Koi Aapsa (Abhigya,Swasan,Tanshi FF) Part 1 and Part 2


Koi aap se Part1,Part2
It is based on the tamil movie Ullam kelkume.

PART-1….Abhi,Pragya,Sanskar,Swara & Tanu r 1 gang in
the St.Peter’s college.their gang is known as PEPSI.
Abhi is a cool boy.Good at music & dance. Pragya is a tomboyish
geek.Does’nt walk like a girl.she has funny
hairstyles. she is a comic figure in the college.She has
worn clip in her teeth.so her smile is funny.Tanu is a
good student,dancer & a singer.Sanskar is a football
player.Swara is a rich girl who is very modern.but very
calm & sweet.her face looks as if she has a lot of
worries inside her smile.

Part-2….It was raining heavily.the college was covered
with water.Pragya(In jeans) stands at the front of the
college waiting 4 sumbody. she gets fed up:where is he?
then he sees a guy walking in the rain.
she:he has cum
.she goes 2 him with the umbrella.he looks at her.he in
none other than Abhi.he smiles at her.
Pragya was
tough:don’t try 2 soap me with ur stupid smile.she holds
the umbrella 4 him:why r u becoming late?i knew that
u’ll 4get 2 take the umbrella.thats why i stood here
with this umbrella.
ABHI:i don’t need this umbrella?
this rain,u don’t need this umbrella?

PRAGYA:r u mad?
Abhi laughs.he throws Pragya’s umbrella away.
this Abhi?
Abhi holds her hand & dances in the rain:i
luv rain.its so nice 2 dance in the rain.
crazy.leave my hand.its already late Abhi.the classes r
ABHI:its ok,i’m not entering the class now.i want
2 enjoy rain.
PRAGYA:ok,but i’m going.
PRAGYA:ok?i’ll go.
PRAGYA:i’m serious. ABHI:ok baba,u go.
Pragya becomes angry:i’m not going.
ABHI:then dance with me.
PRAGYA:no way.
Abhi dances in the
rain.the mad Pragya sits on the steps watching his
dance. after sumtime Sanskar & Swara cum.
did’nt u cum 2 the class?
PRAGYA:look at the rain.
look.they laugh seeing Abhi’s dance in the rain.
was waiting 4 that crazy fellow.
SWARA:Abhi did’nt cum
2 the class.but why did’nt u cum 2 the class?
PRAGYA:how can
i leave Abhi alone.whatever happens i’ll never leave
him alone.

Swara-Sanskar smile.

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  1. Superb!! Continue soon. 🙂

  2. Arshi

    Wow ullam ketkume…. superb choicr.. and luv this prags new look and abhi pragya cute friendship….

  3. Manasvi


  4. Shakaib

    Really nice jasmine! Enjoyed abhigya rain scene a lot. Please to introduce rishi too. You’ve not introduce him in part 1. Waiting for rishi’s entry.

    1. Jasminerahul

      Sorry yaar.Rishi will enter only in Part 14.I’m posting another abhigya ff called Kal ho na.If u r interested plz read it

      1. Shakaib

        Well,part 14 is so far. Please to bring rishi soon.

  5. Mmm superb yaar loved it

  6. Piyali

    Wow……..aamzing , Pragya’s look , sorry quit difficult to think but her concern for abhi was worth reading , so good , the first 2 parts are brilliant , I loved Tanu, swara and sanskar’s characters are also great…………….Tanu, part of a gang……..I am loving this one……….Love you……..be happy……..

  7. Hi Jasmine di! Really good,I was waiting for ff like you written on kkb,kasam and swaragini. Please to update next part soooooooonnnnnnn.

    1. Jasminerahul

      thanku.pt2,3,5 r also uploaded.plz check

  8. Hi Jasmime, please to inform all that now I’ve stop watching blo*dy Indian serials because of Pak-indo war 2016.

  9. Krkavita1

    The characters are well describes. loves abhi pragya scene. waitinf 2 swara sanskar scene.

    1. Jasminerahul

      I have posted till part7.please check

  10. Wonderful

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