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Episode starts from Evening Adarsh is going to Lawayers office..!! ” What the hell Mitra ji..!! How can this happen..!! That b****y Sanskar sent me Notice..!! How can this possible..!! ” said Adarsh..!!

” I already told u Sir..!! He is the legal father of Ishita..!! As he married Kavitha..!! So he had rights to claim Ishita’s custody..!! But till now he didnt do it na..!! Will see if he does so..!! ” said Mitra..!! ” But he is not biological father of Ishu..!! She is my sister’s daughter thats it..!! ” shots Adarsh..!!

” But court will only support the legal side..!! But we can try once that we needs to prove that Sanskar is not her father nd he cant took care of her..!! Or we can say he ll cause probs to Ishita..!! Nd before Sanskar we have to file the petetion about this..!! ” said Mitra..!! ” than do it..!! I dont to leave Ishu with that b****y cheater..!! ” shots Adarsh…!!

Mr.Mitra ji nods nd Adarsh wears his coolers nd left from there..!!

On the otherside

Swara is looking at Sanskar with hopefull eyes..!! ” We ll get back our Ishu, Sanskar Dont worry..!! ” said Swara..!! Sanskar smiles ” hmm lets hope..!! Swara held his hands ” wait u didnt eat anything from noon..!! Wait i ll make something to eat..!! ” said Swara..!! Sanskar nods..!!

Swara getsup nd moves towards the kitchen..!! Sanskar scratches his hairs..!! Nd follows her..!! He jumps nd sits on the kitchen counter..!! Swara smiles nd takes the vessel..!! Sanskar stares her nd starts the conversation..!!

” Zindagi bohot ajeeb hai na Swara..!! ( Swara looks up at him nd Smiles than starts her work again ) See till today noon we r very happy na..!! U , me , Ishu..!! We trio are together..!! Nd now Ishu is there away from U nd Me..!! Nd u r here with me..!! I know Adarsh bhaiya is there with Ishu..!!

But i m sure Ishu will not respect his words now..!! After all he beat in from Ishu..!! She will be definetly fighting with Bhaiya..!! U know Jamun Bhaiya love her so much..!! But i miss her so much..!! ” saying Sanskar getsdown from the counter nd turns..!!

As a lone tear drop escapes from his eyes..!! Swara notices this she also sad but she cant be sad infront of him..!! If she does so Sanskar will brake more..!! She decides to change his mood..!!

” haan U r rite Sanskar Zindagi bogot ageeb hai..!! See two days before only we met..!! I mean We trio..!! But i dont know how i falled for someone in this two days..!! ” said Swara in a naughty tone..!!

Sanskar turns ” Xcuse me..!! ” sanskar asked being lil confused about her sentence..!! ” kya xcuse me..!! Did u ask Xcuse me for coming in my heart..!! Did u ask Xcuse me for making urself a place deep ibside my heart..!! Did u ask Xcuse me hugging like this..!! ”

Saying so Swara hugs Sanskar tightly..!! ” Did u ask Xcuse me for kissing me like this..!! ” saying so Swara put her hands around his neck nd pecks his cheeks tightly..!! Sanskar was starled by her act..!! ” Tell me did u ask Xcuse me for all this..!! Than why are u asking Xcuse me now..!! ” said Swara with fake anger..!!

Sanskar came out of shock..!! Swara is still seeing him with her naughty xpressions..!! Sanskar puts his both hands in her waist..!! Nd pulls her towards himself..!! Swara crushed in his hard toned chest..!! ” Acha ji..!! So i did all this without asking Xcuse me..!

So now i m going to do an another crime also without asking XCUSE ME..!! ” Sanskar stressed this word with a naughty smirk..!! Swara tries to comeout of his grip thinking ” Oh my..!! My plan back fired..!! Instead of changing his mood i did something else..!! ” Swara thinks..!! ” Sanskar plzz..!! Leaves..!!

