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The Episode starts with Abhimanyu asking Gitanjali to make her dressing and behavior proper so that none doubts on her that she is not Gitanjali. She says I m doing everything well, why are you annoying me. He asks how do you know how Gitanjali looks. She asks do you have bad memory, you showed me her pic. Priyam comes and asks her name. She says Gitanjali. He asks real name. Abhimanyu says she is Chamki, call her Gaura, take her to room. He goes. Priyam smiles. Gitanjali asks why are you smiling. He asks her to wear good clothes to look like Gaura. She asks what do you know about clothes, will you tell me what to wear. He gets her to Gitanjali’s room. She asks was she a queen, look at her room. He says this room and everything are yours. She gets glad seeing things and lies on the bed.


says you will be caught, wear clothes like Gaura, talk and walk like her, else Abhimanyu’s rude dad will kick you out. He gets Gitanjali’s dress and asks her to wear this. She asks will I wear this. He says its Abhimanyu’s order. She asks is he any jailer, run from here. He goes.

Abhimanyu talks to Kalyani and says your bp is high, we will go hospital. Kalyani says I have seen you, now I don’t need to go anywhere. Bhavani says whom did you get, she is an illiterate girl, she won’t stay here. Gitanjali comes and says they are praising me a lot. Abhimanyu introduces Bhavani and Kalyani. She greets them. Abhimanyu asks her not to do acting in front of them, they know everything. He says Chamki is helping me in getting saved from this case, see her face, its a miracle. Bhavani says Gitanjali belonged to Rajput family, who is she, she has no manners, she is just drama queen. Chamki asks him not to say this again, she is an actor. Bhavani says Abhimanyu, take this ill mannered girl away from here. She scolds him. Abhimanyu asks what is she doing, he is his dad. He asks Bhavani to calm down. She says if he talks this way, I will scold him. Abhimanyu takes him.

Bhavani says she is illiterate. Kalyani says I felt she has a spark, she has come to help Abhimanyu. Bhavani says I can see greed in her eyes. Abhimanyu asks Gitanjali was she talking to his dad in anger. She hears music and asks about the sound. She goes to see. She sees Rishabh playing piano. She thinks just Rishabh has sorrow of my death, I can’t tell you truth, else you won’t let me play this dangerous game, I vowed to take revenge from Abhimanyu. Rishabh holds her hand and says Gitu….

She cries. She sees Abhimanyu’s reflection in photo frame and controls her emotions. She starts acting and says I m your sister Gitanjali. Rishabh leaves her hand. She says you lost eyes and play music well, we will do stage program together. He gets angry and asks Sevakram to take her, she is a fraud. She calls him big fraud. He asks her to shut up and goes.

Abhimanyu says Rishabh has doubt on you, you can’t become Gitanjali this way, I will pay you money, you have to become Gitanjali. She nods. Rajveer drinks with his friends. Inspector says we are with you since childhood, we can do this for you, when you said Gitanjali’s husband has cheated her, I thought to help you. Rajveer recalls his friends, inspector and doctor helping him in Gitanjali’s case. Doctor treats Gitanjali, while inspector makes a fake murder case. FB ends. Doctor says everything is right for good things. Inspector says Rajveer, we succeeded to make her reach home, but be alert, they are dangerous. Rajveer says I know, Gitu has to win their trust first, its not easy.

Kalyani asks Chanda to show aarti to Chamki as well. Gitanjali comes singing Tum ne bulaya…. She asks them did they not see beautiful girl before, why are they staring. Kavya says Gitanjali has never worn such clothes. Gitanjali says I like such clothes, my mind stays cool. Kalyani asks her to wear proper clothes. Gitanjali scolds her. She takes money from aarti plate. Kalyani says its for Lord’s temple. Gitanjali asks what will you do of this money, you got old now. Kalyani stops Choti Maa from reacting. She asks Gitanjali to keep money. Gitanjali asks what will happen of me by this little money. She sees bangles and takes. Choti Maa taunts her. Gitanjali taunts Choti Maa on her status. Kavya says how dare you and raises hand. Gitanjali twists her hand. Bhavani comes and slaps Gitanjali.

Gitanjali sees Abhimanyu and goes. She argues with Abhimanyu and asks how dare Bhavani slap me. He says he is my dad, talk with manners, he is Rajput. She says I m banjaran, I also have respect, I don’t want to stay here. He asks her to calm down. She says I have to leave. He says we will find a middle way, take money. She asks do you have status to buy Chamki, I will show you a sample of my shooting, give my bag. He says we can talk, come. She says I will not stay here where I have no respect. Choti Maa asks Abhimanyu to let her go, she is acting to get money, she will come. Gitanjali says I will slap you, you cheap maid. Choti Maa asks Abhimanyu whom did he get. He asks Gitanjali how will her anger calm down. She asks him to tell Bhavani to apologize to her. Choti Maa says she is eyeing the property. Gitanjali scolds her. She asks Abhimanyu to make Bhavani apologize. He asks her to wait, he will come in 5mins. She asks him to come soon. She jokes on Choti Maa.

