Koi Aapsa (Abhigya,Swasan,Tanshi FF) Part 3, 4 and 5


Part-3….Pragya runs 2 Abhi:enuff Abhi.u’ll be caught fever.
ABHI:no way.
suddenly he sees Tanu cuming in the rain with a rainbow umbrella.
ABHI:hi Tanu.
TANU:hi everybody.
PRAGYA:why did u become late?
TANU:went 2 recieve my uncle at the airport.i had informed the teachers.
ABHI:ur umbrella looks amazing.
TANU:thanku .
ABHI:but why du u want 2 catch it?u look more pretty when u r wet in the rain.
TANU:u r crazy..
PRAGYA:yes,Abhi is totally out of control.
Abhi imagines Tanu wet in the rain.
ABHI:how sweet.

Sanskar holds the umbrella 4 Swara.both of them found it difficult 2 look at each other.

PEPSI TEAM gets ready 4 rain dance party.Pragya wears a blue frock & goes there.
Abhi:u look pretty.
PRAGYA:thanks Abhi. he extends his arms & holds her 2 dance

(Sine me dil dil me dhadkan, dhadkan me kya hain teree pyas hain
Har pyas me dard hain sanam, yeh dard teraa ehsas hain) – (3)
O dilo jana teree tamanna har saans ko
Maine hain dekha mehsus karke iss pyas ko
Sine me dil, dil me dhadkan
Dhadkan me kya hain, teree pyas hain
Har pyas me dard hain sanam, yeh dard teraa ehsas hain

suddenly Pragya realises that it was only her dream.she gets embarassed. Pragya goes 4 the party.she runs 2 Abhi:how do i look now?
ABHI:u look funny..in ur pony and teeth with the clip.
PRAGYA:shut up.how is my dress?
ABHI:very pretty.
Pragya smiles. ABHI:but it does’nt look gud on u.
Pragya becomes sad.

Swara has worn a red dress.Sanskar can’t take his eyes off her.
Sanskar said in his mind:Swara..how can you look so beautiful?My eyes are stuck upto ypu.
Swara is lost in Sanskar too.
She said in her mind:How handsome you look Sanskar!I am losing myself to you.
Sanskar extends his hand towards her:Shall we dance?
She smiles:Yes..
They start dancing cheerfully.They dance with a lot of affection.

(Hotho pe dabee dasta koyee aankho me hain sapna
Ajanabee sa koyee ek dard hain, magar lag raha hain apna) – (2)
Mai na janu hamrahee kaisa hain, yeh kaisa pyar hain
Jan leta hain jo bina bole, kya dhadkan ka ikrar hain

Tanu cumes in a mini skirt. ABHI:wow! he goes 2 her.
ABHI:will u dance with me?
they dance 2 the song ..

O dilo jana teree tamanna har sans ko
Maine hain dekha mehsus karke iss pyas ko
Sine me dil dil me dhadkan, dhadkan me kya hain teree pyas hain
Har pyas me dard hain sanam, yeh dard teraa ehsas hain

(O aarju me koyee aarju chhupee, saanso me kasak hain
Lamha lamha betab karatrr jo pyar kee mehak hain) – (2)
Chahat ke saye me bikharrr jaye teree dostee kee khushbu
Tere dil me hain meraa thikana, mere dil me hain bas too hee too

Pragya was alone and becomes really sad without no partner.ppl tease her.she cries.Abhi sees it. he cumes there:Pragya is not alone.i’m her dancing partner.
Pragya was surprised. Abhi holds her hand & dances.

O dilo jana teree tamanna has sans ko
Maine hain dekha mehsus karke iss pyas ko
Sine me dil dil me dhadkan, dhadkan me kya hain teree pyas hain
Har pyas me dard hain sanam, yeh dard teraa ehsas hain- ‘Koi Aap Sa’.

PRAGYA:i ever thought that u’ll be willing 2 dance with me.i doubt whether its a dream.
ABHI:why? PRAGYA:how can a dashing guy like u can dance with a funny comic figure like me.
ABHI:i like comic figures very much,especially u.
Pragya becomes happy.

Part-4…Abhi-Pragya go 2 an icecream parlour. Both of them order chocolate icecreams.Pragya was slow in having it.but Abhi finished 2 icecreams fast.
ABHI:Pragya,i did’nt bring money..
PRAGYA:its ok.i’ve money.
she gives the purse 2 him:let it be with u.
Abhi sees Tanu walking outside.
ABHI:Pragya,i’ll cum now.
he goes out naer Tanu:hi!why r u here?
TANU:i’m going 2 the icecream parlour.
ABHI:then cum,we’l go 2 this parlour.
TANU:sorry,i prefer the other parlour.
ABHI:ok then we’ll go there.
both of them go 2 the other icecream parlour & hav icecreams.
Abhi pays the bill with Pragya’s money.Pragya got fed up by waiting 4 him.
The next day ,Pragya goes 2 the classroom .goes near Abhi.he tries 2 hide.
ABHI:i’m sorry.ur money got spent.i’ll giv u later.
PRAGYA:i don’t mind.but where did u go leaving me alone? i waited 4 4 a long time.the parlour guys got angry.they thot i’m fooling them.they called me cheater & i had 2 work there instead of giving money.

