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The Episode starts with Gitanjali getting the coat for Rishabh. He asks what happened, are you annoyed, you are silent, did you iron my coat. She says yes and gives him. He says none can iron my coat better than you, will you not make me wear this. She makes him wear it. He asks how did this button come here. She says its of your coat. He says it was lost. She says yes, I got it and I fixed it. He says its special button, its not found in any shop, how did you get it. She thinks of the attack and goes. He asks what happened…..

Choti Maa comes and asks Rishabh to come, we are getting late for temple. Gitanjali thinks of Rishabh and Abhimanyu. She asks Sevakram about the dhobi who washes Rishabh’s clothes. Sevakram says he stays in dhobi locality. She leaves.

She reaches

the place to find the dhobi. The lady scolds her for spoiling the washed clothes. Dhobi greets her and tells lady that Gitanjali is Rishabh’s sister. She asks him do you wash Rishabh’s clothes, did you wash his coat. He says yes, what happened. She says silver button from coat got missing, what did you do, did you sell the button. He refuses. She says I have seen someone wearing the coat, tell me what you do of washed clothes. He swears he did not do anything.

She asks them to say truth, else she has many ways to make them say truth, someone attacked on me, I will file police complaint, tell me. The lady says my son gives Rishabh’s clothes on rent for money. Gitanjali asks to whom. He says I don’t know, someone calls and my son gives just Rishabh’s clothes to him, its because of his drug addiction, my son is mad, but not criminal, don’t give him to police. She asks where is your son. The lady says he is dyeing clothes there. Gitanjali goes to see. The man looks for his son Gopal. Gitanjali screams seeing Gopal dead and coming out of the dye water.

Rishabh scolds servant to show him way like a kid. Choti Maa says this is not home that you know every stair, you can fall down. Priyam laughs. Rishabh asks why are you laughing. Priyam runs. Rishabh asks what was the need to get him. She says he was insisting, come. Priyam says you needed someone’s support today. Rishabh gets angry. Gopal’s parents cry. People get him out. Rishabh prays. Pandit does his tilak. Priyam hides and looks on. Choti Maa asks pandit to come, clothes and blankets are ready for donation. Rishabh asks her to go, he will stay here. She goes.

The lady says I knew he will not leave Gopal. Gitanjali asks who killed him. The lady says the one who took Rishabh’s clothes, he was never seen, he was a shadow. She says its that man’s call. Gitanjali gets the call. The man says you know what I can, more lives can go, Gitanjali. She asks lady who was he, he knew my name.

Banjaran dances there. He hears the bell and asks who is it, Ragini…. She says I m that voice that echo in your ears, the sounds which will not leave you. He asks who are you. She says you will run but voices will shout in your ears, you can’t hide, crime does not hide, it comes back. He shuts his ears….he asks her to stop the bell. The sound stops. He shouts to Choti Maa and servant. Priyam says Choti Maa is not here. Rishabh asks did a woman come here, she was ringing bell. Priyam says no, its just you and me here, why did you hear anything. Rishabh says yes, she was saying something. Priyam asks what, tell me, did she say what you did not wish to hear. Rishabh says nothing, she was not here, how will she say. Priyam says it happens at such place. Rishabh asks what. Priyam says don’t get angry, come I will take you home. Rishabh says no, I don’t want support, where is Choti Maa. Priyam says its not house, you can fall down from big height.

Gopal’s funeral is taken. The lady curses Gitanjali adn says someone of your family will die too. Rishabh asks Priyam to walk slow, why did you stop. Priyam recalls his fall. Rishabh asks him to say. Priyam leaves his hand. Rishabh asks what are you doing, what’s this misbehavior, come here and hold my hand. Priyam stands away. Rishabh takes a step ahead and falls down the stairs. Priyam lookss on. He shouts to Choti Maa that Rishabh fell down stairs. Rishabh gets hit on his head and faints. Choti Maa comes and gets shocked.

Gitanjali is on the way. She recalls lady’s words and imagines someone from her family calling. She asks Choti Maa who left us, tell me, where is Rishabh. She asks Priyam who left them. Priyam says soul does not die, body dies, don’t be sad. She asks where is Rishabh, tell me. Rishabh comes. She says Rishabh, whose funeral is this. She goes to see. She gets shocked seeing herself lying dead. Her imagination ends. Her car blocks traffic. She gets call and gets shocked. She comes home and thinks I doubted on Rishabh, I hope he is okay.

She goes to Rishabh and asks what happened. Choti Maa says he slipped on temple stairs. Rishabh says Priyam has pushed me. Rajveer looks on. Gitanjali looks on and leaves. Priyam makes a drawing. She comes to him and asks did you push Rishabh. He asks how did you like my drawing. She asks him to answer. He says no. She asks is Rishabh lying. He says yes. She says he never lies. He asks her how can she be sure, she knows Rishabh is blind. She asks him to talk with manners, what happened in temple. He says I did not push him, I just left his hand. She says knowing that he can’t see, you left his hand, Rishabh could have died. He says yes, its same thing to leave hand or push, I have seen. She asks what did you see, what are you saying. Priyam says ask Rishabh, he knows whom am I talking about. He whistles. She goes.

