Known strangers ~twinj os

How much life changes in a moment the people who were each other life’s once was now a complete strangers …known strangers hah …???
Hey myself twinkle I guess u are thinking what I am talking about right ??? I know you are all thinking that only soo let me tell you the meaning behind my above lines …
4 years …4 years ago my journey ended yess you heard it right ENDED … I used to love my bestie kunj ..his name is kunj deeply madly …we were best of best friends everyone used to be jealous of our closeness ..we used to do everything together when we were in our high school like eating sharing secrets …laughing like manics making fun of others etc …our life was full of fun …until the day came when he confessed that he is love …with me I was hell shocked I didn’t expected him ..I didn’t knew what to answer and then our life changed .. completely changed we started avoiding each other it was very awkward for us …I was missing him badly though we used to be in same class but like a complete known strangers …those painful eye lock those moments of fun which we used to have together I was missing them badly finally we were in last year if our school ..then I confessed too in fear of loosing him …we were happy but nothing changed still that besties feel was not there btwn us ….wd used to talk ..but still it wasn’t like before ….soon the year passed by

And it was last day of our school … He came towards me and aksed what’s gonna be the future of our relationship but before I could answer our other friends came and joined us ..soon
our final exams came ..and fortunately we were in same exm center and that too in same class ..we started taking there again …and was giving our exms with full passion …having fun after the exms …our alloted class room was on second floor and we were standing with other students there in the balcony looking downstairs …when he aksed me ..
Twinkle what will you do if I’ll jump from here ???? …
What do you mean what I’ll do I’ll also jump as I don’t want to stay away from you I replied to which he gave his million dollar smile ..
Oyee idiot don’t your dare think of it I’ll always stay with you even if I jump I’ll stay as ghost with you he said to which I laughed loudly..
So you will not let me stay in peace haan ??? I asked to which he smirks …
Soon it was final exam we talked before the exm wished each other good luck them we went inside an gave our exm soon after 3 hrs we came out and stands there with our other friends having fun when a girl from other school came towards us ..and she asked kunj …
Is she your sister pointer towards me ??

Kunj looked at me with what the hell expression and I laugh out loud and turned while kunj gritted his teeth and replied no …then she went from there ..
Stop laughing twinkle that wasn’t funny he said with his sadu face ..and I laughed again …
Yess that was not funny but your expressions were priceless I said laughing again …while he smiled cursing the girl for calling me his sister …
Then it was time to bid final bye to each other ..we didn’t knew that we are not gonna meet again …he left from there bidding me bye while I looked at him not feeling good …
Then after some days we broke up completely we used to fight many times as we are in touch on social networking sites…and the distance leads to us apart completely …and in that attempt 4 years passed ..after that day we never met again just chat once in months …
As we were besties so he started sharing about his new classmates…and the rest things …whenver we used to talk … everything was going smooth butt?
Now I was completely drenched up in tears …and can’t handle what happen few hours ago …I was trying to sleep but couldn’t I was diverting my mind but it’s not happening …just 5 hours ago he updated his watsapp status …
Oh damn finally we kissed …?? I was completely shattered to see it I know nothing left between us but still …still my heart is pricking badlyyyyy …not because he has moved on or anything else but because I had lost my last hope too …something’s can be never like before seriously …
strangers~friends~best friends~lovers~known strangers …

The end :::::
Everytime it’s not a happy ending of all the love stories sometimes it becomes the one sided love ???…
Tried something new ?? ..
Do comment if u like ✋

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  1. Presha

    Loved it..
    Too good..
    Love u…

  2. Fenil

    well said.

  3. Kiya1234

    Amazing os and true to all love stories has not happy ending sometimes bad ending too

  4. Awsm…
    Truly said

  5. nice one !
    this true yr it’s not necessary that every luv story has happy ending !some time it becomes one sided
    luved it so much
    keep writing
    keep smiling
    thanks for giving us such a wonderful os!

  6. Ananya_DSK

    Sam!!! That was so nice!! You are absolutely right… Not all love stories have a happy ending, but one sided love prevails… Absolutely loved it like every other thing you’ve written… Too good

  7. Nice story. Been in same situation word to word.

  8. Absolutely right
    And it was amazing

  9. Shalini15

    Uwaaaaaa uwaaaaaa ??????? rula diya mujhe. Kitni baar bola hai mujhe sad ending nahi pasand hai but ab ye maharani bhi aa gayi kuch naya karne ???? bechari twinkle kitna hurt thi uska dil tod diya ???? feeling very bad for her. Too emotional OS but loved it ???? nd you are right sabki love stories ki happy ending nahi hoti ?? Awesome.

    Love you ? ? ? ? ?

  10. Anusha


  11. Baby

    samieee loved it alott but wuld love to if u plssss update a part two for dis os plssssssssssss
    plssssssssss plssssssssss samieeee
    but really it was beautiful n emotional too ♥
    love u lods ♥

  12. SidMin23

    Story was amazing but why sad ending u know we always want twinj to be together ???? can u post another twinj os if possible plz.

  13. yrrrr rula diya ???awesome amazing emotional episode dear superb
    too good
    luv u dear

  14. Aamu

    Gauddd!! Bohot gehraii hai ye os me..
    Like how u wrote na…
    Seems like its someone’s true story..
    Chalo chodo..i toh loved it..
    And u r right..not evry love story has happy ending..
    That was painful….

    Loved it..❤❤

  15. Nishuu

    It was superb
    Loved it

  16. Twinj2000

    That was just amazing ??
    Loved it ❤️❤️
    So emotional ??
    Keep posting

  17. Ramya

    Awesome dear Amazing

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