Koi aapsa Abhigya,Swasan,Tanshi FF Part6,7

Dedicated to Shakaib who is waiting for Rishi’s entry.


Tanu was in a shopping complex with some packets.While walking fast she collided with someone and her packets fell down.She starts picking up her covers from the floor.
He:Oh sorry..
T:It’s ok.
He too picks up her covers.He gave her the covers.She took them from him.
T:Thank you.
They saw each other’s face.Unknowingly they shared an eye lock.

Automatically a smile formed in his face.

O Allah Waariyan
O main toh haariyan
O tooti yaariyan mila de oye!


Giving him a slight smile she walked away.
He kept looking at her till she entered the car.
He:Why I am lost in her?I just got one glance of hers.Still why I am getting attracted to her?Is it called love at 1st sight?
He laughed:Funny.Never.I am Rishi Raj Singh Bedi.I can’t be that silly.

Abhi-Tanu were sitting 2gether and; talking.Pragya comes there:hi!
Abhi felt her presense as a disturbance.
PRAGYA:what r u guys discussing about?shall i join u 2?
TANU:ofcourse,afterall we r all 1 gang.
Pragya wanted 2 talk sumthing,but suddenly she coughs.she cud’nt stop caughing.
Abhi got fed up:just stop it Pragya.u r not well,then also instead of taking rest u want 2 talk?u disturbed us also.
Pragya became sad:i’m sorry..i felt lonely,thats why i came here.u both talk .i’ll sit here simply.i won’t talk anything.
ABHI:nonsense,if u r coughing continously ,how can we talk peacefully? better u go & take rest.go Pragya.go..

Pragya was embarrassed:ok,sorry..
she goes.her eyes were filled up with tears.she loses her control & cries.
Tanu tells Abhi:poor Pragya!she felt lonely,thats why she came here 2 spend sum time with us.but….
ABHI:i shud’nt hav behaved like this.
TANU:yes,afterall she is sick. Abhi regrets.
while Pragya was crying & walking,her leg slips & she falls down.she sees a hand extended 2 her.she looks up.it was Abhi.he had a small smile in his lips.he makes her get up.he wipes her tears with his hand.Pragya smiles.
ABHI:i’m sorry Pragya.
.PRAGYA:4 that did i tell anything?u foolish guy…
both laugh.while the pepsi gang except Pragya was standing on the ground,Tanu’s small photo falls from Abhi’s purse.
Tanu sees it:hey,1 photo fell from ur purse.
suddenly Abhi takes it.
TANU:whose photo is that?
Abhi hesitates 2 tell.he gets tensed.
Sanskar:tell man.
Swara:u’ve 2 tell Abhi. Tanu snatches the photo from his hand.
ABHI:Tanu,don’t look at the photo.
TANU:i’ll look. suddenly Pragya comes & snatches the photo from Tanu.

Part-7….Abhi gets tensed.

Tanu:Pragya,giv that photo,lets see.

Pragyabhi:no,why do u want 2 see it,if Abhi is not interested 2 show us?don’t hurt him.

Pragya gives it back 2 Abhi.

Abhi was relieved.

Swara’s parents are fighting like hell.The depressed Swara leaves home early to college.She is not able to concentrate in class due that.Their sir noticed it.
He:Hey..Swara..are you day dreaming?Those who can’t listen to my lectures can leave the class.Because absent minded students like you are a disturbance for me.
Swara leaves the class.
Abhi,Pragya.Sanskar and Tanu feel bad.
Pragya:What happened to Swara?
Tanu:She may not be in a mood to study.We all know that she often has mood swings.
Sanskar thinks:Something is wrong.

After the bell rang for break time Sanskar goes near Swara.
Sans:Swara…what is bothering you?
Sans:We all are best friends.Right?Then why are you hiding?We all know that without any reason you won’t be like this in class.
Swara tries hard to suppress her pain.
Sans:Swara..why are you not telling anything?
She bursts out due to frustration:I told you..there is no problem.Then why are you asking me Sanskar?
Sanskar does’nt know what to say.Swara tries to walk away.Suddenly Sanskar calls her:Swara!
She stands there itself without looking at him.
Swa:Now again you are going to ask me the same thing?
Sanskar holds her hand.
Sans:No.I called you to say that whatever your problem is..even if you don’t share with me I will be there with you as a support.

La la la la la la la…
Tere naam hamne kiya hai jivan apana saara sanam

Swara can’t control anymore.She looks at his face emotionally.
Swa:I know Sanskar and that is my strength.

Hooooo jivan apana saara sanam
Tere naam… (3)
Hamne kiya hai jivan apana saara sanam
Hooooo jivan apana saara sanam

They share an emotional eye lock.

Pyaar bahut karte hai tumse, ishk hai too hamaara sanam
Ho ishk hai too hamaara sanam
La la la la la la… – Tere Naam.

