Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai 27th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai 27th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Gitanjali hugging Abhimanyu. He says Gaura…. She recalls his words. Humko mili aaj ye….plays….. He holds her face and gets angry. He says strange, you lie well, tell me why are you doing this, why are you trying to come close. She says I was trying to share your sorrow. He asks are you trying to trap me, don’t come close to me, go from here. She goes and cries.

She thinks the one who has cheated me, I was trying to go close to him, the relations cheated me. Choti Maa asks Kavya not to make her loss. Kavya asks what do I have now, no name, family, respect and love, I will marry Rajveer and get this property on my name by snatching it, none can stop me. Choti Maa says they are dangerous. Kavya says I know planning like you, you can’t stop me,

you lost this right, you don’t know what’s a mum. Choti Maa asks her to please listen. Kavya leaves. She sees Gitanjali crying.

She says these tears and sorrow, why are you worried, did Abhimanyu not get trapped, it would be painful to go to him, you hate him and he hates you, you can’t do anything, we have less time, transfer property papers on my name, else I will expose you, saving Rishabh’s life is your responsibility. She shows Rishabh’s video. Gitanjali asks Kavya to stop Munshi. Kavya says you have less time, its my haldi tomorrow.

Gitanjali sees Rishabh and cries. Munshi says you changed a lot, you don’t know anything about the world, you learnt to fight with cheat, your parents would have got proud of you. She says they would have got ashamed of you, you are trying to kill Rishabh for some money, you promised loyalty. He says I m not doing this for money, till you don’t write property to Kavya, you can’t meet Rishabh. She says I m meeting Rishabh to know if he is fine, else Kavya won’t get anything. He says Rishabh’s life is in your hands now. He sends her. She sees Rishabh and worries. She sees Rishabh’s pulse getting low. She rubs his hands. He gets normal. She thinks Rishabh needs me, I m here, this game got much complicated, I will not fall weak, I will take revenge.

Choti Maa drinks wine. Abhimanyu comes to her and stops. She says you are weak to think others weak. Gitanjali thinks I m not weak. Rajveer calls Gitanjali and says we will tell police about Rishabh’s life in risk. She says no, if we tell them inspector is on our side, this game will end, it just started. Choti Maa says you started this game. Abhimanyu says yes, but you tried to kill Chamki. She says I did not, many lives will go now, maybe of Kavya too. He asks Kavya?

Gitanjali says I know Kavya well, someone is using Kavya, its not Munshi or Choti Maa, someone is cheating even Abhimanyu, I have no idea. Choti Maa says you are really Abhimanyu of this Mahabharat, you don’t know the planning, its a big plan, you were used and made to do a crime. He asks who has used me. She says I can’t tell you more. She goes. Priyam looks on.

Choti Maa goes to her room. She goes to washroom. Priyam comes there. He says we were playing a game before, it was left, we will complete it today, don’t worry, no chandelier will fall in this game, someone else is there in our game. She sees someone and gets shocked.

Kavya’s haldi goes on. She says I don’t like yellow flowers, change it before next function.She asks Rajveer where was he, is she looking good. She asks Gitanjali to apply haldi to him. Rajveer goes. Gitanjali applies haldi to Rajveer and says I have a plan, its dangerous, you trust me or not. He says I m worried for you, I trust you more than myself. She says I have to win Abhimanyu’s trust. He asks what do you want to do. Kavya asks Chanda about Choti Maa. Chanda says maybe she is having a bath. Kavya says she is angry and did not come in haldi.

Abhimanyu sees his room messed and takes his pistol. He sees Priyam and asks what are you doing here. Priyam says I was playing with knife. He throws the knife at the pistol. Knife sticks to the pistol. Priyam says this knife sticks to any metal. Abhimanyu recalls Chamki. Kavya and Chanda come to see Choti Maa. They don’t find her in bathroom. Kavya calls and sees Choti Maa’s phone there. She asks Chanda to see where is mum. Abhimanyu recalls Chamki.

Gitanjali comes and says I have to talk about Kavya, check the papers. He says its illegal papers, why did Kavya give this. She says don’t know, she asked me to sign. He says its written, Gitanjali names everything to Kavya. She says she said if I don’t sign, she will send you to jail by telling truth, I can’t see you in problem. He says such a big sacrifice, did you fall in love with me, even I can give a sacrifice. He signs on papers.

