Koi aapsa Abhigya,Swasan,Tanshi FF Part12,13


In the last update I saw the comments of lots of TanShi fans.I was surprised to see TanShi fans commenting on my FF.A big thanks to Shreya,Tanshi, Aqsa.
Special thanks to Kavita,Arshi,Aheli, Heatsha8176,Piyali who always make my day with long comments.


Sanskar goes near Swara:Swara..
Swara starts avoiding Sanskar.
Swara walks away tearfully not responding to him.
he gets depressed.he goes 4 foot ball.since his mind was full of that pain,he fails in it.
Damini phones Swara:i’m Sanskar’s mom.u made my son an irresponsible guy. so he even started losing his interest in his favourite football games.i wanted 2 see him as a famous football player.but bcoz of u…
Swara weeps.
Swara goes 2 Sanskar.he becomes happy.
SANSKAR:Swara..i’m so happy…u know i hid my feelings 4 u.but now i can’t help myself.i luv u.

Swara’s eyes welled up with tears.
SANSKAR:do u luv me?
SWARA:why r u failing in football now?
SANSKAR:i dunno,i can’t concentrate now,my mind is full of u.4 u i’ll even leave football which is my all time favourite.
Swara,do u luv me?
SWARA:maybe,but only if u become a big football player,i’ll think about a wedding.
SANSKAR:u r that selfish?that means u don’t luv me.u luv only the football player in me.

Sanskar was shocked:Swara!
SWARA:i’m practical,not a person like u who lives in a dreamworld.how can i fall 4 a person who is nothing in his career?luv is not enuff 2 liv in this world.
Sanskar’s eyes get filled up with tearTanu:i never expected this from u.It means u don’t luv me,don’t worry,i won’t disturb u again with my luv.
he goes. Swara cries.

the college life of pepsi is going 2 end.
Pragya weeps:i’ll miss ‘pepsi’.how can i leave Abhi,if college gets over,what will i do? she looks at the college compound.
she remembers dancing along with Abhi and enjoying during the initial days of college.

Chalein Jaise Hawayein Sanan Sanan, Udein Jaise Parinde Gagan Gagan
Jaayein Titliyan Jaise Chaman Chaman, Yun Hi Ghoomoo Main Bhi Magan Magan
Main Deewaani Dil Ki Rani, Gham Se Anjaani
Kab Darti Hoon, Vo Karti Hoon, Jo Hai Thaani
Chalein Jaise…Gagan Gagan
– Main hoon na}.

PRAGYA:I will miss those wonderful moments.But I can’t lose Abhi.i’ll reveal my luv 2 Abhi.
Abhi thinkTanu:i’ll reveal my luv 2 Tanu. both of them dream about it.


Rishi is taken to the girl to see her by Raj and Rano.The girl comes with tea and sweets.
Raj:Rishi..look at the girl.
The irritated Rishi does’nt look at her.
Raj is embarrassed. To cover it up he says:Though Rishi is a Doctor he is very shy.
Everybody laughs.
Raj suppresses his anger and calls Rishi sweetly:Rishi beta..look at her.
Rano whispers in Rishi’s ears:Rishi..look at the girl.Otherwise they will feel insulted.You remember my promise that I will not let this wedding happen if you don’t like her.You just came to see her,not to marry her.Look at her.See her face once.
Rishi nods and looks at her.


Rishi can’t believe his eyes.
It is Tanu.He smiles being surprised to see her.

Na hai yeh pana
Na Khona hi hai

Tanu remembers colliding with him once and Rishi helping her to take covers from the floor.
Automatically a smile appears on her face.

Tera Na hona jane
Kyun hona hi hai

They share a sweet eye lock.

Tum se hi din hota hai
Surmaiye shaam aati hai
Tumse hi tumse hi

Everybody smiles.
Tanu’s dad:Let Rishi and Tanu talk in private.
Raj:Ok.Rishi..go talk to Tanu.
Rishi smiles.Both of them go to another room to talk.
They both are shy to talk.Finally both look at each other to talk at the same time:Actually…
They giggle.
Rishi:To be frank I am really surprised.I don’t know what to say.I never thought that the girl will be you.I mean…I remember seeing you before.
Tanu smiles:Even I did’nt expect the boy to be you.Mumma just said that papa’s friend’s son is coming to see me.

Har ghari saans aati hai
Zindagi kehlati hai
Tumse hi tumse hi

Ranu:I too remember seeing you before.

Rishi is happy.

Na hai yeh pana
Na Khona hi hai

Rishi:Have you ever thought of me after meeting me that day?
Tanu is embarrassed:No..
Rishi:It’s ok.But from now onwards I will make you remember every moment.
Tanu blushes.

Tera Na hona jane
Kyun hona hi hai

Rishi looks at her deeply:You are just like how you were in my dreams.

Aankhon mein ankhen teri
Bahoon mein baahein teri

Tanu is confused:What?
Rishi:I used to see you in my dreams every day.

Mera na mujh mein kuch raha hua kya

Tanu can’t believe it:What?

