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The Episode starts with Rajveer seeing Gitanjali and wishing she calms down, else Abhimanyu will know she is Gitanjali, her life can fall in risk. Rishabh is taken by hospital staff. Gitanjali worries for him. Rajveer asks security to lock doors. He asks organizer not to let anyone go out, police would be coming. Abhimanyu asks Gitanjali to come with her, he will drop her to hospital as she is Rishabh’s sister for the world. She says let me go with him, leave me. He drives off. Rajveer sees them leaving and says Gitu fell in big problem. He tries to contact her. Rajveer follows them.

Rajveer tells inspector that killer is still in party, don’t let anyone go out. Inspector questions servants. Bhavani asks him why did he get after the guests. Inspector says killer is hiding here, please

cooperate with us, we have to catch ids. Killer worries. Munshi signs him. Killer makes a man stumble and wears driver’s cap. Kalyani says he was wearing cook’s cap, when did he become driver. Inspector asks him to say. The man says you are mistaken, it was not me. Inspector slaps him and gets a cheque signed by Rishabh. He asks him to explain. Choti Maa says Rishabh hired him to kill Gitanjali. Inspector slaps killer and asks who gave this cheque. Killer names Choti Maa/Ratna.

Gitanjali asks Abhimanyu did he go mad. He asks are you scared of death. He asks her to shut up, maybe her lover is coming after her. Rajveer follows him and asks is she fine. Abhimanyu asks her did her lover teach her this acting, I will see whether love wins or hatred. She asks what is he doing. He shoots at Rajveer. Rajveer asks Gitanjali can she hear him. Abhimanyu says I don’t think he can reach us. He shoots at Rajveer’s jeep. He takes a diversion. Rajveer misses him..

Gitanjali asks where are you taking me. Abhimanyu gets her to jungle and asks him to leave her. She says you are free because of me, you will go jail if anything happens to me. He shows a knife and asks her to come. She drops clues for Rajveer. Rajveer sees tyre marks and follows. Choti Maa says he is lying. Inspector asks why is he saying your name. She asks him to go and ask Rishabh. He says fine, we will ask him if he is fine. Killer says she gave me money, I swear. She says its planning against me. Kalyani slaps her. Choti Maa asks her how dare you slap me, its enough. Kalyani says Rishabh and Ratna are together, she is greedy, he is blind, maybe she took his sign. Inspector says sorry Ratna ji, you have to come with me. Kavya defends Choti Maa. Bhavani asks do you have arrest warrant against her, I also know laws, you can’t arrest any woman like this, go and get arrest warrant. Inspector leaves Choti Maa. Kavya hugs her.

Abhimanyu lifts Gitanjali and takes her. He puts her down. She says you are doing wrong, what’s your intention, you will regret a lot. He says you talk of love, I will show you what’s love. He points a knife at her face and threatens her. She says you will regret. She gets tensed. He gets close to her to see the wound mark on her back. She recalls getting a tattoo made on her back to hide her wound mark.

She thinks if Abhimanyu catches the mark under the tattoo, everything will get over. Rajveer looks for Gitanjali and gets clues, thinking she intentionally dropped it. She thinks Abhimanyu will not leave me alive, what is he finding. Gitanjali gets over Abhimanyu and gets the knife. She threatens him and says I m banjaran, playing with our respect is like putting hand in fire. Abhimanyu pushes her and gets over her, saying I doubt on you that you are my Gaura, but you can’t be Gaura, she had a mole on her neck, you don’t have it. She asks where were seeing the mole. He says yes, else I don’t get close to girls like you. He gets away.

She thinks he forgot the mole, he would have not forgotten it if he truly loved her, he was cheating her, so his memory cheated him. She thinks not to kill him easily. Kalyani asks Bhavani why did he save Ratna. Bhavani says maybe Rishabh did this so that we doubt Ratna. Kalyani asks did he go blind to trust Ratna, what’s happening. He says one more word from you, you won’t be my wife, Rajput men don’t answer wives. Kalyani gets the sword and says we don’t spare son’s enemy. She keeps sword at Kavya’s neck. Choti Maa asks Kalyani to take her life, and leave Kavya. Kalyani says I can kill both of you, till matter is explained to me, Kavya will be captive. Choti Maa asks Bhavani to do something.

Bhavani says she knows well how to control women like you. Choti Maa says Kavya is a Rathore’s daughter, you want to know truth, your fake pride will break, it will get your husband’s truth out, Kavya is Bhavani Singh Rathore’s daughter. They get shocked.

