Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai 8th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Gitanjali asking Choti Maa to ask Rajveer. He says she is overacting. She asks him to tell everything, Rajveer tried to kill Abhimanyu in battle ground, why did you do this, tell me, did you get so jealous of her, you tried to kill her. He says I loved you and even now I love you, I used to get hurt, I did not try to kill him, my gun was really jammed. She asks and today, you were going to give this injection to Priyam and kill him. Rajveer says we were going to do his polygraph test, trust me. Rishabh says listen to him once. She says no, ask him to leave and not try to meet me. She goes. Rajveer says she misunderstood me. Rishabh says then go and explain her, else you will lose her forever. Rajveer goes to explain Gitanjali. Priyam stops him and asks him to go, as

she is his Gaura.

Rajveer says you are not doing this right. Priyam says I know what I m doing, just leave, don’t come to meet her again. Kavya sees Rajveer. He asks do you trust them, did you come to say I should leave. He leaves. Gitanjali recalls Priyam’s words. She thinks everything is getting blurred, everyone is coming in doubt circle, don’t know who was Abhimanyu’s friend and enemy, who is behind your murder. She sees someone and goes to see.

She goes to see and recalls its the man who took the guard. She hides and sees the man with a knife. She gets shocked. The box opens and all the best sound plays. The man runs. She asks him to stop. Choti Maa and everyone come. Gitanjali says someone was here. Rishabh asks Sevakram to go and see. Gitanjali says I have seen coming from Chanda’s room. Chanda says I was sleeping, none came to my room. Gitanjali says I have seen him, he covered himself by a shawl, he had knife in hand, he has worn same bangle like the one who helped the guard to run away.

Rishabh asks what are you saying. She says a guard shot at me. He asks what, you have hidden such big thing from me, tell me. She tells everything. They get shocked. Kavya says you lied to me that you are going to parlor, inspector said he found the number by which I was threatened. Rishabh says I told you to leave all this, you started lying. She asks do you listen to me, would you let me go if I tell you, how will I find who killed Abhimanyu. He says you got mad, Priyam is making you mad, its serious, someone shot you. He asks Munshi about guards. Munshi says he has run away, police is finding him. Rishabh says now I trust no one, my sister is my responsibility, she is getting trapped, who can do this.

Gitanjali recalls the kada and thinks who was that man, why did he come here, is anyone from haveli behind. Sevakram asks Chanda who was there in your room at night. Chanda says no one. He says she is lying. She argues and goes. The other servant scares Sevakram about the spirits. Sevakram worries.

Priyam comes to Gitanjali and asks what happened. She says I don’t know from where to start investigation. He says since beginning, what happened that day. She says Abhimanyu went to report to new unit. He says I did not know it was a plan that driver offered me lift, my jeep was damaged by someone I don’t know, maybe that driver did that. She asks why will Radheshyam do this. He asks her to ask Radheshyam. She asks how, even he got killed along with Abhimanyu. He says no, just Abhimanyu died in that accident, I was driving the car while return, not Radheshyam.

FB shows Abhimanyu seeing the driver doing something under the car. He asks what are you doing. Radheshyam says petrol was leaking, I was making it right, I can’t drop you home, I have to fix my sister’s relation, don’t tell Rishabh, else I will lose my job. Abhimanyu says don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone, think well and fix relation. He sees Radheshyam smiling and waves him. Priyam says I saw something in his eyes and did not think, I did not know he failed car brakes. She asks why did you not tell me big thing till now. He says I thought you would doubt on me and scold me, Rajveer was going to kill me, now you know who is with you and who aren’t, Radheshyam did not die. She says Radheshyam killed Abhimanyu. He says what enmity he has with me, maybe there is someone else’s mind behind it, go and ask him.

She goes to Chanda and shuts door. Chanda asks why are you shutting door. Gitanjali says don’t lie, you are working here since many years, I love you like my younger sister, tell me who was there in your room, I know someone was there, did he shoot me. Chanda says no, its nothing like that. Gitanjali scolds her and asks her what is she hiding, whom is she saving, who is he, why is she lying. Chanda shouts Choti Maa, Gitanjali asks her to say who comes to meet me, servants or your husband Radheshyam, don’t shout, Radheshyam did not drive the car on return, he is alive, he failed Abhimanyu’s car brakes. Chanda shouts.