He holds her and says I will get my life and you. He keeps papers in her kamarbandh. Kalyani says its not first time that you saw another woman, but Ratna, I did not expect this from you. He says kings have interest in women. She asks what about promise given to me in marriage.

He says its fate of society, you will be happy by following it else I know to cut your tongue. She says if Abhimanyu knows his mum got cheated, don’t know what will he do. He says Abhimanyu also cheated his life. She asks what will you answer at Kavya’s kanyadaan time. He says I will have to answer when Kavya gets married.

Rajveer waits for Gitanjali. She comes and shows papers. She says Abhimanyu signed, as if he knew everything. Kavya comes and says Maa is nowhere. Kalyani comes. Kavya asks her where is my mum. Bhavani shouts. Kavya says you used to hate my mum, I will not leave you. Choti Maa’s earring falls down. Kavya picks it and says its of Maa. She looks upwards. They all get shocked seeing Choti Maa lying dead on the chandelier.

Kavya shouts Maa. They bring the chandelier down. Kavya apologizes. Rajveer says they are dangerous, someone is there in this game. Gitanjali runs to see Rishabh. She gets shocked seeing machine beep going flat. She does not see Rishabh. Abhimanyu asks how did you come here. She says I came to find you, someone killed Choti Maa. He asks did you kill her. She asks what, are you mad, why will I kill anyone. He says Choti Maa and Kavya wanted the property, so you took revenge, where is Rishabh. She says he is not here. He says you have hidden him, enough, don’t lie more. She says I really don’t you. Priyam looks on. He sees Rishabh and takes him to a cold storage. He sets low temperature and whistles. He attends a call and says work got over, good luck.

Bhavani asks Kalyani why did you do this, when Abhimanyu is trapped in Gitanjali’s murder case, jealousy is not good. Kalyani says why will I do this, you got benefited by her death. Inspector asks Kavya does she doubt anyone. She says leave me alone. Rajveer says your jealousy with sister made you blind, it snatched your mum, you wanted this property papers, have it. Kavya sees papers and cries. He says you don’t know people, leave them. She sees the signs disappearing. He says these people won’t leave you.

She says yes, you are right, you are fooling me. She shows the signs disappeared. He gets shocked. She says if you are not mine, I won’t let you become of Gitanjali. She tells inspector that she has doubt on Rajveer, he has killed my mum, we loved each other, my mum did not accept this relation. Rajveer gets shocked.

Abhimanyu gets Gitanjali somewhere. She asks him to leave her. She tries to run away. He says you were trying to come close, show me your love. She shouts for help. He says just my Gaura can have so much hatred. He touches the tattoo on her back and sees the wound. He says you are really Rajputani to bear so much pain, you have played a good game, you won my trust by becoming Chamki, Rajveer would have told you about fingerprints change, you learnt to fight with darkness. She says I m not your Gaura. He says I doubted seeing your eyes, I have let you play this game, enough now, you will stay with me till you give statement in court. She refuses to give statement. He says if I kill you or Rishabh…

She says you have to find Rishabh first, you can’t find him. He says you don’t know me, I will find Rishabh, now his life is in my hands. She says I can’t believe I loved you. He says you loved an enemy, like my sister loved Rishabh, he killed her. She says its a lie, he can’t kill anyone. He says you don’t know Rishabh, you don’t even ask him. He shuts her and goes. She shouts get me out of here. She opens the ropes and looks around. She looks for her wireless to contact Rajveer. She gets a call and tries getting network.

Gitanjali runs in some jungle. Abhimanyu sees the blood mark on the tree and looks for her. He points gun at her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Why the evil is always stronger and good has to suffer?????


    Toooooo much danger… and this priyam is dangerous….

    1. Hi Shraddha!!!
      Commented for the first time here.
      Sometimes I watch this show.


      Hi abhi..
      Nice to see u

  3. tania-the fairy

    Nice:episode..’RAMADAN MUBARAK’everyone.

