“We were known has Kunj & Twinkle, But now we have become Jasmine & Sidhant” Episode 3


“We were known has Kunj & Twinkle, But now we have become Jasmine & Sidhant” Episode 3

Hey guys Nusz is back aha with another Fan-Fiction of Twinj aka Sidmin (From Cad raised in England). This story will be very different than the actual track!! But everything will be based on a love track in my style… I have written many Fan-Fictions and people enjoyed it a lot so I wanted to give a try out for Twinj because I am big fan of them xx. I also love Tiwraj. Well I hope you will enjoy episode one today. I will try to make this Fan-Fiction longer I guess well it depends anyways if people like it I will continue aha xx.

Link for Intro and Episode 1:



Outside Sana’s House

Sidhant and Jasmine share an eyelock while his/her friends arrive there and say their names. They both break the eye lock and Sidhant comes in his sense. He then drops Jasmine on the ground and her butt lands on there. She shouts in pain and says.

Jasmine: You idiot, how dare you drop me on the ground?

Sidhant: Just the way I caught you

Sidhant then starts dusting his hands.

Sana: Jasmine are you okay?

Nia: No she’s not okay; Jasmine you have totally lost it why would you suicide from Sana’s balcony?

Ravi: Kya baat Hai? Let’s make a film out of this

Jasmine: Nia I didn’t know I was falling of the balcony, I just saw my scarf falling and then I bend down.

Nia: And then you fell on the ground instead

Sidhant: She fell in my arms because I saved her life

Jasmine: Wah you saved but then you dropped me on the ground

Sidhant: Look if you can’t stand properly then go near the balcony and fall from there

Jasmine: You idiot don’t tell me what to do

Sidhant: I don’t care what you do

Shravan: Sid relax let’s not fight right now

Sidhant: Yea you’re right let’s leave from you

Ravi: Hey but these girls are hot let’s stay a little longer

Shravan: You idiot if you stay here they will make us into chickens

Jasmine gets up and points a finger at Sidhant.

Jasmine: Don’t play smart with me or I will teach you a lesson

Nia: This girl is starting another problem again

Sana: Can I ask you something?

Nia: What now?

Sana: Are you her best friend or Enemy?

Nia: I am her best friend who wants Jasmine to do the best with her life but she always starts a fight with someone

Sana: But this time it’s not her fault though

Nia: What do you mean it’s not her fault? She was standing near the balcony and fell off and that guy saved her

Sana: Oh really? He dropped her on the ground

Nia: Then he is wrong just like her, but she should be thankful that he saved her life

Sana: Okay let’s stop her

Sidhant: Look you Sippya Queen I don’t have time for you

Jasmine: Don’t you dare call me that or I will teach you a lesson

Shravan: Oh my god can you stop these two, we have college tomorrow

Ravi: Like he will ever listen to me

Shravan: What are you staring at?

Ravi: Her

Shravan: Duffer pay attention this is causing a problem

Sidhant: You think you’re very smart because of your prettiness?

Jasmine: Indeed I am but you aren’t hot at all

Sidhant: Shut up and listen to me carefully, you need to keep yourself from dangerous places because you might fall on and break your bones and not only that. People around you will be sad but I will be dancing because you’re such a stupid girl who was going to fall on a balcony just because of her scarf. What a dumb and stupid move I seen by a girl so far

Jasmine gets angry and points her finger

Jasmine: How dare you talk to Jasmine Bhasin like this?

Sidhant points a finger at Jasmine too

Sidhant: I Sidhant Gupta can point a finger back at you too

Jasmine: YOU

Sana and Nia hold her and say

Sana: Stop it Jasmine

Sidhant and Ravi reach there and tell Sidhant not to fight.

Ravi: Sid let’s not fight here

Sidhant: I don’t have time to fight with unless girls like her

Sidhant the walks away and Ravi and Shravan look and them and then turns around. Ravi starts laughing while Shravan hits him.

Jasmine: How dare he insult me like that?

Nia: Jas let’s go inside

Sana: Yea we have college tomorrow, you should get some rest

Nia: And next time don’t do something like this ever again

Nia and Sana take Jasmine inside and she says to herself.

Jasmine (In mind): I will teach that guy a lesson for dropping me on the ground and insulting me in front of my friends and his. You will have to pay for this.

They go inside Sana’s House and close the doors.


Outside Shravan’s House

Shravan: Sid listen to me for once

Ravi: Wa I hate you guys for not letting me talk to those girls

Shravan: Can you shut up?

Ravi: You guys are so mean

Shravan: Ravi you go inside because you’re fully drunk

Ravi: I wanna party with all the girls, where did they all go?

Shravan: They’re inside

Ravi: Are you sure?

Shravan: Yes go inside and sleep on the bed they will come there

Ravi: Okay and tell Sid not to fall in love so soon

Shravan gets angry and pushes him towards the door. Ravi starts dancing and goes inside the house.