Gitanjali says Radheshyam knows who is the murderer, I have to meet him, just he knows the truth of Abhimanyu’s death. Choti Maa comes. Chanda says Gitanjali got mad, Radheshyam died. Gitanjali says you got mad, Radheshyam is alive and came to meet her at night. Chanda swears he is dead. Choti Maa asks what are you saying, he died, Chanda is his widow. Gitanjali says you are denying the truth, some game is happening here, I know Radheshyam is alive and truth will come out.

Chanda tells Rishabh that Gitanjali sees spirits. Sevakram says even I see spirits. Rishabh shouts enough, get out illiterate, its all blind faith. Sevakram says we will leave the house, get this house Shuddi done. Rishabh says no tantric will come here. Sevakram says I can’t risk my life, give me leave. Rishabh scolds him. Kavya says we will think. Chanda asks them to do pind daan. Choti Maa agrees. Rishabh says I don’t understand this blind belief. Chanda says you can do this for Abhimanyu as well. Choti maa says fine, Rishabh will do pind daan, you all go. Rishabh asks what will we get doing this. She says atleast their illusion will end, if Abhimanyu took rebirth as Priyam, why is Gitanjali seeing Abhimanyu, both things can’t happen. Kavya says yes, she is right, we want Gitanjali to come out of her imagination world. Rishabh says yes, one blind belief will break other blind belief. Kavya says Gitanjali won’t let us do this till Priyam is there. Rishabh says Gitanjali should not hear this. Priyam hears them and runs. Rishabh says Priyam has heard everything, Kavya go and stop him before he tells Gitanjali. Kavya stops Priyam. He says I have to talk to Gaura. She says she is sleeping, go and sleep, talk to her in morning, you also know, the morning will be tough for her. He goes. She goes to Gitanjali. She asks what are you doing. Gitanjali says I m drawing the bangle/kada which I have seen in that guy’s hand, I may forget it, you all don’t believe me, I have to do this to explain you all and prove me right, why don’t you believe me, you know me, you think I suddenly got mad, its okay, when you all see it, you will know I was not fool, you all were fools, just go now.

Kavya thinks Gitanjali is getting mad and smiles. She adds a pill in water and asks Gitanjali to have water and sleep. Gitanjali drinks water. Kavya asks her to rest now. She makes Gitanjali sleep. She tells Choti Maa that Gitanjali will wake up late. She taunts Choti Maa. Choti Maa asks her not to say anything, even walls have ears, its late, go and rest, its going to be big drama tomorrow. Kavya goes. Choti Maa locks Gitanjali’s door.

Its morning, Gitanjali wakes up and sees the time. She says how did I sleep till late today. Priyam knocks the door and asks her to open the door. She says its locked from outside. He opens the door and says Rishabh and everyone went to do Abhimanyu’s pind daan, stop them. She gets shocked.

Rishabh does the puja. The pandit guides him the rituals. Kavya sees the time. She sees Chanda. Gitanjali and Priyam are on the way. She asks him not to worry, they will teach on time. Pandit asks Rishabh to do dhyaan and take Abhimanyu’s name. Rishabh enters the river to do rituals. Gitanjali and Priyam reach there. Gitanjali shouts to them. She asks them to stop. She asks Rishabh how can you do pind daan of Abhimanyu, he is alive, its against rituals. Priyam smiles. She says he is between us as Priyam. Choti Maa asks her not to get mad. Priyam says you said Radheshyam died, his pind daan should be done also, his soul will not be seen, Gaura will get peace, right Chanda. Gitanjali says yes, why are you not doing his pind daan. Chanda worries and says no.

Gitanjali says you said he died, his spirit will scare us. Choti Maa asks why are forcing her. Gitanjali gets Chanda to the river and says why, his spirit should also get peace. She asks pandit to chant mantras, its necessary. Chanda says no.

