanskar..!! Ishu leaves while dragging Swara..!! Sanskar calls Karan but he is not picking so Sanskar calls Varun nd Talks something..!!

SwaSanShu leaves in the car to reach the nearby hill station..!! Their journey is smooth..!! Suddenly their car tyre got punchured..!! Sanskar came down from the jeep nd kicks the tyre..!! ” Shit yaar..!! Jamun ,, Baby tyre is punchured..!! ” said Sanskar..!!

” U both stay there i ll change the tyre ohk..!! ” said Sanskar..!! Nd goes to take the stepni..!! But he got punched by someone..!! Sanskar falls on the ground..!! A blood drop is flowing from the corner of his lips..!!

” Sanskar..!! / Papa..!! ” SwaShu shouts from car..!! They tries to comeout but the car is locked..!! Sanskar getsup..!! Around 10 goons sorrundes him..!! All are having wepons in their hands..!! ” Who sent u..!! ” asked Sanskar..!!

” haahaaa ur wellwisher..!! ” said Goon..!! Sanskar punches the goons..!! He is fighting with them..!! SwaShu is shouting from the car..!! Sanskar almost beats all goons..!! He is kicking the head..!! Another goon got..!!

He went near the car..!! Nd pushes it from back like the car will fall down from the hill..!! All goons ran away..!! The car fell from the cliff..!! ” Swaraaaaaaaa…!! Ishuuuuuuuuuuuuuu..!! ” Sanskar shouts as the car fell down from the cliff..!!

••••••••••••• THE END•••••••••••


My wattpad id : @mahi016

Hahaaa 😀 :-D..!! Hey guys dont think much..!! Here the Season 1 ends but this is the start of S2..!! But ONLY IN WATTPAD SO DO FOLLOW ME..!! Dont know when i ll be back..!! So wait for me nd S2 nd yeah guys sooo sry for the late..!! I m stuck..!!

Love u all Do leave ur comments..!!

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