Choti Maa asks inspector how did Gopal die. Inspector says maybe by drug overdose. Gitanjali says he was murdered, they are lying, I was there. Inspector says we got to know this and came to ask you. Choti Maa and Rishabh ask her why did she do there. Kavya asks why do you feel it was murder. Gitanjali says they were scared of some phone call. She tells everyone. Inspector asks shall I send guard here. Rishabh says no, we don’t depend on police for protection. Gitanjali gives number to inspector. He asks her to take care and goes.

Choti Maa asks why did you go there. Gitanjali says to find clue and find Abhimanyu’s murderer, I wanted to know who bought the toy, I was attacked, I got a button. Rishabh asks button. Gitanjali says yes, it was your coat button. He says you doubt that I did that attack. She says no, so I went there to ask. He says you had doubt on me. She says no and cries. He asks not for a moment, answer me. He gets sad. He says I got my answer.

Choti Maa asks him to listen. He says what’s there to say, Gitanjali’s silence told everything, even blood relations have no meaning because of that kid’s stories, what a shame. He leaves. Priyam comes there. Gitanjali sees him.

Gitanjali goes to Rishabh. He sees their childhood pic and says dust got on our relation, not this pic, dust on pic gets cleaned easily, how will dust on relations get clean. She says you won’t forgive me right. He says this never happened that I did not forgive you, even if you made any big mistake. She cries and hugs him. She says don’t know what’s happening, I find one clue and lose other one, since I got to know he was murdered, I feel I m getting trapped in a maze. He asks her to leave all this, you can try but not find out anything, his death was a car accident. She says no, how can you say this, we have all evidence in front of us, why is this accidents happening.

He says whoever it is in dangerous, Priyam is making you emotional, don’t know what’s the danger, you won’t go out without asking me, you are my responsibility, go and sleep now, good night. She goes. He calls Rajveer.

Gitanjali cries in room and thinks of Rishabh’s words. Priyam comes there. She asks did you not sleep. He says how can I sleep, I did not get answer of my question. She asks what question. He asks did you ask Rishabh, is it same to leave hand and push or not. She says I will not ask. She asks why, you asked me, why not Rishabh, are you afraid to ask or hear answer, I wish there was some way to find truth.

Rishabh says your machine can prove truth and lie. Rajveer says yes, its polygraph machine, we use this on terrorists, we are trained to use this, this machine catches lies by nerves, it beeps much when a person lies. Rishabh asks him to try it on her.

Gitanjali asks Priyam to give the coin to her and stop the game. Rajveer asks shall we start. Rishabh says yes. Rajveer asks him simple questions. He asks do you love Gitanjali much that you won’t let her fall in problem. Rishabh says yes. The machine beeps much. Rishabh gets angry and says what nonsense, your machine is lying, why are you staring. Rajveer says machine does not lie. Rishabh says what do you mean. Rajveer says I know you love Gitanjali, but maybe… Rishabh says you think I got Abhimanyu murdered. Rajveer says I did not say. Rishabh says you mean it. Rajveer says think what will he go through if any of her dear ones killed Abhimanyu, I just hope its not true.

Priyam says its simple, we can toss coin and know who is lying, me or Rishabh. She sees the coin. He says you broke the trust today, why, anyone loves you or cheats, it does not matter, you could not find Abhimanyu’s murderer till now, you sleep at night, I don’t get sleep thinking murderer is still alive and free. He goes. She says I will find Abhimanyu’s murderer any way. She cries. She throws the things off her desk. She makes a chart. She sees the box. She throws many papers to find out what happened between the few mins, before Abhimanyu’s accident, I did not get Bhairavi, I was attacked, Gopal died, the man has worn Rishabh’s coat so that I doubt on Rishabh, but why, who knows everything about this house. She recalls everyone.

Rishabh says Gitanjali is not at home. Rishabh gets Priyam in room, while Chanda stops him. She gets shocked hearing the gunshot.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Just fall in love with this mysterious serial?…nd one more thing…Can I join u guys as a frndz?? Pls..?

  2. Well Gaura says that she feels like she’s in a maze…me too!! This serial is taxing my brains out but I love the settings and aura of mystery which engulfs the story. However, I think it’s time the ice melts a little so that we can make deeper contributions on the serial by giving us hints and dropping clues as to what is really the motive for Abhimanyu’s death, all we can surmise at this point is that Rishabh had the biggest motive to get rid of him but the question remains… WHY……

  3. Well hello there Alina. Nice to know that you also like mysteries. Communication is open here and for all to join in the discussion, so welcome….. ?

