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The Episode starts with Rishabh doing a self polygraph test. He starts saying his name. He says I m the real heir of this house. The machine beeps long. Rishabh says this is truth, stupid machine, I did a lot for this family’s respect and name, even its for friendship or enmity. The machine beeps to show his lie. He says shut up you stupid machine, you don’t know what’s truth and lies, enter my veins and know my love for sister, my promise to my father, what’s my efforts, is it true or false.

Rishabh says my ancestors residing in these walls and clocks are witness of my loneliness, pain and crime guilt I m bearing for my family. He cries. The clocks ring. He says Abhimanyu and goes to hold the clock. He says I know its you behind all this, my sister stopped trusting me, you did

not leave us even after death, Priyam’s lie will come out in front of everyone. He calls Rajveer and says I checked your machine, its fine, come tomorrow, we will see how much Priyam’s words have truth or lie. He recalls Gitanjali’s words. He says a toy made you sure of Abhimanyu’s murder lie, now a toy will break your belief, see Priyam what happens tomorrow.

Its morning, Choti Maa goes to Gitanjali’s room and sees the pictures and papers on the floor. Gitanjali in sleep says I don’t know who has killed Abhimanyu, and framed Rishabh. Choti Maa thinks I just saw Kavya in this state before, now Gitanjali is in this state. Gitanjali wakes up. Choti Maa asks what happened. Gitanjali says I don’t know, all ways are getting closed, I reach dead one after getting hopes. Choti Maa asks her to forget this, why are you risking your life.

Gitanjali asks how to forget this knowing Abhimanyu was murdered, you want me to leave all this. Choti Maa says thinks got dangerous, Gopal’s murder is not a small thing. Gitanjali says exactly, even Abhimanyu’s murder is not a small thing, I loved him, whoever the culprit is, if he has killed Abhimanyu, I will reach him, even if I die in finding this, I don’t care. Choti Maa sees the chart.

Rishabh goes to Priyam. Priyam wakes up and greets him. Rishabh greets him as Captain Abhimanyu and asks him to be ready for the fight, truth or dare game, come. Priyam asks what will you do. Rishabh says its a surprise, you like giving surprises, you said you are Abhimanyu and told all the memories, then you surprised by saying murder truth, its your turn now, come on, get ready, all the best. Priyam worries.

Gitanjali comes from bath and opens cupboard. She gets shocked seeing Priyam and asks what’s this new game, come out. Priyam says I m scared of Rishabh. She asks what happened. Priyam says Rishabh thinks I pushed him down, he can kill me. She says I know you and Rishabh don’t like each other, its your mistake also, you always make him angry. Priyam says Rishabh gets angry always and his face looks balloon. She says sometimes you talk mature and sometimes like a kid, I feel like two persons stay in one body. She gets inspector’s call. Inspector says we got the number details. She asks details. Inspector tells her that he will send location to her. She says I will reach soon. She asks Priyam to go, she has to get ready and go urgently. He says I will come along. She says no, that place is not safe for kids.

He says I m not safe here, Rishabh may kill me, please. Chanda takes breakfast for Rishabh. He sings song and is happy. He sits eating food and stops sensing Priyam. Gitanjali comes and says I need to talk, you were annoyed with me that I doubt on you, today I m leaving Priyam with you all day, I have to go out. Rishabh jokes to scare Priyam.

Gitanjali stops Priyam and asks him to stop scaring Priyam. She says you won’t wish to harm a kid, I know, so please stop playing this way. He agrees. She asks Priyam to get toys and books in Rishabh’s room, will you not listen to me. Priyam goes. Gitanjali thinks she can go with peace, its next clue of Abhimanyu’s murder. She thanks Rishabh. He asks where are you going. She says I have to go parlor and have to do shopping. He says I can’t take risk, you can’t go alone.

She asks what shall I do. Choti Maa says no, Rishabh said about security guards, I arranged them. Gitanjali asks are you serious. Rishabh says yes, if anything thinks to attack on you, he won’t be alive, go with guards or don’t go, your wish, your life is valuable to us. Gitanjali agrees and leaves. Rishabh asks did Munshi come. Choti Maa says yes and calls him. Rishabh asks Munshi about security guards, are they reliable. Munshi says yes. Rishabh says its about my sister, she is the heir of this haveli and owner of property, nothing should happen to her. Munshi nods and goes out to Choti Maa.

