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Note : Read the A/N must..!! Red mail :-P..!! Ok nd dont kill me after reading the worst flashback..!!

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Episode starts from Swara is still standing there in utter shock..!! Her trance got broke by Varun’s scream..!! ” Sanskar..!! Ruko yaar plzzz..!! ” said avarun nd burst out in crying..!! Swara goes to him nd made him stand..!! ” Are u ok Varun..!! ” asked Swara..!!

Varun nods..!! ” Varun how fo u know Sanskar..!! ” asked Swara with curiousity..!! ” Swara first tell me do u know..!! Where Sanskar is plzz..!! Tell me i wanna meet him plzzz..!! ” said Varun almost crying while folding his hands..!!

Swara nods as she cant see her frnd like this..!! Varun whispers a thank u nd drags Swara to his car..!! Smiling in btw his tears..!! Swara instructs Varun the way to Sanskar’s home..!! They reached there in half an hour..!!

SwaRun entered in as a storm nd gets shocked to see Sanskar had already packed his stuffs nd having a suitcase in his one hand and Ishu in another arm..!! Swara looks at him teary eyed..!! Sanskar puts Ishu down..!!

” papa who is that boy..!! Jamun after all u tell na who is he..!! ” asked the inoccent soul trying to understand whats going on..!! SwaSanRun looked at Ishu..!! Sanskar held Varun’s collar ” this is waht u want na..!! ” asked Sanskar with a rage eyes..!!

” Sank..!! ” before Varun complete Sanskar held him more tighter ” Dont u dare to take my name..!! U spinless creature..!! ” saying so Sanskar pushed him..!! ” Sanskar..!! ” Swara xclaimed..!! ” Swara plzz..!! U dont interfear in this matter..!! ” said Sanskar..!!

Swara’s world shattered at the moment..!! ” Now what u want..!! Do u came here to prove who u r..!! Than thank u soo much u did it now u can go..!! ” saying so Sanskar folds his hands..!! ” Sanskar plzz..!! Let me..!! ” Varun words cutted by Sanskar..!!

” Get out of here Varun..!! ” said Sanskar..!! ” sansk..!! ” before he could complete Sanskar holds his neck ” I said Get the hell out of here Mr.Varun Mishra..!! ” saying so Sanskar pushes him out of the house nd closes the door in his face..!! Swara was still in shock..!!

Sanskar looks at her..!! He slowly walks towards her with guilt filled eyes..!! He goes near her he was about to hold her hands..!! Someone knocked the door..!! ” I wont leave u today Mr.Mishra..!! ” saying so he a took a vase nd opens the door..!! He was about to hit the man but stops..!!

Sanskar whispers ” Bhaiya..!! ” Adarsh is standing there at the door step with full rage..!! Sanskar puts the near in the table nd walks backward..!! While Adarsh walks forward..!! SwaShu was puzzled by seeing their reactions..!! Sanskar stops near Swara..!! ” Bhaiya..!! Wo..!! Me i can xpl..!! ” before he could complete Thapadd..!!

Adarsh slaps Sanskar again nd again nd again..!! Blood came from corner of his lips..!! ” sir plzz..!! ” saying so Swara came inbtw SanRsh..!! Ishu came nd hugs Sanskar from his legs nd sobs little being scared of the happenings..!! Sanskar took her in his arms..!!

” Swara move..!! ” said Adarsh..!! While Swara nods in no..!! ” I said move..!! ” saying so Adarsh pushed her..!! Swara’s head hits on the table corner..!! “Swara..!! ” Sanskar shouts..!! Nd was about to run towards her..!! Before that Adarsh grabs Ishu from his hands..!!

” Bhaiya..!! ” Sanskar shouts..!! ” Papa..!! Papa..!! Uncle leave me..!! Haaaaaann..!! Papa..!! ” Ishu cries while trying to get out of Adarsh’s grip..!! Sanskar fell on his knees nd folds his hands..!! ” Bhaiya plzz..!! I m sry i should not pretend like that..!!

But i cant live without my Daughter..!! Bhaiya plzz..!! Plzz bhaiya..!! ” Sanskar cries holding Adarsh leg..!! Adarsh kicks him..!! Sanskar fell on ground..!! Swara runs to Sanskar nd holds his shoulder..!! ” U cheater..!! I trusted u..!! Coz of that only i leaved ur niece with u..!!