Mujhe tumhara iradha thik nahi lag rahi hai..!! ” said Swara still trying to come out of his grip..!! ” haan Naa Naa How can i leave u Shona Oops not now its Jamun now rite..!! Ok where i stoped haan yaad agaya..!! Haan how can i leave

Being incomplete..!! ” said Sanskar..!! Swara was confused by his sentence..!! ” Incomplete..!! Matlab..?? ” asked Swara..!! ” Matlab..!! U hugged me..!! Nd kissed me..!! Than how can i leave u without doing anything..!! ” said Sanskar..!!

” Sanskar no..!! Plzz..!! ” said Swara..!! While Sanskar leans closer to her lips..!! He is moving closer nd closer..!! Swara closed her eyes..!! Sanskar was about to kiss her but he leans up nd pecks her cheeks..!! Swara opens her eyes being Surprised..!!

Sanskar smiles nd takes his hands off..!! ” I wont force u..!! ” said Sanskar nd again sits on the counter..!! ” what are looking at me like this..!! Do something i m hungry..!! ” said Sanskar..!! Swara smiles nd starts to prepare food..!!

After sometime Swara finally finished making her WORLD FAMOUS UPMA :D..!! She came nd set it in the table..!! Sanskar also follows her with sad face..!! As he remember the Upma nokjhoks of the trio..!! Swara turns nd sees him but this time also she cant change his mood with her romance..!!

She packed the Upma in tiffin carrier..!! Nd took it in one hand Sanskar is seeing all this with confused + sad look..!! ” Jamun tum..!! ” nefore Sanskar could complete Swara shuts his mouth with her palm..!!

” Shh..!! U r missing Ishu so much ?? ( Sanskar nods still Swara palm in his mouth ) even me too..!! Chalo lets meet her..!! ” said Swara..!! ” Sanskar takes her hands off ” But Jamun..!! Adarsh bhaiya..!! ” said Sanskar..!! ” Sanskar lets face it..!! Cant we face this much for our Ishu..!! ”

Said Swara..!! Sanskar nods Nd SwaSan leaves to Mm..!!

SwaSan reaches Mm..!! Nd to goodness Adarsh is not at home..!! They sees Ishu is crying nd fighting with Priya ( servent )..!! Sanskar runs to Ishu nd took her in a bone crushing hug..!! ” Sanskar tum plzz go..!! If Sir comes than he will fire me plzz..!! ” said Priya..!! ” Plzz didi we ll leave soon b4 Bhaiya came..!! ”

Said Sanskar priya accepts without any options nd leaves..!! Sanskar breaks the hug nd kisses Ishu all over her face..!! Swara is admiring them..!! The trio is in tears..!! Ishu hugs him again like she wont leave him again..!!

” Papa..!! Papa..!! Plzzz take me from here..!! Adarsh uncle is shouting at me..!! He is really bad..!! I cant be here..!! I missed u alot..!! Plzzz take me from here..!! Aaaaaannn..!! Plzz dont leave me papa..!! ” said Ishu nd cries in his arms..!! Sanskar caresses her hairs..!! ” I wont leave u Ishu..!! U r my everything..!! Dont cry i ll take u from here asap..!! ” said Sanskar..!! SanShu gets calm after sometime..!!

Swara wipes her tears..!! ” Ahem ahem..!! I think everyone forgot me..!! ” said Swara with puppy eyes..!! SanShu smiles inbtw their tears nd Sanskar took Ishu in his arms..!! He walks to Swara nd Hugs Swara..!! Trio shares a cute hug..!! SanShu kissed her cheeks..!! Ishu goes to Swara’s arms from Sanskar ” i missed u Jamun..!! ”

Said Ishu nd hugs Swara..!! Swara hugs her back ” I missed u too..!! ” said Swara..!! ” Acha come i know u also didnt eat anything rite..!! ( ishu nods ) ok come lets eat..!! ” said Swara..!! Nd trio settled on the sofa..!! SwaSan is feeding Ishu..!! Nd eo..!! They were about to complete their dinner..!!

” Jamun..!! ” Ishu called out Swara..!! ” haan Ishu..!! ” said Swara while giving a bite in Ishu’s mouth..!! ” Can i call u maa..!! ” said Ishu which both SwaSan lil surprised..!! Swara looks at Sanskar..!! He smiles..!! Swara cups Ishu face ” Ofcourse baby doll..!! U can call me maa..!! ” said Swara..!!