  4. love d serial.gitanjali open ur eyes see someone from ur famiy killed him.

  5. Sakhi_sakhi

    I don’t but I doubt it on the lover boy rajveer.As he knows everything,he loves gitu and know all about them.
    So may be………
    Well whatvso.ever I don’t like to miss any of this serial episodes ,just can’t find who is the villan and who is the hero.
    Thanks for updates.

  6. I think as seen in like 100’s of movies and loads and loads of thrillers..one guy that i am.kind of sure is not the killer is rishabh..he have some dark past..he must have made some mistakes..but as every finger points to him..i can almost sense its not him..so what happen in these kind of mysteries..going by the history..usually the person who you trust the most (or who is shown good good or oh so righteous) is the culprit..
    1. Choti ma: she even lashes out against her daughter for gitanjali. She might have some big scheme to remove gitanjali and rishabh out of the way for her daughter and for herself. Maybe she didnt receive equal rights or same love as rishabh gitanjali mother and therefore hate rishabh gitanjali but is putting up a face.
    2. Rajveer: again good good man.may be her love for geeetanjalis becime sort of obsessiin and for he took up this step.
    3. Abhimanyu: body not found.rishabh has some dark past. Maybe abhimanyu sister or parents suffered due to rishabh doings. And abhimanyu planned all this to take revenge.and priyam is abhimanyu nephew..or rishabh son even (!!)
    Or this could be mix of all three…choti ma and rajveer planned abhimanyu murder (and rishabh as murderer)..to remove rishabh and geetanjai both..this means rajveer will get gitanajali and choti ma will get some property…a nice deal..but abhimanyu got saved..and now return as he think rishabh is the culprit..and hire some child actor to expose rishabh..

    1. I’ll take option one, now that you’ve laid it out so nicely. She could have the biggest motive for being sidelined over the siblings mother. Although she tries to look all righteous, I can detect a layer of deceit and calculated impatience, but she such a professional in masking her emotions.

  7. Nav

    Hi all iam new here
    Actually i think Abhimanyu is not dead he is alive and doing this for fiding out who was behind his accident and also for saving Getanjali from the killer . As may be he got to know that the killer also wants to kill getanjali and thats why he is doing all this to find out the real face of the person. Thats why he os behind Rishab so that the real culprit will be relieve and do some mistake.

  8. yea kaalpaliha your anaiing is good.it can be misunderstanding becoz abhimany knows main culprit.

  9. sorry analizing typing mistake

  10. And what if I say abhimanya hasn’t died and is the culprit? The one teaching priyam everything for getting back some revenge arising from his misunderstanding?

  11. Naz,Shana I am also thinking on the same lines that Abhimanyu is not dead,but in that case how is it possible for a very young Priyom to act as an adult.My goodness!that all knowing look in his eyes and the sad but charming smile:,can a normal boy of that age act like that even on the instructions of Abhimanyu ,if he is not the reincarnation of Abhi ?
    I think still the mystery is intact and everybody is a suspect.One thing for sure is that whoever is the suspect is an insider who has access to everything,and almost everybody is an insider.Somehow I cannot imagine Rishabh trying to kill Gaura but he was shown failing in i the lie detector test.
    The writers are still keeping all the cards close to their heart,not giving away anything.Hope they give some hints in the upcoming episode.

    1. I think Abhimanyu is dead. This Priyom is one scary child he has this know it all look in his eyes and yes Lakshmi, he looks sad. I’ve read actual accounts of “reincarnation ” from real life people and saw a documentary or two on the topic and it really makes you sit back and think. Have you ever had a Deja Vu moment? I have…quite a few times. I think I’ve had few moments when I felt like in the presence of something but can’t see it. There are times in the past and only recently like a month ago, I was sitting on my porch during the dusk hours, around 6.20 – 6.35 pm with my tab looking at YouTube videos and such…..and I had reason to pause and look up because my nose picked up a distinct smell….i didn’t panic or anything….i do know that smell, it’s a smell engrained in my memories, when my dad who passed away 20yrs ago, would come from the garden after tending to the plants, that’s how he smelt. I did say to him to go and rest, that I’m OK here and the smell would go away. I was very close to my father, I still miss him after so long but I really do believe that after we die, we exist on another realm, maybe he do come around me from time to time….no one can tell but we can sense things. Lakshmi, when I’m in difficulty, I immediately think of my dad and I cry because he’s not there to help me but I believe he’s watching over me but is unable to cross back to this realm so maybe that’s why I feel his presence and smell him. So what’s happening in this serial, is something for all of us to think about.

  12. I think Abhimanyu is still alive & his sole purpose is to seek revenge. Abhimanyu holds Rishabh responsible for his relative death and wants to seek revenge from Rishabh, for the same. Priyam is a normal child but acting according to Abhimanyu’s direction. May be he getting money for the act.

  13. It’s sure that abhimanyu is alive ,well can i join u all?

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