Gitanjali along with guards reaches some place and calls inspector to ask. She asks about location. He says we got that location, we are reaching. She sees telephone booth and goes to check. Guards ask her to wait. She says don’t come after me. She says this old like its not used since many years, will this open or not. She opens the door and goes in to check. An old man asks what do you want. She gets scared and screams.

Chanda asks Priyam to come in, and be with Rishabh, we all have work and have to go. Rishabh asks what happened, you are scared of me, Abhimanu was not a coward. Priyam says you are saying right, Abhimanyu was not scared and he is not scared. Rishabh says you do good acting and claps. He says you won Gitanjali’s sympathy, right. Priyam says wrong, you won more of her sympathy, afterall you are blind. Rishabh gets angry and holds him. Priyam says if anything happens to me, Gaura will ask you. Rishabh says you will bear it soon. He gets Rajveer’s call and asks him to come soon. Priyam asks why are you calling Rajveer. Rishabh says I told you its a surprise, sit.

The old man says you got shocked, come out. Gitanjali asks guards to go. The old man asks are you finding something. She says I came to call. He asks in this mobile times, you came to call, tell me truth. She says I m finding something about the call. The old man says the phone owner died 6 years before, number is not in use. Gitanjali asks how can this happen, I got call from this number yesterday. He says maybe govt gave this number to someone else. She says maybe, can I check directory. He says fine, be careful, there can be snake. She says okay.

She checks directory. Someone aims at her. Directory falls and she bends. Someone shoots at PCO and glass breaks. She screams. Priyam’s pencil box falls. Rishabh asks what are you doing. Priyam says I m making a drawing of a tree and grave. Rishabh asks whose grave. Priyam says I don’t know. Rishabh says who knows then, its your drawing. Priyam says maybe you know, hear the clocks and maybe you will know whose grave is it. Rajveer comes. Rishabh asks why did you come late. Rajveer says I m coming, tell me.

Rishabh says Gitanjali is not at home, its right time. Rajveer asks what do you want to do. Rishabh says you know, go and prepare. He asks Priyam will he play game with them and lifts him. Priyam asks him to leave and screams. Chanda asks Rishabh what is he doing. Rishabh shuts the door. Sevakram asks what happened. Chanda says Rishabh took Priyam inside, Choti Maa, Kavya and Gitanjali are not at home. Guards run to Gitanjali. She gets tensed. Old man asks who shot the bullet. She says don’t know, there is no one here. Old man says except them, they have pistol in hand. A guard aims gun at her. Other guard asks the first guard to lower the gun.

Rishabh shoots in air and asks Chanda to go, and not knock door. Chanda says open the door. Rishabh says get lost. Chanda says how can we leave Priyam, he is a kid. She calls Gitanjali. Guard says if Rishabh knows, he will kill you. The goon/guard does not listen. Gitanjali asks why are you doing this, tell me, is this related to Abhimanyu’s death. Old man hits goon/guard. Police comes and goon runs away.

Rajveer says we are not harming you, we want do a test. Priyam says leave me. Rishabh says we said we won’t harm you. He aims gun and says if you move now, I will kill you. Rajveer says we can’t do his test, he is much scared, results won’t come right, I will talk to army doctor. He calls doctor and asks for help. He says subject is in hyper condition, is there any solution. Doctor says its not suitable to do test in this state. Rajveer says test can’t be avoided. Doctor tells him the injection to calm patient, and tells dose. Rajveer asks is patient is under 18, a minor then…. Doctor says don’t joke, this medicine is dangerous for minor, he can lose life, what’s his age. Rajveer recalls Priyam’s words.

Doctor asks again. Rajveer says patient’s age is 32 years old. Doctor says fine. Police and Gitanjali run after the goon. She stops and gets tired. She sees someone pulling the goon and tells inspector. She gets Chanda’s call. Chanda says Rishabh and Rajveer took Priyam to room forcibly and locked him, he is crying and shouting, come soon. Gitanjali says I m coming.