Choti Maa asks Bhavani to recall, Kavya is our daughter. Gitanjali goes to stab. Abhimanyu stops her and asks what’s this madness, leave the knife. She refuses to leave him. They fight. Rajveer looks for her. The dry grass catches fire. Abhimanyu holds Gitanjali. Rajveer sees the fire and runs. Abhimanyu stops her from attacking. She screams. Rajveer shouts Gitanjali. Abhimanyu lifts Gitanjali and gets her out safely. Rajveer says thank God they got saved, where did they go. Abhimanyu makes her sit in jeep and they leave.

Rajveer sees the jeep and run to follow. His jeep does not start. Choti Maa reminds Bhavani how he has forced her that night, when he got to know she has his child in her womb, he forced her to marry an elderly man in this house, even then she did not lose hope, she thought she would get respect as Rajputani, but she was still same in status, Munshi’s daughter. She cries and says why did you put me in hell, what was Kavya’s mistake, she has your blood, today your wife is holding sword at her neck, why is he silent, where is his manhood, respect and pride, answer me. Kavya cries and says no, he can’t be my father, tell me its a lie. Kavya runs. Choti Maa cries.

Kavya cries and shouts. She asks Lord why did he tag her illegitimate, I was foolish to get equal to Gitanjali, she is alive here after death, I m alive and have no identity here. Munshi comes and says who said Gitu is dead. Kavya asks what, is she alive. Munshi says yes, she is alive, Chamki is Gitu, she was fooling you all, she made this drama alongwith together, to take revenge from you all, you did not get anyone, the man you loved is also of Gitu, you cry, what can anyone do against her, you just cry. She gets shocked.

Abhimanyu wakes up Gitanjali and asks her to thank she is alive. He says you were taking my life. She says you were also attacking me like wild cat. They argue. He says like you cried for Rishabh, I felt you are Gaura. She says you asked me to become Gitanjali, and then you are doubting on me, I acted well. She lies that she has learnt acting, its not a joke. He agrees. She says I m going now. He jokes. He says you got lawyer to get property, now you are leaving. She says you also got a lawyer. She thinks she won’t let him succeed. He thinks what am I doing to stop her. He tells her lines. They argue. She asks him to take her to hospital. Rishabh is there, people will say I don’t care for him. He asks her to sit in jeep.

Rishabh says I know you are my Gitu, I identified you late, I just want to hear you are my sister. Kavya comes and pours water in a glass. She says yes, I m your sister Kavya. He throws the glass. She asks him to relax, good thing is I got to know Chamki is Gitanjali, but I wanted to hear this from you, thanks. He says Bhavani should not know this, they will kill her. He takes phone. Munshi takes his phone and asks what’s the hurry. Rishabh says Munshi ji you…. I will not leave you. Nurse injects some medicine and goes. Rishabh shouts for help. Rishabh falls asleep.

Gitanjali and Abhimanyu reach hospital. Gitanjali thinks if Rishabh calls me Gitu, Abhimanyu will know. She asks Abhimanyu to go home, else police will ask him about his wound. He asks her to go. Gitanjali shouts for Rishabh. Rajveer asks her did she go mad to fight alone. She asks him is Rishabh fine. Kavya says he is happy to know you are alive, I got to know everything, you would be thinking if I told this to Abhimanyu, I thought what’s my profit, I have a way to get everything what Gitanjali snatched from me, money, respect and Rajveer. She blackmails them. She asks Gitanjali to name property to her. She asks Rajveer to marry her. Rajveer asks are you mad, why do you think we will agree to you. Kavya says Abhimanyu can know truth and can harm Gitanjali. Rajveer says don’t worry. Abhimanyu can’t harm her till I m there for her.

Kavya threatens them about Rishabh. They get shocked. Gitanjali asks Kavya to stop it, I won’t leave anyone if anything happens to Rishabh, lawyer said I can’t get property now. Kavya says you are smart and beautiful, go and use your beauty, you know what to do, else…. Gitanjali asks her not to think of doing this, I agree to what you said. Rajveer says police is standing out, Kavya will be caught. Kavya says I know, but till police comes, anything can happen. Gitanjali asks her to send video every hour that Rishabh is fine. Kavya thanks her. She goes. Kavya asks Rajveer when is he marrying her.

Gitanjali cries and thinks in what problem did I fall, I hate Abhimanyu, how can I do this, if Kavya does not get property, she will kill Rishabh, I won’t let anything happen to Rishabh, I have no way. She sees Chamki in mirror. Chamki says Abhimanyu is fire, you got burnt by him, if you go close to him, you can turn to ashes. Gitanjali says I hate her. Chamki says Gitanjali loved him, you will melt seeing into his eyes, you can fall weak. Gitanjali says this can’t happen, I have hatred for him.

