Koi aapsa Abhigya,Swasan,Tanshi FF Part10,11


Part-10….Abhi hears the song Dhoom bachare….he follows the sound.he reaches the hall where the music cumes from.Tanu was practising dance. she sweats after the practise. she sees him:Abhi,u r here? A:ya..i was watching ur dance.it was wonderful.u got tired?
TANU:ya,but its 4 the gud result of our college.so i don’t mind.
A:u r so hardworking.i luv that nature. Tanu smiles.the competition starts.Tanu dances…

Ishk ishk karna hai kar ley, ishk ishk me jee ley mar ley
Ishk ishk hai sab se pyara
Ishk ishk karna hai kar ley, ishk ishk me jee ley mar ley
Ishk ishk naa ho dobara
Ishk hee toh jindagee hai, ishk hee toh har khushee hai
Ishk me khud ko bhulake jhum
Dhoom machale, dhoom machale dhoom -Dhoom.

Swara and Sanskar dance separately .

Rabba mere rabba – (2)

Keh raha hain dil hain badee mushkil – (3)
Bekararee samajh le meree, (aadat ho chukee hain teree -3)

Aankho me meree chehra hain teraa, sabse juda teree ada
Kaise mai roku dil kee lagee ko, aalam divana hain bada
Rabba mere rabba – (2)

Mast hain mehfil keh raha hain dil – (2)
Bekararee samajh le meree
Aadat ho chukee hain teree – (3) -Koi aap sa.

Sanskar does football.Abhi sings and dances.

It’s magic it’s magic i’ve got the vibe that you need – 2
Kachcha nahi kuchh bhi pakka nahi
Kuchh bhi hota hai jo kuchh bhi sab khel hai
It’s magic it’s magic – 2(Koi mil gaya).

Pragya enters the stage.she was singing very well.

(Tinka tinka jara jara, hai roshnee se jaise bhara – (2)
Har dil mai arman hote toh hai – (2)
Bas koyee samjhe jara) – (2)-Karam

every1 was very happy about it.but sum other college boys wink at her & does sum funny actions 2 tease her.her concentration gets diverted & voice does’nt cum out.she gets upset.all the boys hoot loudly.Pragya loses her control and ; cries.she goes out of the stage.she goes 2 Abhi & hugs him.
Abhi consoles her:It’s ok.don’t worry.

Thus they lose their trophy.they got only 2nd prize.the pepsi gang was sad about it.they stand on the ground.the winnershoot at them with the trophy in their hand. they get irritated.
Tanu becomes angry and shouts at Pragya:all the problems arose from u.its bcoz of u,now we r insulted b4 them.
A:its ok Tanu.atleast we got the 2nd prize.
TANU:so what?we did’nt get the 1st prize that our college used 2 get always.Pragya is the only reason 4 losing our prize.

Tanu goes. Pragya cries and goes away.Swara follows her.Abhi feels sad 4 Pragya.
A:poor Pragya.Tanu shud’nt hav talked like this 2 Pragya.
Sanskar:its ok Abhi.its Tanu’s nature.she is frank,She does’nt hide anything inside the mind.in 1 way its good.her mind is clear.we can trust her completely.
A:thats true.i luv her nature.
Abhi had a sweet smile in his lips.
SANSKAR:that means..?
A:yes,i luv Tanu.
A:plz don’t tell Tanu.
SANSKAR:ok,we both r 1 type,We can’t open our heart 2 the beloved.

Rishi is thinking of Tanu and smiling.His mother Rano comes near him.
Rano:Rishi beta..your dad is talking about your marriage.
Rishi:Oh mom..I told you many times that I am not interested in marriage.
His father Raj Singh Bedi comes:Then are you planning to remain single through out your life?
Raj:First you said you want to be established as a doctor.Then marriage.Now you are doing well in your profession.Then why are you hesitating to get married now?
Rano:You have any affair?

Rishi:No mom..nothing like that.
Rano:Then what is the problem?
Rishi thinks:How can I tell them that I am in love with the girl I don’t know anything about?I don’t know where she lives or whether she too feels the same about me.In fact I don’t even know her name.
Raj:Enough Rishi.Now we can’t wait anymore.I have decided to get you married to the girl I have chosen for you.
Rishi is shocked:Dad..how can you just fix my marriage with a girl whom I don’t know?
Raj:But we know her.She is my school mate’s daughter.I met him recently with his daughter.I am really impressed with her.I am sure that she is perfect for you and this family.
Raj goes out.
Rishi:How can dad confirm that his friend’s daughter is perfect for me?

Rano:Rishi…I also met her that day.She is nice.You too meet her at least for my sake.If you are not satisfied with her I promise that I will not let this wedding happen.
Rishi:Are you sure mom?

Rishi thinks:I can never be impressed with the girl you choose dad.Because my mind is full of that girl.

Part-11….Pragya cries a lot. Swara:don’t cry Pragya…
PRAGYA:Tanu is right,its my fault.just bcoz of me,we all lost the trophy.i insulted our college.
Tanu comes:i’m sorry Pragya.
PRAGYA:no need.bcoz u told the truth,its not a fault.
Tanu hugs her.Pragya weeps.
they all return 2 the college.

