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Note : Read the A/N..!! Today i m really serious 😐

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Episode starts from SwaSan hugging eo..!! Nd crying in eo arms..!! Sanskar is caressing her hairs in order to calm her down..!! After sometime both calmed down..!! Nd parted away..!! Sanskar was about to wipe his tears..!! Swara held his hand..!! Sanskar looks into her eyes..!! She wipes his tears..!! Nd cups his cheek..!!

" Dont worry Sanskar..!! I m there for u..!! I ll help u..!! Just tell me what i need to do..!! " said Swara looking into his eyes..!! Sanskar smiles nd took her hand in his..!! He holds it inbtw his palms..!! " Thank u shona..!! " said Sanskar..!! Swara jerks her hand from his nd said " Shona…??? "

Sanskar hits her head " Arey my buddhu Shona Jamun..!! ( pulls her cheeks ) tum na sadness me sab kuch bulgaye..!! I said na that Varun is my bhai..!! Than u should have understand na i m ur Sanku..!! Ur bf..!! " said Sanskar..!!

Swara hits her own forehead " Haan u r Sanku na..!! But wait what u said My bf..?? " said Swara with narrowed eyes..!! " Haan Sab Sach bathana dont u have Crush on me since our childhood..!! " said Sanskar..!!

( kaise Badmash 😀 log hai yaar..!! Abhi bhi romance..!! I m feeling pity on author :-p )

Swara turns to other side in order to hide her blush..!! Sanskar came near her nd stoid behind her " Bolo Ms.Shona..!! " said Sanskar in her ears..!! Swara turns nd gets shocked to see him rite an inch away from her..!! Sanskar is looking into her eyes..!! Making her to drown in his deep brown eyes..!!

Yup he succed in it she fully loosed herself in his eyes..!! Taking this as Opurtunity Sanskar moves back further nd pinned her in the wall..!! Swara is still lost in his eyes..!! Sanskar caressed her cheek..!! " U know Jamun..!! When i saw u in School after so many years i really lost in u..!!

But the thing which made me fall for u is ur care..!! U even cared for me without knowing who i am..!! U cared for my Ishu..!! U know what happened that day when u came here for the first time..!! after u went that night..!!

After Swara leaves from Sanskar home..!! Remember guys that chili drama after that..!! Sanskar is lying in the bed..!! Ishu is lying above him..!! Sanskar is little sleepy but here Our Don ( Ishu ) is not getting sleep..!! She is thinking something deeply..!! She getsup nd sits on Sanskar's stomach..!!

She shakes Sanskar..!! He opens his eyes..!! " Hmm..!! Kya hua..!! Ishu baby..!! Dont disturb my sleep..!! " saying so Sanskar closes his eyes..!! Ishu " Papa..!! Utto..!! " saying so Ishu is Opening his eyelids with her tiny tiny fingers..!!

Sanskar frows nd getsup he takes Ishu in his lap..!! Nd sits leaning on the head board..!! " Hmm..!! Kya hua Ishu..!! " said Sanskar..!! " Papa..!! " said Ishu..!! " hmm..!! Haan bolo na Ishu..!! " said Sanskar..!! " Y i dont have Mom..!! " said Ishu..!!

Sanskar who is still came to sense hearing Ishu..!! Sanskar looks here nd there without seeing Ishu..!! " Ishu..!! Baby aise nhi hai..!! U have..!! " said Sanskar in a stammering voice..!! Ishu breaks his sentence " I want Jamun as my mom..!! " said Ishu..!! " Kya…!! " the only word Sanskar can say..!!

" Hmm..!! Ishu..!! Tum..!! U come sleep..!! " saying so Sanskar triez to make her sleep while poking his hairs..!! Ishu jerks him " Nhi..!! U promise me u ll make Jamun as my Mom..!! " saying so she forwards her hand..!! Sanskar is continuously poking his hairs..!!