  4. Omg!!! ? abhimanyu knows the truth about gitanjali. Going to b interesting in watching it further

  5. Ramadan Mubarak to all…. ????

  6. Oh goodness. Everything is going downhill since Kavya confronted Geetu and Rajveer in last episode. Why oh why didn’t she deny what Kavya told her , the same way she did with Abhimanyu? I’ve been saying that Kavya is a bimbo with no substance but I can see she has some uses after all. .. It sure looks like Kalyani is jealous because Bhavani has had Choti Ma as a past lover… Priyam is too much devious for a young child when he should be playing games with kids his own age…..Munshiji has proven himself to be shameless, cheating the same family he’s worked all these years, just goes to show how you can’t trust the ppl you entrust your business with. New villain in the picture and I wonder who can it be? With Priyam leaving Rishabh in such low temperature tells that he wants to kill him but who could be pulling his strings??? I can see there’s still chemistry between Geetu and Abhimanyu, they look so perfect together although I would like to see Geetu unite with Rajveer… Now, what’s with this disappearing signature? …..and I certainly don’t like how Geetu’s true identity is now confirmed with Abhimanyu, not good news. Geetu’s plans seems to be unraveling too quickly ,don’t know how good that is for the serial although we all know it’s a limited episode serial…but it’s surely happening quickly…. Kavya….is showing some brain after all….. Fast paced episode… Love it….

  7. Ramzan Kareem to everone. Very interesting indeed, that priyam is so dangerous for a little boy. I think he killed rishabh by placing him in morgue, he also saw the killer of chot maa.
    What will gitanjali do now?

  8. hi shraddha dg and tania di priyam is dangerous person and its going to be interesting as abhimanyu knows truth about geetanjali nice epi


      Yes.. but he hates geetanjali due to false truth..
      I m sure priyam and that shadow is behind cruelity b/w both families.
      And i hope geetanjali unite with rajveer who trust her fully but abhimanyu who is worthless..

  9. tania-the fairy

    Hi,shivamgi how r u.yes now it will be interesting.gitu get trapped in abhis clatch.

  10. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    I Love Resub! Feeling bad for him. He acted really well even better than Movie Kabul. Anyways one of the best thriller on Indian television.

  11. This Priyam is a spooky little guy. I feel as if this serial hinges on something sinister about him. He’s not there for show because at important and inopportune moments, he’s there. It’s so creepy and his whistle feels like a mourning theme. …I’ve fine tooth combed the characters in the serial we’ve familiarized with but can’t put my finger on who this new but already there antagonist is…. Only Priyam and his Sahib has the answer. All actors were awesome in their roles especially Geetu and Kavya and Abhimanyu. Nice tussle in the hay…..but it’s mind-boggling to know there’s someone else pulling the strings…i have no other clues to suggest another….. We might be surprised to know that the extreme villain was under our noses all this time.

  12. Guys the villain is a lookalike of abhimanyu…he is pulling the strings

    1. You could be right about that. Rishabh can’t be dead ,can he? Can’t understand how Choti Ma ended up on the chandelier, funny place to hang, they could have stuck her behind the sofa or under the table…….but Abhimanyu have a lookalike? Then this means he’s is the bigger villain with the ulterior motives but playing it safe with all of them to achieve his goal. He did tell Geetu in this episode that he’s doing what he’s doing because Rishabh did same thing with his sister, so if he’s told her the motive of his actions, then who’s dropping dead bodies around? Looks like Rishabh is dead and we see Choti Ma hanging like a chandelier herself….well, let’s see what happens tonight… So many conspiracy theories!!!!!

  13. tania-the fairy

    shradda di. I really want that.u r right naz.there r so many conspire.don’t know who is real villen.

  14. Diyaa

    Ok. Here is my theory. Ragini is not dead. She was cheated by Rishabh in some way and she is taking revenge by using Abhimanyu. There is some connection with Munshi as he said he is not doing things for money. Priyam could be Ragini and Rishabh’s son. He might be working for his mother. Bhavani might know Ragini is alive. That’s my wild goose chase??

  15. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    We love the show! It’s one of the best thriller on Indian Television. Then why it’s getting off air so early.

  16. The show is very interesting. All characters are superb. Shohaib,
    Sharad,surbhi,priyam,Rajveer each and every character has its own
    Importance.we enjoy watching the show. Please please please yaar
    Show ko offair math hone denaa.You can change the time slot of the show instead. I hope you get the best TRP.All the best .

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