Rishi:Love at first sight..

Baaton mein baatein teri

Tanu is stunned:What?
Rishi:So I was’nt even interested to come here.But this visit surprised me.Because you are the girl.

Raatein saugatein teri

Tanu is very happy inside:Really?
Tanu:How can someone be so crazy about me?

Kyun tera sab yeh ho gaya
hua kya

Rishi:I don’t know.But I just know that just one glance of yours made me crazy.
She smiles in surprise:Rishi..

Mein kahin bhi jata hoon
Tumse hi mil jata hoon
Tumse hi tumse hi

Rishi:You know my name?
Tanu:Yes.Mumma had told me.
Rishi:But I don’t know your name.
Tanu:My name is Tanu.
Rishi calls her sweetly:Tanu…it suits you perfectly.
She smiles.

Shor mein khamoshi hai
Thodi se Behoshi hai
Tum se hi tum se hi

They come out of their room.
Tanu’s dad:Rishi beta..did you like Tanu?
Rishi is silent.
Raj and Rano are tensed.
They think:Will Rishi do any blunder?
Rishi smiles:I liked Tanu.I am ready for this marriage.
Raj and Rano are relieved and happy.
Tanu’s dad:Tanu beta..what do you say?
Tanu blushes:I am also ready for this marriage.
They all are very happy.

Rishi and parents reach home.
Raj:Rano..see..I told you that Rishi will like Tanu.
Rano:Rajji..a big applause to you.
Raj smiles victoriously.Suddenly Rishi hugs Raj:Thank you dad for finding Tanu for me.I just love her a lot.
Raj and Rano are stunned.
Raj:Love at first sight.Great..
Rishi goes to his room shyly.Raj Rano giggle.

Swara sees her parents fighting. she weeps.She loses control and screams:plz stop it..since my childhood u both were like this.always fights,no peace at home.the only relief was college…my friends…we pepsi gang was enjoying.but papa u spoiled everything.u broke my relationships.u wanted 2 break my relationship with Sanskar.so u wanted 2 giv him a bad image of a drunkard.it took Sanskar away from me.now i’m nothing 2 him.
Swara cries.her parents feel sad.
dad:i’m sorry beti..
she did’nt reply ,but shed tears.Her dad goes 2 drink.she becomes angry & breaks his bottle. SWARA:when u become sad and happy why do u want 2 drink?this habit destroyed our peace.
dad:i’m sorry,i’ll never drink again.promise.
Swara and mom become happy.
dad:i’ll bring Sanskar back.
Swara thinks about Damini.
SWARA:no papa,Sanskar has gone away from me.i don’t want him back by hurting others.

Pragya goes 2 reveal her luv to Abhi.she holds a rose.seeing Abhi from a long distance ,she hides the rose behind. From behind Abhi cumes 2 her with a smiling face:i luv u..
Pragya was surprised and smiles.
A:if i tell this 2 Tanu,wil she tell yes?
Pragya was shocked.her eyes start getting teary.
A:why r tears in ur eyes?
Pragya wipes her tears:bcoz of happiness.ur luv will win Abhi. i’m really happy that ur mind is filled with luv.

Abhi smiles.he hugs her.then goes.Pragya tears the rose into pieces.
while Abhi was preparing 2 go 2 Tanu,she came 2 him:there is a surprise.
A:wow!whats that?
TANU:my wedding is fixed.
Abhi was shocked:what? no,i’ll not believe this.u r fooling me.
TANU:no,i’m serious.my parents chose him for me.
A:but an ambitious girl like u ready 2 marry whoever the parents choose?i can’t believe.
TANU:He is my dad’s friend’s son.So my parents are aware of his family back ground.he had come 2 see me.i talked 2 him.i realised that he is very intelligent,fun loving and….. lovable too.
She blushes.
Tanu:he suits me.i understood that my parents chose the right person for me.
Abhi becomes very upset.
A:all the best Tanu.
TANU:thanku ..
she smiles.
A:whats that lucky person’s name?
TANU:Rishi.he is a doctor.
he smiles.

Abhi-Pragya were crying because of the luv failure at the same time in their own houses.

The same time Tanu is dreaming of Rishi revealing how he fell for her and how he loves her like crazy.She blushes.

Na hai yeh pana
Na Khona hi hai
Tera Na hona jane
Kyun hona hi hai

Rishi is on cloud nine thinking of this surprise gift from his dad.He smiles and is excited thinking of his meeting with Tanu.

Tum se hi din hota hai
Surmaiye shaam aati hai
Tumse hi tumse hi(Jab we met).