Priyam asks what’s this. Rishabh says injection, Rajveer will this harm Priyam, did you talk to doctor, Gitanjali gave his responsibility to me. Rajveer recalls Priyam’s words. He says if you agree to us, I won’t give injection, else I will. Priyam shouts leave me, no. Gitanjali comes home and asks Chanda. Chanda says they are inside. Gitanjali knocks door and goes by back door. She asks what’s happening. Priyam runs and hugs her. She asks what were you doing. Priyam says they are trying to give me injection and kill me. Gitanjali asks what’s this injection. Rajveer says I was just scaring him. She asks why, what’s happening. Rishabh says we wanted to do his polygraph test to know he is saying truth or lie.

She scolds them and asks Rishabh to ask him what he wants to know. Rishabh says he is fraud, he is making stories. Priyam says they are fraud, I will tell truth, they are hiding truth. Rajveer asks what nonsense. Priyam reminds an incident of war to Rajveer. FB shows Abhimanyu and Rajveer preparing to fight with enemies. Abhimanyu makes plan and asks Rajveer to cover fire, his life is in Rajveer’s hands now. Abhimanyu’s goes ahead and shouts to Rajveer to cover fire. Abhimanyu gets shot in his hand. FB ends. Priyam says I would have died in that war, why did you not cover fire. Rajveer says my gun was jammed. Priyam argues with him and says you could not bear that Gaura loves Abhimanyu, even today you wanted to kill me, knowing you can’t get Gaura as Abhimanyu came back. Rajveer says its a lie, he is lying, he knows you are emotionally weak, so he is using this, you know me since childhood, you think I can do this, can I do this with Abhimanyu. Gitanjali cries and slaps him. Kavya comes and looks on. Priyam smiles.

Gitanjali says Choti Maa, Rajveer tried to kill Abhimanyu in battle ground. Priyam asks did you not listen what Gaura said, she does not want to meet you. Rajveer asks who are you to stop me. Priyam says she is not Gitanjali, she is Gaura. Kavya says I did as Rishabh said and gave sleeping medicine to Gitanjali.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Can’t wait for watching next epi..?

  2. The show stealers are rishabh and priyam. What an acting. They are doing a great job..they are well ahead of all other actors in the show in terms of acting..they just steal the screen. Want more n more of their scenes.

  3. Naz ,is it a coincidence that not only our thinking but even experiences are similar.Just now I have comeback from work and. though busy and tired ,i want to share my similar experiences with you.In all these 25 years after my dear father’s death. I have n’t shared this with my husband as he doesn’t believe in these things and even with my sister,who. being,an Anatomy professor,doesn’t even entertain these ideas.

    We are four siblings and like you Naz I am the eldest and very much attached to my father..Just after two years of my marriage, all of a sudden he suffered cardiac arrest and expired,Except me every one was there :sister brother-in-law,my two brothers and I,being married to an Armyofficer,could not even reach for his funeral,because the connecting road to Srinagar got blocked for four days due to landslides and by the time we reached after a week,everything was over.Naz I felt guilty like hell,and fell sick with fever.That complete one week when I was in bed I felt his presence beside me and one evening I even felt his touch on my forehead . From then on for 12 years whenever I was in severe stress I used to feel his comforting presence .After that it stopped.Recently two years back,I was hospitalised with Dengue fever and i became critical.Believe me ,Naz,on the fifth night.the temp shot up to 105 and when I woke up all hot and shivering ,the nurse,who was supposed to be there,was not there and when i started crying helplessly ,I felt the presence of both my father and mother and even saw them sitting on the next empty bed.Ofcourse hallucinations are very normal in such high fevers but when I was drifting back into sleep ,the nurse came ,got alarmed at such high fever and all the Hungama started.After 2 weeks I was discharged and when I shared this with my husband he said that high fevers cause hallucinations.He may be right but Iknow that night my parents came to be with me as I became critical.

    Naz though I respect and believe in science there are many things in this world that are beyond scientific reasoning but yet are true.My father who himself was a surgeon and a nonbeliever In superstition used to say that births and deaths always intrigued him,as the doctors do’t know what is THAT that is leaving the body after which the body becomes useless and WHAT is that that is signalling the baby to come out of the womb.Can science explain this?
    Coming to our serial ,I think now there are no doubts that Abhi is dead and Priyom is his reincarnation.It is not possible for a 6 year old to talk about complex Defence procedures like decommissions and court martials.
    Naz ,have you read abouta1930s Sarladevi’s reincarnation case.We ,Hindus ,believe in reincarnation.What about Islam.Naz?