The Pepsi gang comes:We all are there with you Swara.Swara bursts into tears and hugs all of them.
Swara:I am going to the library.Need to prepare assignment.
Swara goes to the library.
Pragya:I think like always her pain is the fight between her parents.
Abhi:So sad.
Sanskar:I hope all her family problems get sorted out.
Tanu:I hope she will be strong enough to face it.

the principal asks them 2 get ready 4 the college fest. later while all the pepsi members were there,Pragya imitates the principal.they were all laughing & enjoying it. suddenly they see the principal coming from the back.tho Abhi sho sum actions 2 giv Pragya a hint about it,she won’t understand it.

he shouts:Pragya!!! Pragya was shocked.

Pragya & the principal inside his room.

P:whats this Pragya?

PRAGYA:i’m sorry dad.

P:do not 4get that i’m not only ur principal,but also ur dad.

Pragya smiles.he also smiles.

the pepsi gang was standing outside the room. Pragya comes out.

Abhi:u got nice scoldings?

PRAGYA:no,afterall i’m his pet.

ABHI:ya..ya..so lucky…

every1 laughs.

They all r going 4 the fest. ABHI:guys,this time like b4 our college shud win.

every1 agrees. every1 gets inside the bus.Abhi catches seats 4 him & Tanu.he wants 2 sit near her. he waits outside the bus 4 her.

when she comes he:get inside Tanu.


but seeing Swara ,she goes & sits near her.Abhi’s hopes were shattered. Pragya enters the bus with a funny smile:hi everybody.

seeing Abhi,she sits near him.Abhi gets irritated. Abhi dreams of Tanu with him,while Pragya dreams of him with her.

Tum paas aaye yun muskuraye
Tum paas aaye yun muskuraye
Tumne na jaane kya sapne dikhaye
Tum paas aaye yun muskuraye
Tumne na jaane kya sapne dikhaye
Ab to mera dil jaage na sota hai
Kya karun haaye kuch kuch hota hai
Kya karun haaye kuch kuch hota hai


they reach the hostel.Abhi wants 2 spend time with Tanu.so he gets into the room where Pragya,Tanu & Swara stay.

TANU:why r u here in this ladies’ room?

every1 laughs.

Abhi gets embarrassed:i’m sorry.i’m not able 2 open my suitcase.plz help me Tanu.

TANU:ok..she goes with him 2 his room.

Tanu tries 2 open it.Abhi’s fingers go thru her hand.she looks at Abhi.then smiles.



  1. Rajesh

    Its all movie scene..u copy the scene ullam ketkumae movie and kuch kuch hota hai… frankly say create new story it improve ur creativity don’t copy the story…i hope u wil create new ff…with different story…i am waiting for that..

    • Jasminerahul



      I am writing my own stories too.they all are not movie based.in the first post itself I had revealed that its based on ullam kelkume.i loved it so much that i wanted to share it with others.rishi tanu Pragya scenes are almost same as the movie. But swasan and tanshi scenes are different

  2. Ragini

    Hi di! Love tanshi meeting. Love in 1st sight! But rishi don’t realize that.Happy that tanu can’t see her pic in abhi’s purse,don’t know ,if she too fall in love with him. Di! If rishi will be too in that college. Waiting for that how tanshi will meet. To be honest,I don’t watch Swaragini serial but sometime watch it. You’re going really well, swasan eye lock was too good. Love Triangle is too good; pragya-abhi-tanu. Pragya loves abhi but abhi loves tanu. I don’t think so,that tanu fall in love with because she ignore abhi passing his figures through her hand because of their friendship, I think that. Bye,take care.

  3. Ragini

    Di, I try to check your profile but they show error, I then try in chrome too,but there they too showed error. That’s why I’m asking you, can you please tell me.

  4. Arshi


    |Registered Member

    wowowowow superb….

    tanshi scene is awesome.. and also swasan is grt.. their emotional eye loc and all its superb…

    though abhigya scene resembles the movie…. i must say.. to see that movie with our starts gives great feeling… and while reading ur ff .. i just forgot that film.. and got into this ff… its really a great thing for a writer to do…

    thnx a lot for using this film.. as its a grt movie….

  5. Mica


    |Registered Member

    jasmine.. aawww love it this pepsi gang..well i love swasan still but this pragya character, made laughing….

  6. Aheli

    Jas dear! Superb update!! I’m loving this pepsi gang so much! TanShi eyelock was nice. 🙂 My SwaSan’s scene was fabulous!! Awesome!! 😀 AbhiGya scene was also nice, though felt bad for Pragya. :'( OMG! Tanu is going to fall in love with Abhi?? I hope not??!! And I feel that AbhiGya-Tanu love triangle is somewhat like Kuch Kuch Hota Hai movie, but with a twist in the form of Rishi. 😉 Update soon. 😀

  7. Piyali


    |Registered Member

    Abhi………….I’ll na kill you…………why is he behaving like that with Pragya………..ok , he likes Tanu but Ppragya is so suportive of him and he……………………What to say???? TanSHI are really cute , love at first site haan……..waiting for more scenes of them………..feeling bad for Swara but the way the gang supported her was great……………..Sanskar words………..aww………….aww…………………..great………………….waiting to see abhi redemn , I mean he should also suffer at the hands of Pragya and Tanu haan…………………Tanu won’t fall for him for sure , she is reserved for her rishi naa…………let me read nextpart now………..Love you………..be happy………

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