" Bolo..!! " Ishu almost shouts..!! Sanskar starled by her..!! He holds her palm nd said " Hmm..!! Ok Promise..!! " said Sanskar..!! Ishu kisses his cheek nd he too doez the same..!! Nd slept..!!

now Sanskar is caressing Swara cheeks nd continuing his talkings..!! " Jamun..!! Ishu loves u more than me..!! She consider u as her Mom..!! ( Sanskar bcm teary eyed remiscing Ishu ) She loves U more than me Shona..!! I miss her Jamun " Sanskar said with teary eyes..!!

Swara cups his face " Shh..!! Sanskar she is with Adarsh only..!! She is his Niece na..!! He wont do anything to her..!! " said Swara..!! " Nhi Jamun aise nhi hai..!! I know Adarsh bhaiya loves Ishu like anything in this world..!! He will keep her like a princess..!!

But Sach yeh hai ki I miss her alot..!! I miss her that much ki i cant live without her even for an hour also..!! " saying so Sanskar again sobs..!! Swara hugs him..!! " Sanskar..!! Shh…!! Plzzz..!! Dont cry..!! " said Swara while rubbing his back..!! Swara thought to divert his mind..!!

" Waise Sanskar u know I m angry on u..!! That u Pretended as a Mad nd made me fall for u..!! ( this word unknowingly escapes from her mouth..!! ) " said Swara..!! Sanskar immediately breaks the hug..!! " what did u said..!! " said Sanskar..!! " wo haan I was angry on u..!! " said Swara..!!

" Uske baad..!! " asked Sanskar with curious..!! " Nhi mene tho yei bola..!! " said Swara..!! " Jamun dont lie what did u said..!! " said Sanskar..!! " Arey Bhuddhu Sanku there ur daughter is away from u..!! Nd here u r romancing with me..!!

First think some way to get back our Ishu..!! ( hai hai..!! Our Ishu 😀 ) " said Swara with light blush..!! But at this scentence Sanskar bcm serious..!! " Yeah Swara..!! Sirf Ek hi rastha hai..!! Only one way to get back our Ishu..!! Ishu Custody..!!

Till now her custody is with Adarsh but he leaved Ishu coz he thought me as a mad..!! But I cant stay or live without My Ishu..!! I want her custody..!! " said Sanskar..!! Swara looks at him with hopefull eyes..!!


Adarsh is trying to feed Ishu..!! " Ishu tum uncle ki maanogi na..!! Plzz sirf Idle kalo..!! " said Adarsh while trying to feed her..!! " Nhi..!! I wont eat anything..!! I wanna go to my Papa..!! I wanna meet Jamun..!! " shouts Ishu..!! " Ishu stop this non-sense he is not ur papa..!! "

Shouts Adarsh back..!! " Nhi wo mera Papa hai..!! Sanskar is my papa..!! " shouts Ishu..!! " He is not ur papa..!! Kyunki..!! " he stops as he understand what he is going to tell now..!! He calls his servent nd orders her to make Ishu eat nd left..!!

Adarsh calls his Advocate " Haan Mitra ji..!! Mei Adarsh..!! I have a doubt..!! Actually now Isitha custody is with me but now Sanskar is normal nd what if he asked her custody..!! " asked Adarsh..!! " No Adarsh sir..!! If he is normal also he cant get the custody..!!

As he is single..!! Nd moreover u r Kavitha's bhai..!! So u ll be having more rights on her..!! But sir..!! " Mitra stops in middle..!! " Kya hua mitra ji..!! But what..!! " asked Adarsh " But If Sanskar get married than the custody will be his..!! " said Mitra..!! Adarsh throws his phone in frustration..!!

To be continued………….

Precap : Do u guys want SwaSan romance ???

Hey guys sorry for the short update..!! Nd guys an impo note my school is reopening at 8 so from than i ll post only on weekends..!! Nd here is today question..!! Nd this is going to be the easiest question i have ever asked..!!

¡ will SwaSan able to get Ishu back..??
¡¡ U want SwaSan or SwaSanShu..??

Answer me..!! Babye..!!

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