Kalyani asks Bhavani did he do mistake by slapping Chamki, if she tells truth to police, Abhimanyu will go jail. Bhavani asks are you scared of her, being a Rajputani, Abhimanyu’s life is not so cheap that a dancer will decide for his life. She says her anger is like you, she is banjaran but fights with Rajput. He thinks she is right, Rajputana tej is seen in her eyes, is she a fraud. Abhimanyu comes and says she is leaving home, she has a condition to stay back, she wants dad to apologize to her. Bhavani asks how dare she, kick her out of house.

Abhimanyu says apologize to her. Bhavani scolds him. Abhimanyu says fine, I will be hanged and then what will be our respect, its better you kill me. Kalyani asks them did they go mad, they are ready to die for respect, we lost daughter, shall we lose son as well. Bhavani says if I believe that girl will help and not cheat you, then I will apologize to her for your sake. Abhimanyu thinks I may get mad by their conditions.

Gitanjali is in kitchen and asks Sevakram to open mouth. She throws carrot in his mouth and asks them to clap. Priyam claps. She asks Sevakram to eat carrot. She says now its Chanda’s turn. Chanda says no, I did not do anything, forgive me. Gitanjali asks are you mad to apologize, Bhavani is not apologizing when I m asking, tell me what are you hiding. She shows knife and laughs, asking her to see her pale face. Rishabh takes Gitanjali. She asks him what happened, did she do mistake. He asks her to prove she is Gitanjali. Abhimanyu asks Bhavani not to be adamant, everything will end if she leaves. Chanda comes and says Rishabh angrily took Gitanjali. Abhimanyu thinks to go fast and see, Rishabh may kill her.

Rishabh and Gitanjali are on the way. She asks where are we going, stop the car. Rishabh asks driver to keep driving. She asks what’s this way, tell me, don’t you believe I m your sister, take me back. Rishabh asks her to stand quiet, if she moves, he will drag her. He goes. She calls Rajveer and says Rishabh is very angry, he can do anything assuming me as Chamki. Rajveer asks her to keep the device on, he will come. Abhimanyu and Bhavani come there. Gitanjali says Rishabh is very angry. He went that side. Rishabh gets the horse. She thinks what’s going on in his mind. Rishabh says its tough to control this horse, just Gitanjali can control him, can you control the horse when you can yourself Gitanjali, prove your truth, if you control the horse, I will believe you are Gitanjali, come on, change and come.

Gitanjali changes and comes. Rishabh asks her did she get scared, why is she thinking much. Abhimanyu thinks it will be clear now if she is Gitanjali or not. He asks Gitanjali to show Rishabh, my Gaura is not scared of challenges. Rajveer asks Gitanjali not to say yes, its Abhimanyu’s plan, he will know you are Gitanjali. Gitanjali sits on the horse. Rajveer asks what did you do. She says don’t worry, horse knows me, he won’t do anything. Rajveer says I know, animals identify people, game will get over, Abhimanyu did not stop Rishabh as he wants to see truth. She says we have to do something to trigger the horse, I can’t leave my revenge incomplete, come soon and do as I say, then they will think I can’t control horse, don’t care for me. Rajveer reaches there and sees her riding the horse.

He asks her not to get scared, be ready, it can be dangerous, I promise nothing will happen to you, I have ultrasound whistle, we use this in army, just animals can hear this sound and horse will get restless, Abhimanyu will come to save you. He blows whistle. Horse goes out of control and jumps. Abhimanyu tells Rishabh that horse is getting out of control, you risked her life. Rishabh says its proved she is not Gitu. Abhimanyu asks do you trust an animal more than your sister. Rishabh thinks is Abhimanyu right, no if she was Gitu, she would have controlled the horse. She shouts to Abhimanyu. He says nothing will happen to her. He drives the jeep, after the horse. Rajveer and Bhavani look on.

Gitanjali says save me, I m going to fall. She falls. Abhimanyu jumps and catches her. They fall down in dry grass. Rajveer gets relieved. She gets hurt in her foot. Abhimanyu lifts her. Bhavani asks Abhimanyu is he fine. Abhimanyu nods. He asks Rishabh did he get content now by risking her life. Rishabh says she is not my sister and goes. Abhimanyu says Bhavani had condition that she proves she will not cheat me, she risked her life for me. Bhavani says for my son’s sake, I will apologize to her. He apologizes to her. She thinks see what happens next and smiles.

She stops Bhavani and jokes checking his height, saying I was seeing did you fall short after apologizing to me. Rajveer smiles. She asks him to stay well, as she is ticket to his son’s freedom. Bhavani asks her is she threatening. She says you did not see anything yet. Abhimanyu asks her to come to hospital. She says you are worried for me. He says after all you are my ticket to freedom. He takes her and goes. Bhavani says she is clever and knows we need her, we can fall in other problem, what she did today to show her loyalty, she risked her life, there is her motive behind this, Abhimanyu I hope he sees her cleverness. Gitanjali’s wireless falls. She thinks Abhimanyu will doubt on me, I can’t hear Rajveer now. Abhimanyu applies brakes. She asks what happened. He says I can’t believe, how can you risk life for a stranger, tell me what’s the truth. She says I told you I will help. He points gun and asks do you think I m mad, tell me truth, if you don’t speak up, I will kill you. She asks him to put gun down.