Shravan: Okay Sid now listen to me carefully

Sidhant ignores him

Shravan: Stop acting like an ass towards me Sidhant

Sidhant turns around and looks at him with a weird face.

Sidhant: Act weird with you? I am tired of these lame girls with their excuses

Shravan: Sid you think everyone will be just like you?



Sidhant: I am screaming here? You’re the one telling me I am doing something wrong but not right

Shravan: Wait are you talking about that girl?

Sidhant: Not only that girl, I remember how my dad pushed my Ma away and left the house without another woman… Don’t you think that hurts me a lot? Why do you think I treat women like that? I always date one each day… I always get these flashbacks that are blurry and that stupid Ravi doesn’t even understand my problem… I am tired and sick of all this going through me.

Shravan: What did you say about the flashbacks?

Sidhant: I get them but I don’t see who they’re or whatever it is

Shravan: Sid, I think this is from your previous birth that you didn’t finish off before leaving

Sidhant: What nonsense is this?

Shravan: Whenever you think about your past with blurry images it means you need to finish something up in this new birth of yours

Sidhant: Dude you have lost it

Shravan: I can prove it too you

Sidhant: Are you insane? No such thing has reincarnation and I don’t believe in these kind of things.

Shravan: But you will have too and I can prove it too you

Sidhant: You’re drunk you need to rest let’s go inside

Shravan: Wait

Sidhant: I will see what Ravi is doing and then we should go to sleep too because you have college tomorrow… Now hurry up

Sidhant leaves while Shravan thinks.

Shravan: I don’t know what flashbacks it is… But something is missing and I don’t know what it is yet…

Shravan then runs after Sidhant and closes his door.


At The Temple (Morning)

The woman is lying down on the ground and hears the wind blowing while the bell rings to at the same time. She gets up and sees the Diya blowing and runs towards it. The woman then holds the Diya and covers her hands around the place do it doesn’t blow out.

Woman: Oh thank Kalima it didn’t blow out

She then looks at Kalima and bends her down at the platform.

Woman: Hai Kalima please I know this sign because it’s the first meeting of them… I need you to make them back together to kill that evil person who killed two lovers called Kunj and Twinkle.

The woman walks to the Diya and see someone.

Woman: Who’s that person it look I seen her before?

The woman runs after her but then trips on the stairs and hurts her leg.

Woman: Ah my leg, oh no the lady has left

The woman then looks at the sun and thinks.

Woman: I feel like today won’t be that good…

She slowly gets up and goes near the Kalima Temple and sits there.

Woman: Yeh Kalima keep everyone safe… I don’t want them to suffer like they did 20 years back.

The woman prays to god…


Outside College (Just the pick up their schedule)

Nia and Sana enter the college. Nia is wearing long jeans with a crop top while Sana is wearing skinny jeans a long sleeve shirt.

Nia: Oh my god can you imagine we’re back to college back three months of summer break

Sana: Yea we can all tell Nia

Nia: Man I hate college so much and there aren’t any hot guys other than that guy who saved Jasmine yesterday

Sana: Which one are you talking about?

Nia: I just said the one who saved Jas yesterday

Sana: What about the other two?

Nia: One was mental and kept dancing he also was staring at me

Sana started laughing and Nia gave her a dirty look

Nia: Why the hell are you laughing?

Sana: Are you talking about that guy?

Nia looks and sees Ravi the one who was drunk yesterday and his friend Shravan along with him.

Nia: Oh Jesus what are they doing here? That means the guy who saved Jas will be here too

Sana: Yea so?

Nia: Jas said she will teach him a lesson

Sana: She can’t do anything and anyways where is?

Nia: She’s on her way

Sana: Did she go home?

Nia: Yea because her stuff was there

Sana: Achaa I wanted to ask you something, you that guy who was drunk and the guy beside him

Nia: Yea what about him?

Sana: I find him cute

Nia: You find boys cute? Since when did you?

All of sudden Jasmine comes there wearing tights and a white shirt that says I hate Mondays. Jasmine looks angry and tired like hell.

Sana: Jas what the hell happened to your style?

Nia: You look like a donkey in that outfit (She says with a laugh)

Jasmine: Shut up Nia my mood is already ruined from yesterday because of that stupid boy

Nia: Chill Jas

Jasmine: Chill? It’s the first day of school and I look horrible

Sana: You look alright Jasmine

Jasmine: Alright? I look stupid

Nia: Sure!

Jasmine: Nia I hate you very nice

Nia: By the way I have good news for your revenge

Jasmine: What do you mean?

Sana: Nia what are you doing?

Jasmine: What’s going on?