Abhi felt pity:sorry Pragya.
he hugs & consoles her.

Part-5….Sanskar-Swara go out 2gether.
Swara sees her a boy :hi bobby… she goes 2 him.
she hugs him.
B:how r u?
SWARA:fine. Sanskar gets irritated & becomes jealous. when Swara cumes back,his face was dull.
Swara understood that and told him:he is Bobby.my old friend.

SANSKAR:ok,we’ll go.
Sanskar does’nt talk 2 her.
he thinks:why i can’t stand Swara becoming close 2 any other guy?
The next day ,when Sanskar cumes 2 college sees the PEPSI gang except Swara. he looks 4 Swara with a dull face.
Abhi-Pragya-Tanu understand that.
Pragya whistles.Swara who was standing behind the wall cumes there .Sanskar was relieved.every1 smiles.
Sanskar Swara look at each other and smile sweetly.
Swara says in her mind:Did you miss me?
Sanskar says in his mind:I miss you even when I don’t see you even for a moment.

Abhi-Pragya-Tanu go 2 the canteen and sit near Sanskar.
Tanu:u r thinking about Swara.right?
SANSKAR:how did u understand that? Tanu:ur eyes tell that.can’t u realize that ur feelings 2wards Swara is luv?
Sanskar becomes serious.
TANU:he feels lonely & sad when Swara is not seen.this is luv,what else?Sanskar has 2 realize his luv. Sanskar was hesitating.
TANU:ppl hav 2 know their heartbeats & luv 4 others.
Abhi-Pragya find meaning in that sentence.
Pragya thinks:my feeling 4 Abhi is luv?i become happy when i see him & becomes sad when i don’t see him.this is what else other than luv?
Abhi observes Tanu.
1 guy cumes with a rose 2 her:i luv u Tanu.
he catches her hand.she slaps him:u thot if u smile at me,i’ll cum behind u?i’m not that sort of girl.
Abhi gets impressed by her behaviour.

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  1. Superb update!! :* Felt bad for Pragya. :'( She loves Abhi but Abhi loves Tanu I think?? But does Tanu loves Abhi too?? :-/ And who was that boy who proposed Tanu?? Was he Rishi??
    Aww! Sanskar holding umbrella for Swara. 😀 Then both were staring at each other and then dancing! <3 Sanskar got jealous seeing Swara with her friend Bobby. 😉 Hope that SwaSan realizes their love for each other soon. ^_^ Update soon. :*

  2. Arshi

    Wow… superb….i really like tanu’s slap… she is different in this ff…

    And prags abhi is ssooooo cute…. the song the dance everything… swara sanskar is soooo sweet couple… their mind talks is awesome…

  3. Really awesome Jasmine di! How for you get such amazing thoughts, and one more thing I want to tell u which I read it in sns forum,you can go here;
    Its shakaib comment,and he informed us that he is not be able to comment from Monday cause of exams ,I’m really missing him,he is a nice guy, pray 4 him that he rocks in exams. Maybe after exams he come back. So not to worry for his comments.well, di do you watch serial parades. Love that show.

    1. Jasminerahul

      thanku.its based on the tamil movie Ullam kekume with some differences.yes i’m watching pardes now.all the best 4 shakaib

  4. Krkavita

    Pragya is dreaming about abhi. Their scenes are quite romantic

  5. Piyali

    Hating Abhi here , because of him , Pragya had to work in the parlour , also his comment on Pragya was very bad…………..but the way he danced with her took away my heart , he tries to be bad , but he cant’s , aww……amazing haan……SwaSan , you both are so cute………..I am loving their cute moments , by the way , I am mad , just realized that I thought Kumkum bhagya’s tanu as Tanu in all scenes of today…….I am sorry ,taking Tanu’s name with abhi , you know I thought she was the Tanu……I am really sorry , Now I am totally confused……….you mean , abhi got flat on this tanu………Ok , I am able to understand , for a second , I got soooooooooo confused……….Now fine with it……….wahi to sochun , tanu or itni achi??? But loved her boldness , quite difficult to get in Kasam na…………………..Love you………be happy………

    1. Jasminerahul

      yes,Tanu is Krathika from Kasam

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