Rajveer hears her and asks her not to say anything, he is just guessing and scaring her. Abhimanyu counts down and asks will she risk life for a secret. Rajveer says game will get over, don’t tell anything, he is playing a game. She shouts Abhimanyu to stop. She scolds Abhimanyu and says liar, I got to know your truth, you felt I will not know anything, I know you did not love your wife, you would have killed your wife, I m doing this for money, I want money like you want, I did this to fool Rishabh. Rajveer hears her and smiles. He says Gitanjali managed situation well. Abhimanyu asks her how much money she wants. She says half property. Abhimanyu asks are you mad. She says if I say anything, you will go jail, think now, either half property will be mine or jail will be yours.

Rishabh asks Bhavani to call his bahu for aarti. Gitanjali dances and says I can’t hear anything. Chanda asks her to come. Gitanjali dances with her. Abhimanyu comes and sees them dancing in room.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Awesome act by githu…..


    Ha ha ha????????
    Though it was a painful episode but i could not control my laugh readimg update and geetanjali rocking plans..?????

  3. Hlo frnds?

  4. Wow today also a dhamakedar episode ??. Go girl go teach tham a lesson but I really feel bad for rishabh ??half property OMG

    Hi everyone how are you all?

  5. Gitu.u made them dance with ur finger. hatts off to u girl..fighting with ur rival is not a small task. teach them a lesson..go

  6. Ankur

    Geetu’s character has become so smart & convincing now!!!! I am sure if it would be any other regular daily soap, she would forgive her family despite what they had done with her….may be she would say, “After all they are my family members, how can I take revenge on them???” ?? But it is KOI LAUT KE AAYA HAI, & here we can expect the unexpected!!!! Geetu’s character was so believable when she told Chhoti Maa “Do Takey Ki Naukrani” & when she told Bhavani Singh “Tumhara pura khandaan badtameez!!!!”….While watching the episode, I was like, “So finally there is a sensible female protagonist on Indian Television, who is not that rona-dhona type heroine….

  7. I Think Abimanyu sister died in front of rishabh but he couldn’t see her killer and abi and rishabh plotting this to find the killer and just used for geetanjali

    1. മലയാളീ ആണ് ഞാൻ ബരതീയനാണ് ഞാൻ…

  8. Wonderful episode. I was wondering what we would see this weekend but Geetu surpassed all my expectations and rocked the episode with charm, hilarious attitude, and just the right amount of insults. Choti Ma got it sweetly and Bhavani got a taste of his own medicine…..he probably didn’t know someone else had a hot mouth like him.. Like I predicted, Geetu is thinking correctly, she can’t risk telling her brother the truth because she has to achieve maximum benefits from this charade. Lighthearted episode but very compelling. I so dislike this little schemer Priyom, for a little boy, he’s damn conspiratorial. Also, I did say that the main motive of Bhavani and Co. is to acquire that palatial home, only the reason for wanting it is a bit clouded for me. I have to say again…so happy that Geetu has Rajveer on her side.

  9. Hi Sof…. Happy Mother’s Day to you my dear. May your day be beautiful with your son by your side. I think it’s your first mom’s day, so preserve the precious moments you spend with him. I have lots and from time to time, memories do come back to make me smile. I have my son’s first Mother’s Day card at the age of 4, still has the mud on it where it fell while coming home from kindergarten. I’ve kept both my kids mementos till this day… They are tangible things that take me quickly down Memory Lane… Enjoy your day and Happy Mother’s Day again.. ??????

    1. Hi Aunty Naz,

      Thanks so much and a very Happy Mother’s Day to you as well! Yes, it was my first Mother’s Day with my son and so far it’s been special. We went to visit my mom as well. That’s so sweet and wonderful that you have all your gifts and cards from your kids. I would do the very same, I intend to keep everything as they’re precious. Hope you’re having a lovely day as well! Happy Mother’s Day 🙂 xoxoxo

  10. I totally love Geetu’s attitude…. Smart and voiceferous, other writers should fashion their protagonists like this but we all know that’s not going to happen. Majority writers prefer their leading ladies to be submissive, uneducated, and barefeet….they don’t like to empower their leads, they prefer them abused and used…. Hats off to KLKAH writers for breaking the mould….

  11. This episode was incredible. The intrigue kept going from start to finish. I’m so so proud of Geetu and Rajveer. I can’t wait to see what else she has planned. Priyam needs to be in school! Completely inappropriate for a little boy to be home all day behaving like a grown man. Also, what a twist when it was revealed that the inspector and doctor are also a part of the plan! Awesome! Writers, you should be proud, you’re setting an example. Thank you for giving us KLKAH.

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