Nia: Let me explain to you Jas



Ravi is wearing shorts and t-shirt while Shravan is wearing jeans and a black shirt. Ravi and Shravan enter the college and everyone welcomes them for their return. They all leave and Shravan tells Ravi something.

Shravan: What the hell happened to you yesterday night?

Ravi: I don’t even remember, I didn’t drink that much

Shravan: You were full on drunk yesterday and worse things

Ravi: Look I am sorry Shravan I don’t even remember what exactly happened yesterday because my head is hurting

Shravan (In mind): Ravi doesn’t drink much then what the hell happened with him yesterday?

Ravi: Look Siddhant is coming well his style improved

Sidhant comes there wearing jeans and a jean jacket with a white shirt. He also has black glasses on.

Shravan: Mhm, better than yours

Ravi: Thank you retard

Shravan: No problem

Sidhant: Hey guys sorry I had to do something before coming to college

Shravan: Went your Ma and said “I met a girl and she bullied me badly”

Sidhant: I will kick your ass

Ravi: You should

Shravan: I am just saying the truth and you know something else

Sidhant: What?

Shravan: Ravi said your style sucks

Ravi: Liar I never said that

Sidhant: He probably just jealous of me

Ravi: I rather me jealous of my foot

They start walking together and Jasmine smiles after Nia told that Sidhant goes to this school.

Jasmine: Well now it’s time for me to teach him a lesson

Sana: Jasmine what’s in your mind?

Nia: I don’t know

Sana: Nia did you really have too?

Jasmine: You will see


Outside the building of the College

Ravi, Shravan, and Sidhant come from one side while Jasmine, Nia and Sana come from the side. They come front to front. Sidhant takes off his glasses and get shocked seeing Jasmine.

Sidhant: You? What the hell are you doing here?

Jasmine: I go to this college

Sidhant: I wasn’t talking to you

Jasmine: Um I am the only one in front of you

Shravan and Ravi laugh

Shravan: He wouldn’t want to look at you either way

Ravi: Look behind you

They turn and see a girl standing there.

Surbhi: Hey Sidhant it seems like you moved on with life

Sidhant: Surbhi what are you doing?

Surbhi: I just moved to this school

Sidhant: Well I am happy you came here

Surbhi: Well I missed you guys

Surbhi hugs Siddhant, Shravan and Ravi.

Ravi: Nice meeting you again Surbhi

Surbhi: I need to go catch you later

Surbhi leaves and Jasmine snaps her hand in front Sidhant

Jasmine: Don’t act smart with me

Sidhant: Look just because you’re the same college has me doesn’t mean I have to pay attention towards you only, I have a life too. Whatever happened yesterday won’t ever happen again has my promise.

Ravi: Guys College is starting

Shravan: Sid let’s go

They leave while Jasmine fumes in anger

Jasmine: How dare he always be so rude towards me? He was the one who dropped me on the ground so badly and I also had to dress up like this back to college on the first day. I HATE THIS SO MUCH.

Nia: Relax Jasmine I have a plan in my mind

Sana: Nia, stop it

Nia: What I am trying to help her

Sana: By teaching her bad things?

Nia: That isn’t bad, he hurt and she has to teach him a lesson so he can treat girls well

Jasmine: She has a point and I have a plan in my mind now… When picking up our schedules for college ends then this plan will work but first I need to speak to those boys over there.

Sana: Jas what are you up too?

Jasmine: You see

Nia and Jasmine smile while Sana is annoyed by this.


A Big House

Someone is shown looking at the picture of Kunj and Twinkle. The person touches their faces and laughs loudly.

Person: Wow it’s been 20 years and I still haven’t miss you a bit

The maid in the house comes towards the person to tell him/her about something.

Person: What do you want?

Maid: Some lady just entered the house and started throwing things

Person: Oh my god it’s that women from the temple

The person runs and sees the lady from the temple breaking his/her things because of everything from the past.


Woman: Don’t scream at me, Kalima told me that you’re wrong and I need to punish you

Person: You’re insane I don’t even know you

Woman: You killed two lover 20 years ago

Person: What nonsense is this?

Woman: Don’t act smart in front of me because I know you well then anyone else here

Person: You need help

Woman: Don’t worry when they come back with their memories then you will know the meaning of true love and how you killed them both

Person: SHUT UP

Woman: I promise you that from my Kalima


The guards come and drag her away and she says while being dragged from his house.

Woman: You will pay for your sins you caused 20 years back… I promise you that

The woman leaves then he/her screams


A woman comes there and says

Woman: Seems like it’s gonna happen now

Person: What?

Woman: None thing, I need to leave

The woman leaves and he/she says

Person: What the hell is that woman talking about?


College (Outside)

Sidhant: Well finally I got my classes

Shravan: Dude I only have two classes with you

Sidhant: I know

Ravi: I have four

Shravan: Good luck

Ravi: Shut up you idiot

Shravan: I was joking

Sidhant: Their better be some hot girls in this college

Shravan: You and these girls

Sidhant: I am a player after all

Ravi: Why are those guys coming towards us?