” Afterall she is going to be ur Mom Ishu..!! U can call her Maa..!! Nd consider as ur Maa..!! Hai na Shona..!! ” said Sanskar winking at Swara..!! ” Kyaa..!! Shona..?? U named her as Jamun only na..!! ” said Ishu..!! ” Ishu baby its a long story..!! I ll tell u later..!! ” said Sanskar..!!

” Anyways whatever u r both are THE BEST MAA PAPA..!! ” said Ishu nd jumps on SwaSan nd hugs them..!! SwaSan looks at eo..!! Nd had a cute eyelock..!! Like this they finished their dinner nd than starts to play..!!

Adarsh came to Mm but the scene which he saw made him boil in anger..!! SwaSanShu is playing and Giggling..!! Adarsh came in shoutingly..!!

” What the f*** ..!! Priya , Raju where are u all..!! Who allow them inside..!! ( Came nd held Sanskar’s collar ) how dare u haan..!! How dare u to enter into my house..!! Get out of my house u bl**** cheater..!! ” saying so Adarsh drags Sanskar..!!

” ahhhhhh..!! Leave my Papa..!! ” cries Ishu..!! Swara took her in her arms..!! ” Sir plzz leave him..!! ” said Swara..!! ” How dare u to come here..!! ” said Adarsh nd punches his face..!! He was about to punch him again..!! Swara held Adarsh hand..!!

” wait a min..!! He is the legall father of Ishu..!! In that dare he came here..!! Nd for now Ishu custody is with u..!! But we ll take her custody soon..!! Now we r going coz this is ur house nd yeah u dont have the right to beat my Sanskar ok..!! ” said Swara..!! Adarsh took Ishu from her hand..!! ” Thank u for ur lecture Ms.Swara now u can go from here with UR SANSKAR..!! ”

Said Adarsh while SanShu sobs looking at eo..!! Sanskar walks forward Adarsh shows him his hand to stop..!! Sanskar stops there..!! ” Ishu baby dont worry..!! Papa will take u from here soon..!! Till than eat properly ok..!! ”

said Sanskar while giving her a flying kiss..!! Nd hugs himself..!! Ishu nods with teary eyes nd catches his kiss..!! Nd hugs herself..!! Both are feeling eachother in the hug by hugging themselves..!! Adarsh closes the door in SwaSan face..!!

Sanskar is still looking at the closed door..!! Swara held his hand nd both walks out..!! SwaSan is walking in the road Swara phone rings..!! Its Shekar she took it making faces..!!

” Swara Beta Kahan ho tum..!! ” asked Shekar in xtra Sweet voice..!! ” I ll come in 30 mins..!! ” said Swara in a emotionaless voice as notice Sanskar is fisting his palms..!! ” No beta i dont ask about that i mean Sanskar is with u na..!! Take care him ok ..!! I wont disturb u..!! Ok bye beta ..!! ” said Shekar..!!

Swara cuts the phone nd looks at Sans..!! ” Sanskar calm down..!! Plzz i know he is my so called Father..!! But jho vo kiya vo galat hai..!! He needs to be punished..!! We will punish him just calm down..!! Now come lets go..!! ” said Swara..!! Sanskar calmdown nd both went..!!

On Shekar side..!! He is sitting on the couch..!! ” Uff finally..!! My work is lessened by my own daughter as She is with The Mishra’s son..!! My friend ,, My richest friend..!! What matter if she marry Varun or Sanskar..!!

The matter is she is going to be the owner of Mishra’s property i ll make her..!! Nd than my Kingdom will be doubled..!! ” said Shekar nd laughs evily..!! ” Now i again needs to Manipulate that Ashok..!! ” said Shekar taking a deep breath..!!

To be continued………….

Precap : No mood , I m sad..!!
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Hey guys 🙁 thank u for my commenters..!! Nd i m really sad with last episode response..!! So today no questions nd no Precap but an Info that THERE IS ONLY 4 TO 5 EPIS ARE LEFT..!! so keep reading nd tell me ur views..!!


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