Chanda faints. Rishabh holds her and asks her to get up. Choti Maa says she fainted by your pressure, what will you get by proving Radheshyam is alive. Doctor checks Chanda. She says she is fine, this happens in this state, she is pregnant. They get shocked. Choti Maa asks are you sure, her husband is dead. Gitanjali asks Chanda are you pregnant, is doctor wrong, we all are fools, how long will you lie, the world knows it now that Radheshyam is alive, I don’t want to force you, tell me where is he. Choti Maa asks her to stop it. Gitanjali asks who made you pregnant, whose sin is it, if Radheshyam is dead. Choti Maa slaps Gitanjali and says Chanda is pregnant, stop it, don’t create a scene. Gitanjali says ask her, does she have any affair, what’s the truth, what is she hiding. Choti Maa takes Gitanjali. Gitanjali says I will know the truth. Priyam looks on and smiles.

Choti Maa says you are not seeing Chanda’s pain. Gitanjali says you slapped me in front of everyone for her, you are taking her side, you are with Chanda, you are not understanding. Choti Maa asks what, you are doubting on me. Gitanjali says yes, you are giving me a reason, what are you hiding from me, you know something which I don’t know, I have to know it, look at me and tell me what is it, I will know truth today. Choti Maa says yes, I know all secrets that are hidden behind all the doors, if it comes out, all family respect will end, you know the shameless things happened in the locked doors of this haveli, all the men try to support the helpless widows. Gitanjali asks her who has done this, tell me. Choti Maa says Rishabh. Gitanjali gets shocked. She asks what did you say. She cries. She asks did Rishabh father Chanda’s child. Choti Maa asks her to get quiet, you don’t know how many women’s cry are hidden behind these haveli walls, you could have not tolerated if the walls spoke.

Priyam knocks on the walls and talks. Rishabh hears him and gets disturbed. He shouts who is it. He asks Priyam to go and play game out. Priyam says I m not playing alone, my friends are here, locked in these walls. Rishabh asks what nonsense, who is here. Priyam asks him to play with him. Rishabh says I m not interested. Priyam says you have no courage to hear them, check and see, try to hear the walls, are you scared being a Rajput. Rishabh gets angry and tries to hear the voice from the walls. He says its not there. Priyam says knock and see, ask this way, who is inside. Rishabh tries as he says. He hears someone saying, its me Ragini. Rishabh gets shocked.

Gitanjali asks what’s your relation with Chanda, did you father her child. Rishabh shouts. She asks who is this Ragini, tell me.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. This show is getting so boring now …. Even the writers don’t know what they r showing ..gaura sees someone others don’t see … Others see something and gaura misunderstands…. God I’m gonna stop watching it now otherwise I’ll be mad ….

  2. Hats off to Star Plus for giving this show!!! It is not just a serial now, it is like playing a mind game. Almost every character has grey shades. After all those family dramas & supernatural stuffs, a genuinely intriguing thriller like this was much needed. It has all those things which make a good show: unique storyline, intelligent writing, fast paced screenplay, dark characters, good acting, good camerawork; everything!!!! Each episode is getting more & more interesting with so many twists & turns.

  3. I think it chot maa who kill a bhimanu

  4. it is giving a huge suspense I will die ?

  5. Now I am sure Abhimanyu is alive
    Ragini is Priyam’s mom and Abhi’s elder sister
    This are all plans by Abhimanyu for revenge
    Since Rishab and Choti Maa are shown grey therefore is am sure they are not the original culprit , and related to Rajveer and Kavya another mystery is related
    And one more thing Ragini is Definitely Rishab’s wife whom Rishab killed and now Abhi and Priyam is here for revenge
    And Chanda is very suspicious

  6. Yarrr…What a stupid serial it isss….Hating this alot week by week…..Please writers think about some things which has nice content and interesting…Watching this serial u know literally increases my frustration levels….That small kid acting is nice but that character is so badddd…..That wicked smileee …..shitt thinking about that itself making me.to get amgryyy…..Writers please think about viewers once u are writing the stories…..Itni bewakooof maat banaowo logom kooo

  7. I think it’s chotimaa who has killed Abimanyu

  8. Loving the serial more & more and day by day. Following it on Hotstar…Keep it up!

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