Swara invites everyone home for her father’s birthday party.
every1 goes 2 Swara’s house for the party.
youngsters including Sanskar-Swara were dancing. Pragya smiles & looks 4 Abhi.she sees him dancing with Tanu.she becomes sad.
Sanskar spoke 2 Swara’s dad {was drunk}specially:hi i’m Swara’s friend.
dad:only u r her friend?
Sanskar did’nt tell anything.
dad:i mean…u r her bf? Sanskar did’nt no anything.
Dad:never mind.let me see if u r my type.hav the drink man.
SANSKAR:i don’t drink.
Dad:whats this?youngsters shud hav it.otherwise how can u be my dear son-in-law.
Swara listens 2 it & feels weird. Sanskar takes the glass offered by him & drinks.Swara is worried to see him drink.
Swara:Sanskar no need.Don’t drink.

Others pulled Swara:Come Swara..let’s enjoy.
They take Swara with them.She is worried about Sanskar.
To impress Swara’s dad Sankar keeps drinking as her her dad’s demand.
at the end of the party he was really drunk. every1 was shocked 2 see Sanskar’s condition.
Abhi:Sanskar never used 2 drink.its a surprise that he drank.he crossed his limit.
TANU:i never expected this from him.
PRAGYA:can’t believe this.
Swara is really in pain seeing him drink.

she tells the pepsi gang:don’t worry,i’ll drop him 2 his house.
Swara keeps him inside the car.he was quite unconscious.tears cum out from her eyes.
SWARA:u r such a big fool 2 obey my dad 4 me.
they reach Sanskar’s house.Sanskar’s mother Damini comes out of the house. Swara carries Sanskar. damini was shocked:oh my son! both of them somehow manage 2 carry him 2 his bed.
SWARA:Sanskar attended a party.thats why..
D:party? whatever it is…my son never used 2 touch drinks.i know who spoiled him.
She stares at Swara.
Swara:Aunty..what do you mean?
D:You made my son drink.Right?
Swara:No aunty..you are misunderstanding me.
D:Just stop it.Don’t say anymore:i beg u,plz leave him alone.otherwise i’ll die.
Swara was shocked.
D:promise me that u won’t snatch my son from me.
Swara cries:i promise…

Swara goes out 2 her car with tears.

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  1. Nice but plzz unite tanshi as quick as u can. Plzzzz.

  2. Nice,love you tanshi

  3. Krkavita

    Loved all the songs in part 10. Pragya had begun well but got distracted due to which she lost her voice. Sad that Tanu blamed Pragya for Pepsi team’s defeat. Good that abhi consoled pragya. rishi does not want to marry as he loved pragya but he neither knows her name nor does he know where she stays but agreed to meet the girl they found for him on his mom’s request.

    In Part 11, good that Tanu apologized to Pragya. sanskar drank just bcos swara’s dad challenged him to drink. sad that damini blamed swara when she saw her son in that condition. hope she gets to know the truth after sanskar comes to normal

  4. Arshi

    Supwr chappy…

    Abhi concern fornprags s sooo cute…oh now swara will stay awaybfrim sanky… what he will do…

    Tanu s reaction suddenly s natural and she spologizes to pragya is nice…

  5. Awesome update. 😀 Felt bad that Tanu scolded Pragya :'( but later apologized for her behavior too. 🙂 Abhi confessed to Sanskar that he loves Tanu. :-s Pragya felt sad by watching Abhi-Tanu dance. 🙁 Rishi’s parents chose a girl for him as his bride. I really hope that Rishi’s dad’s daughter is Tanu. 😉 Aww! To impress Swara’s dad, Sanskar drank and became unconscious!! 😮 But Sanky’s mom Damini blamed Swara for it and aksed Swara to get out of Sanky’s life. :'( I really hope that Damini comes to know about Swara’s innocence once Sanky wakes up. 🙂 Update soon. 🙂

    1. Sorry it will be Rishi’s dad’s friend’s daughter…

  6. Nice episode

  7. When will Rishi and tannu meet I think she is the only girl whom Raj has chosen hope to see them as soon as possible n plz do write it daily I love it

  8. Oh no
    Taru gets angry at poor prigya because they became second whilst it was really because of those stupid boys
    Prigya heart broken seeing tanu dance with abhi
    Rishis dad wants rishi to marry his choice wonder if its tanu
    As for prigya I’m hoping she gets her love
    Feel sorry for swara because of her father sankys mother is blaming her n told her not to see her son again
    I hope sanky finds out what happened between swara n his mother n fixes it
    Thanks for pm nplz keep em comin

  9. Piyali

    Awwww………great episode , Tanu as a bold and outspoken dancer , I am loving it……….My sweeto Pragya , she is soooooooooo cute…………but a singer also……..I am loving this,,……….Tanu’s first behaviour was rude but Ssanskar’s point was right…………….She is pure at heart , happy she even apologized later……………..I am loving the dhemme dhemme story of AbhIya , is the girl selected by Rishi’s father Tanu??? I think so , its gonna be interesting , now Swara , baby , why are you so sacrificing , atleast you would have told truth to aunty , Yaar , I love this girl………..swasan scenes were great , concerned Swara and drunk sanskar , wish they had a dance sequence like this…………………. I loved thier scenes………………..Llove you………..be happy………

  10. Stupendous

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