I thought u were inoccent..!! But no u r worst than that both..!! Dare u again come infront of me..!! ” saying so Adarsh walks out while Ishu continuously crying , shouting papa..!! Nd beating Adarsh..!! Sanskar cried sitting in floor..!! Adarsh took Ishu from there..!!

Swara make him stand..!! Sanskar is crying looking down..!! Swara holds his chin..!! Made him look into her eyes..!! With in a fraction of seconds..!! Sanskar hugs her nd cries out loud..!! Swara hugs him back as he need a shoulder now..!!


Swara is sitting in the couch..!! Sanskar is sleeping in her lap duet the crying..!! Swara caressing his hairs..!! A clock strikes at 6..!! Duet the ring sound of clock..!! Sanskar wokeup..!! He jerks seeing himself in Swara’s lap..!! He getsup nd sits on the other side of couch..!!

” I m sorry..!! Wo..!! ( sees the clock ) Its 6 Swara u go to home..!! I ll manage..!! ” said Sanskar..!! Swara moves nd sites beside him she holds his one hand..!! Sanskar looks into her eyes..!! ” Jamun..!! Call me Jamun..!! ” said Swara..!! Sanskar smiles inbtw his sobs..!! He holds her both hands in his nd kisses it murmuring a Sorry with teary eyed..!!

Swara hugs him letting her tears flow..!! Sanskar feels his shoulder getting wet..!! He parts nd cups her face..!! ” Jamun plzz..!! Y r u crying..!! Its me who should cry..!! ” said Sanskar..!! ” Nhi..!! Jamun plzz..!! ” said Sanskar..!!

Swara wipes her tears nd parts ” Sanskar plzzz..!! If u consider me as ur friend..!! Than plzz share ur pain with me..!! ” said Swara..!! Sanskar nods nd looks at the ground..!! ” Varun Mishra..!! He is my spineless brother nd Son of our So called father Ashok Mishra..!!

Varun loves my Friend , dear friend Kavitha..!! He asked permission from my So called father for marrying her..!! He asked time to take decision we thought he will accept..!! But that man shared this with his friend Shekar Malik..!! He is the one Shona..!! Coz of him only this all are happening..!!

He wants his daughter to marry Varun..!! So that their properties will be with them..!! My So called father also agrees for this..!! They secreatly asked Kavitha for leaving Varun..!! But Kavi is pregenent with Varun’s child..!!
She refused..!! Shekar & Ashok sent mens to kill Kavitha..!!

But i cant see my Friend is getting killed by some Sinful brains..!! I asked my spinless brother to elope nd marry Kavi but as i said he is spinless..!! He is affaird..!! After knowing that Kavi is carrying my bhai’s child i cant leave her like that..!!

So for saving her i married her..!! But Mr.Mishra dont allowed me in his house..!! So i left everything..!! Adarsh bhaiya also didnt like this marriage..!! But for his sister’s sake he didnt said anything..!!

He hates me u know..!! Nd at delivery Kavitha died..!! Adarsh bhaiya MU me that i killed her..!! He thought to take Ishu with him..!! I cant leave her after seeing her..!! So i pretended to be a mad..!! So he get pity on me nd leaved Ishu with me..!!

Nd till now that Shekar & Ashok is searching us for killing Ishu..!! If Ishu is alive then one part of Mishra property will be hers..!! This all are coz of that Shekar only..!! Shona..!! Ur So called father..!! But i m sure i m not gonna leave that bastard Shekar..!! This is coz of him nd his money mind..!! ” saying so Sanskar stamps his hands in the table..!!

Swara is teary eyed ” I m sorry Sanskar..!! This all are Coz of my So called Papa..!! Coz of him only today Ishu is not with u..!! I m sorry..!! ” saying so Swara hides her face in her palms nd cries..!! Sanskar hugs her to calm her..!! ” Shh..!! Jamun plzzz dont cry its not u..!! Shh..!! ” Sanskar hugs her nd hides her in himself..!!

To be continued………….

Precap : SwaSan action to get Ishu back..!!
Tada…!! So here i revealed the past..!! Hope i didnt bored u guys..!! Tell me ur valuable views..!! Nd Give me ur awesome comments will be waiting..!! Nd nxt part will be late coz of my Prince…!! He is here so..!! Nd VARSHU my coachings are not yet started kuttima..!!
¡ what will be SwaSan plan to get ishu back..??

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