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  3. Exactly ur so so so nice I just love youuu

  4. Mica

    huhuhuhu…my swasan..Swara..you sacrifice your love for his betterment

  5. Piyali

    Awwwwwwwwwwwww…………..wonderful episode Jasmine , I am happy this TanAbhi thing got over or else Abhi was getting on my nerve for ignoring Pragya…………..though he had a heart break , I am happy because now he must be feeling how Ppargya was feeling from so many days…………….please bring someone to make him jealous………..please………………now coming to SwaSan , alright so swara the sacrifice queen…………….sachi , she is sooooooooooo sacrificing…………I love her but at the same time hate her too……………no one should be that sacrificing haan…………………I am excited for this love story , tell me , is there any leap??? I am thinking there is , lets wait………………..Now coming to TanShi ,aww , they were the pair of the day , I loved them soooooooooooooooo much , the way they met , the way they talked , everything was just lovely……wish to get more of them……………..Please consider my request about Abhi jealous haan………waiting for next……..Love you sooooooooooooooo much……I should thank you for such a wonderful ff………Love you………be happy………..

  6. Krkavita

    In part 12, swara avoided sanskar because he drank because of her dad. She was further upset when damini blamed her for him to not to concentrate on his football. Sanskar confessed his love to swara but she wants him to become something in life to avoid complications. sad that sanskar misunderstood. Abhi decides to confess his love to Tanu. Rishi agrees to see the girl.

    Part 13: Rishi was not willing to see the girl but on Rano’s insistence he saw the girl & is happy to see Tanu. Both agreed to marry each other. Feel bad for abhi & pragya. Hope abhi & pragya will be together. Swara loves Sanskar but does not want to hurt damini. Hope she unites with sanskar.

  7. Awwww Jas! Love u dear. First of all, I am really grateful that u like my comments. 😀
    Ch-12 :-
    Ohhh noooooo! Swara had to unintentionally hurt Sanskar because Damini misunderstood Swara’s presence in Sankar’s life is hampering her dream to see Sanskar as a Football Player. 🙁 Sanskar couldn’t believe that Swara can be so selfish (which she’s not!!) and it broke him. 🙁 And my SwaSan broke their relationship. 🙁 Can’t see them in pain. 🙁 I really want Damini to know Swara’s innocence from Sanskar himself. 😉
    Rishi’s parents manaoing Rishi to look at the girl’s face at least coz he was least interested in the girl until…..
    Ch-13 :-
    Until…… the girl turns out to be Tanu. 😀 Rishi and Tanu both were surprised by seeing each other there. Liked TanShi’s convo and Rishi’s confession to Tanu that how he fell for her at the first sight and his dreams about her. 😉 He also told her that he was not ready to visit her house as he thought her to be some other girl. 😛 Even Tanu was happy by hearing Rishi’s confession. 😀 Even Rishi’s parents were so happy that he liked Tanu. 🙂
    Again Swara’s parents were fighting! Felt very sad for her. 🙁 Finally she confronted her parents secially her dad and said them that how her dad’s behavior towards Sanskar by forcing him to drink broke her relation with him. 🙁 Finally her dad promised not to drink more which makes Swara and her mom happy. 🙂 And he also promised to bring Sanskar back to her. But Swara asked him not to do o coz she doesn’t want to hurt Sanskar further (by thinking about Damini’s words ). 🙁 What will happen to my SwaSan?? 🙁
    Felt bad for both Pragya and Abhi coz Pragya couldn’t bear that Abhi loves Tanu and Abhi couldn’t believe that Tanus going to get married to someone else and she even likes the guy. 😮 Both AbhiGya couldn’t confess their love for Tanu and Abhi respectively. 🙁 Hope that Abhi allows Pragya to console and nurse his broken heart and falls in love with her. 😀
    Update soon. 😉 I loved both the chappies. <3

  8. Thank you so much for uniting tanshi,love you tanshi.abhi’s love for tanu is nice.

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  10. Awesome update
    Loved it
    Although little sad for prigya n abhi
    Neither got to confess their feelings maybe it’s a blessing in disguise
    Maybe now abhi will seek comfort with prigya just hope he doesn’t give her false hope since he’s upset
    Hoping he starts to fall for her n only gives her hope when he’s completely over his feelings for tanu
    As for sanky n swara I thought their love was set but here swara had to lie n break sankys heart because of his mother
    I hope he realises she was lying soon or his mother sees him miserable n tells truth n then he doesn’t give up to win her back
    Plus side it made her confront her parents
    hopefully that will make her relationship with them better
    Looking forward to next update
    Thanks for the mention
    N thanks for pm nplz keep em Comin

  11. Arshi

    Wowowowowow what a epi..

    Soo sorry for late comment…

    First of all i really liked swara and her parents scene… its quite normal in world… i mean i have frend who alwayz keeps worrying abt her parents fight…. actually at that time i have decided that when i get married… i wont ever figjt with my husba d in front of my kid…. hahah.. i was just 15 yrs old that time… …. but seriously felt really bad for swara..

    Then coming to sanskar… he should not belive in swara’s words… i guess he gets doubt and dig into why swara was behavig like that… may be that prove his true love…

    And abhi praya tanu sceme was sooooo touchy…though tanu and rishi finnaly met and confessed.. i mean rishi confessed . And tanu tooo felt happy…. abhi pragya were crying due to failure…

    Hope abhi finds his soul mate in ptagya… and he realise her true love soon….

  12. Wonderful

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