Chamki says its easy to hate being away, hating him by going close is tough, I have to see will you be able to hate him or not. Gitanjali says I have one motive to take revenge, I have fire of hatred, I will take revenge. Chamki disappears.

Gitanjali goes to Abhimanyu. She does aid to his wound. He asks how is Rishabh, is he alive, why are you silent. She says I don’t care how is Rishabh, I care about your welfare. She holds his hand and asks is it aching a lot, shall I apply medicine. He says no, I will manage. She asks him to let her do what she wants. She thinks to show the drama. He looks at her. She hugs him. He gets shocked.

Priyam covers Rishabh and leaves him in morgue. He calls someone and informs about Rishabh.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. When I thought Saturday was the best episode, this one just took it to the next level. Revealing past crimes to making a useless character evil, I’d say the writers did an amazing job.
    The episode when Abhi’s truth was revealed and Rishabh said, it all started when Bhavani married Ratna to his dad instead of his sister, I believed it all was Ratna’s fault. But wow, this yucky looking oldie f**ked Ratna as well. And found it righteous to marry her off without her consent. I found Bhavani to be sick but now I’m disgusted. The amount of scene he puts for being a Rajput and look what he did and even hid from his wife. Obviously their relationship will sour now. I wonder if Abhi will know it.
    Coming to Kavya, well that was how she got the antagonist role I suppose. But we still don’t know the motives of that Munshiji. He is most likely using Kavya as well. Each character in this serial has their own motives that sometimes I start getting doubts if they are even a family.
    Ratna’s backstory rxplains why she wanted to kill Priyam at a point. Priyam,yes, what was the precap about? I thought his work was just to be a kid now. I have a feeling he’s not working with Abhimanyu now. And poor Rishabh, please don’t kill him. I love his character the most. Even on that hospital bed, he kept talking of Geetu. Such a lovely brother.
    FInally Geetu, I’m so glad Abhi didn’t find out her truth. And I think she’s gonna play with his emotions just as he did, but only for the sake of her brother.That fire scene and that rolling over and all that was amazing. Rajveer didn’t have much to do besides tracking them.
    But you know guys, this Kavya seems like a madwoman now. And I’ve a feeling that not only does she want stuff like money and all but wants to make Geetu lose. So it’s possible that she’ll take Rishabh away from his sister. Also this could be a place, where they could possibly redeem Abhimanyu and Ratna. Maybe they’ll help her against Kavya. With more passing episodes, Abhigeet seems closer. As far as Geetu gets her revenge, I don’t care about anything.

  2. Asammi

    In precap May be priyam is trying to save Rishab. I think Priyam is Rishab’s son.

    1. I also,may be abimanyu only know this becoz priyam only obeys abi

  3. Villain kon hai or protagonist kon hai abhi tak samaj nahi aaya. By the way i love taday’s episode.

  4. I also guess that.Priyam iis Rishab s son.I Think That rishab has also a motive to love gitu.remember d day when truth meter catches lie.i think we will know d truth.

  5. Episode is good but I feel sad for Rajveer. He is left with nothing. 🙁

  6. EricaFernandes

    The serial got good twist..while I was expecting that someone will turn an out and out antagonist instead of just revenge driven…the kind of made bhavani the same (though there could be more twist)…Abhimanyu may show some redeeming qualities and in the end he and geetanjali “might” be together again…also the twist of kavya/ratna is also good..now while rishabh love geetanjali…I feel even he has some twist coming…But probably the most shocking twist or mahatwist would be tanveer turning negative….he is by far the most pure positive characters(along with geetanjali)..but can geetanjali falls for her after the saga is over (even if Abhimanyu turns positive)…well half of the movies/serial we have seen 1 path ” love develops slowly..and one should be with the person who loves you more than you love yourself” and the other half we have “first love is first love.”..for example in deewana movie when rishi kapoor returned..the directors killed him again as by that time dictating bharti and sharukh were in love…while in aarzoo movie when akshay Kumar returned..the director killed new husband said Ali khan as madhuri loved akshay Kumar first…so what it will be??

  7. Erica farnades so nice example.u r right gitu will end up with abhi.love is greater than hate .bcoz gitu love abhi.i dont want to se them together.

  8. hi tania di i,m here in klkah please join me here in klkah family

  9. welcome shivangi.just enjoy d thrill

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