    1. I agree with u dii?

  4. No Lakshmi, I haven’t read Sarladevi’s case as yet but I have made a note of it and I will read very soon. You know something, people meet for a reason, events occur for a purpose but I remember months ago,I received a reply to one of my comments on ETRETR forum from you where you told me that you’ve been reading my comments and found them interesting and there and then we formed a link to each other and started exchanging ideas,thoughts, views on various issues and shared personal interests as well. I’m a Muslim and while a muslim’s perspective on life and the hearafter differ on some aspects of death, the topic is still not conclusive in my book. Science has been trying to explain the mystery of life and death for ages. Islam teaches us that after death, is the day of reckoning and that our souls are existing on a certain level between those two events, called the “state of barzakh” ,where when all of mankind cease to breathe, we face our Creator to atone for our deeds on this earth. I also am fascinated with the concept of life,death and the universe…no other topic holds my undivided attention such as these. I’m not scholar but I have my own views on these phenomenas …..it’s too much to write, I can see that both of us think along the same veins but life and death are intricately woven together and I think other than what I’ve been taught, something fascinating occurs in that state of barzakh…..both of our experiences with our fathers, answers and comforts us in a profound way that no one else will believe….one has to experience it to understand.

  5. Lakshmi, both my mother and father in law passed away right in front of my very own eyes. I say that with 100% accuracy. While he stood next to me as she took her last breath , I was alone with him when he took his and I have to say…..MY GOD…..what an experience and what a privilege !! Nothing in this world prepares you for such a moment….nothing……I was the last bahu in a family of 12 kids, so I lived with the in laws, they were old…both 70’s….the house was massive and too dark for my taste, with two kids 2 and 3 yrs old and in my 20’s……but at my age, to actually hear the exhale of the last breath and see the eyes fade into nothingness, is a spiritual awakening and a fantastic experience. I believe that at that moment, in that huge dark house, I became fearless, something strengthened me , I didn’t feel any fear, I believe the Almighty Creator literally took away all fear from my heart, mind and soul. To this day, at 52 yrs of age, I’m the person who embraces all knowledge of the concept of life and death and what occurs after we leave this earth, will always fascinate me….when we are conceived and live in our mother’s womb for the stipulated time, we hear sounds and feel touch, but doesn’t know what awaits us, the baby’s mind don’t comprehend that he or she is there for only a time and has to leave that cocoon one day but then eventually does and when we enter this world, time plays a pivotal role where ,try as much as we can, when we are able to think beyond our formulative years, we can NEVER remember what it felt like living in the wombs of our mother. Similarly, we don’t know what awaits us after death occurs, we don’t know how or what the souls sees between the partition of life and death and when we pass through, I suspect that while we have become divorced from the material world , we have a spiritual link to the ones we’ve left behind, this could explain the experiences we both have had. The mother’s navel on her stomach is our link to her and our spiritual existence is our link to our departed ones, from here and from there. This is my understanding. I hope I didn’t bore anyone, if I did, my apologies, I do like to share my thoughts though. Thanks for reading my dear friend, Lakshmi. We are friends for a reason………

  6. Naz,thank you for sharing those unique experiences with us.How can they be boring?I have read each and every single word and I must admit that only a few people might have witnessed what you experienced.And I can imagine you ,all alone ,in a massive house with your father in law when he took his last breath,anybody could have frozen in fear but as you said that is when our faith in the almighty god comes to our aid.Coming to faiths and beliefs ,Naz,we believe that the umbelical chord connects the baby not only to the mother but to its previous birth memories ,once it is cut,the baby cries and takes a new birth forgetting the previous one.But in some very rare cases those memories are also retained which we call reincarnation. I am happy this serial is giving us an exceptional opportunity to ponder onthe two basics of our existence:life and death.Compared to these ,remaining are all frivolous issues.Let us see to what all realms this serial takes us.

  7. Yep, we shall see what unfolds. As I write, Madhumati is showing right at this moment on ZEETV Caribbean.

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