Shravan: To ask you out

Ravi: Shut up you idiot

The boys come in front of them and says

Boy: Which one of you is Sidhant?

Sidhant: I am? What do you want?

Boy: Guys

The boys push Sidhant and he fall on the ground

Everyone gathers around the place including Jasmine, Nia and Sana.

Sana: This was your plan? Beating up a guy just because he dropped you on the ground and he also saved your life

Jasmine: He needs to learn his lesson for ruining my outfit and back.

Nia: Well this is going to be interesting

Sana: Guys stop them

Jasmine: Sana just for a bit okay

Sana: This is totally wrong guys

Nia: Can we enjoy for once?

Back to the fight

Shravan: Hey how dare you hit my friend?

Boy pushes him and Sidhant gets up and pushes him.

Sidhant: I am not that weak

Ravi punches the other guy while Shravan and Sidhant fight the other two.

Sana: Jasmine stop them

Jasmine: No this is really fun and interesting (Jasmine starts jumping up and down)

Nia: I find this like a movie

Sana sneaks into the college to get help.

Sidhant gets punched on the face while Shravan and Ravi are fighting. The guy takes a rot and hits Sidhant with. Sidhant is hurt badly. The guy was about to hit his head when Shravan and Ravi see them.

Shravan: Ravi what the hell is going on?

Ravi: I think this plan is done by that girl who saved Sidhant

Nia: Okay that’s too far

Jasmine: I didn’t tell them to do that

Sana comes there with the teachers and principals. They stop the fight and Sidhant is injured really badly.

Jasmine comes running there and says

Jasmine: I didn’t tell them to hit him with rots

Nia: Then why are they hitting with rots?

Jasmine: I don’t know but thank god Sana called the teachers and principals.

Ravi overhears their conversation and says in his mind.

Ravi (In mind): I was right about her… She was the one who said it

Shravan: Sid you okay?

Jasmine and Sidhant share an eye lock while the wind blows.

Teacher: You boys come with me and everyone else go home everything is over.

Principal: Sidhant you come with us and tell everything that happened

Jasmine and Sidhant share and eye lock and break it after.

Shravan and Ravi take Sidhant inside after the boys who beat up them. Jasmine looks on while Sana bashes Jasmine.

Sana: You’re so selfish Jasmine how can you do something like this? And Nia you? How can you play along with her two? You two are so mean and got a guy hurt so badly… What if he finds out?

Jasmine: I am sorry Sana and he won’t find out

Sana: I don’t want to hear your sorry and I am leaving

Jasmine: Sana wait listen to me

Sana leaves while Nia says

Nia: Don’t worry Sana will be mad at you for a bit but will forgive you after

Jasmine: I know but this is way too much

Nia: Okay let’s go see if his alright

Jasmine and Nia quickly leave towards the office.

Jasmine (In mind): I wonder why those boys actually hit him so badly when I said just soft hits.

Episode ends with Jasmine’s confused face.

Moral – “Summer is over and now it’s time for school, but at least try to smile”

Recap: Sidhant finds out Jasmine is the one who did it. Sidhant was about to slap Jasmine and stops because he never hits women. Sidhant gives her a lecture which makes her angry and hurt. They both meet at the temple and share an eye lock but then she trips and he catches her. Then Jasmine tries to say sorry while Sidhant says you better stay away from me or I will tell everything to the office that you played this game. Jasmine is shocked. A flashback of Twinj will be shown too. Nia and Ravi start fighting while Sana and Shravan look on xx.


Characters of the Fan-Fiction (More revealed in the upcoming episodes)

Jasmine Bhasin (Known has Twinkle Taneja in TEI)

Sidhant Gupta (Known has Kunj Sarna in TEI)

Nia Sharma (Known has Roshni Khurana in Jamai Raja)

Ravi Dubey (Known has Siddharth Roshni Khurana in Jamai Raja)

Shravan Reddy (Known has Aryan from Krishnadasi)

Sana Amin (Known has Aradhya from Kirshnadasi)

Deepika Amin (Known has Usha Manohar Sarna in Tashan – E – Ishq

Woman a temple (Will be revealed later)

Twinj love destroyer (Will be revealed soon)

Surbhi Joyti (Known has Mallika from Ishqbaaz)


(By the way, if you’re reading this ff, please do comment your ideas and how is the story going for you. Also love you all aha x)

Btw I’ll post the next episode when I have time aha xx.

Thank you so much for enjoying this, please do comment and silent readers I need to know if you want me to make this Fan-Fiction longer or not!! Till then enjoy Episode 3!! (Also there might be some grammar errors because I didn’t read over my work so Hmm aha xx.)

Love you guys by Nusz aha xx.

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