“We were known has Kunj & Twinkle, But now we have become Jasmine & Sidhant” Episode 2 (First meet)


“We were known has Kunj & Twinkle, But now we have become Jasmine & Sidhant” Episode 2 (First meet)

Hey guys Nusz is back aha with another Fan-Fiction of Twinj aka Sidmin (From Cad raised in England). This story will be very different than the actual track!! But everything will be based on a love track in my style… I have written many Fan-Fictions and people enjoyed it a lot so I wanted to give a try out for Twinj because I am big fan of them xx. I also love Tiwraj. Well I hope you will enjoy episode one today. I will try to make this Fan-Fiction longer I guess well it depends anyways if people like it I will continue aha xx.

Link for Intro and Episode 1:



On the road

Nia is driving the car and puts loud music on at the same time. Jasmine is sitting down and looks out the window remembering when she touched that boy’s hand and felt like she knew him. Nia then starts screaming and Jasmine gets distracted.

Nia: JASMINE!!!!!

Jasmine: Nia why are you screaming?

Nia: Because I am high

Jasmine: Yea I can see that

Nia: By the way we are already late because of you

Jasmine: Okay how is this my fault when you wanted to go to the temple?

Nia: Okay the temple part only 5 minutes and then you added 20 minutes into that

Jasmine: Well I got lost

Nia: Lost in his thoughts?

Jasmine: It’s nothing like that…

Nia: Then why are you acting like this?

Jasmine: Nia, I feel like I know this guy… I think there is something I left out in my pervious birth

Nia: What do you mean?

Jasmine: Like something bad happened and I couldn’t fulfill it… Even though I don’t believe in all this but my mom told me about this

Nia: I don’t what you’re talking about? You always have weird dreams and now you’re talking nonsense

Jasmine: I am talking about nonsense though; this is what I actually hear and see everyday

Nia: Okay look I don’t want to know anything else about this

Jasmine: But Nia

Nia: No buts, we’re almost at Sana’s house

Jasmine: But can you listen to me for once

Nia: Tell Sana she will understand your problem, right now I want to listen to my music

Nia puts loud music and starts singing again

Jasmine (In mind): Okay then Nia won’t listen to me… then I should ask Sana about this because she is someone who always understands my problem…


On the road

Sidhant is thinking about the situation that happened at the temple. He remembers when he touched Jasmine’s hand.

Sidhant: I still don’t get it

Ravi: Get what?

Sidhant: When I touched that girl’s hand all I heard is a lady screaming while the bells are ringing

Ravi: You know something Sid

Sidhant: What?

Ravi: I have never heard you say something so stupid before, what the hell happening to you

Sidhant: I don’t know, after I met that girl I feel like I have a connection with her

Ravi: What connection? Like you two lovers?

Sidhant: I didn’t even see her face because of you

Ravi: Dude I came right in front you after you turned around

Sidhant: Yea because that touch made me remember something

Ravi: What do you mean?

Sidhant: I feel like something was left out in my pervious birth?

Ravi: Like you didn’t finish off before leaving?

Sidhant: I don’t know but I do know something

Ravi: What do you know?

Sidhant: That I need to finish something that I didn’t in my pervious birth

Ravi: Okay when did you start believing all this?

Sidhant: I don’t know but after going to that temple I keep seeing and hearing weird things

Ravi: Look you need to relax

Sidhant: I can’t thought these things are bothering me like hell after entering a temple

Ravi: Then why did you go there in the first place?

Sidhant: Because I heard someone calling me

Ravi: Who??

Sidhant: I don’t know I just heard the wind and also I promised my Ma I would go inside the temple one day

Ravi: Okay dude you’re confusing me like hell

Sidhant: I am also confused myself

Ravi: Okay you just rest for now when we reach Shravan’s house then you will forget all about this

Sidhant: Yea I think you’re right and probably I am just over thinking about things

Ravi: Yea and we’re almost at Shravan’s house

Sidhant: Alright then

Ravi: I will put some music on to keep you distracted

Sidhant: Thanks (In mind): This is weird whenever I enter a temple why does this always happen to me? What is going on here? I really need to find out… but maybe it’s just once… Okay I need to relax…


At a temple

The woman holds the Diya and blows the fire. She then says…

“They both are getting those feelings right? But how will they meet again? Will this love story be completed then the other one?”

The woman starts dancing happily and people around here are confused for what she is going.

“Oh god please make them meet again, love can’t blossom until they meet”

She then walks back with the Diya and starts praying to god for help


Outside Sana’s House

Nia finally reaches Sana’s house and sees Jasmine sleeping.

Nia: Uff this girl is sleeping again; I wonder what’s happening to her

Nia makes Jasmine wake up with loud music

Jasmine: What the hell is wrong with you Nia?

Nia: Well you were sleeping so I had to wake you up

Jasmine: Wow you’re such a nice friend

Nia: I know I am

Sana comes out after hearing the voice.

Sana: I knew it was you guys after listening to the music that Nia loves the most

Jasmine: Well this time she did that on purpose

Sana: What do you mean?

Nia: Let’s not talk here, I want to go inside

Sana: Then come on

Jasmine and Nia come out of the car and go inside Sana’s house


While driving Ravi stops the car randomly and Sidhant hits his head and looks at him with an angry face.

Sidhant: Are you sleeping and driving?

Ravi: Dude, we arrived at Shravan’s house

Sidhant: Duffer the way you pulled the breaks would have my broke head

Ravi: Oh my poor baby, did I hurt you? Here I will give you a kissy

Sidhant: Ewe you retarded move

Ravi starts laughing and claps his hands

Shravan: Well guys you finally made it, and why the hell are you laughing like an idiot?

Ravi: I tried to get hot with Sid

Sidhant: Pedophile, you’re nasty AF

Ravi: I know that’s why I romance you

Shravan: Wrong he actually romances with his pillow

Ravi: Say swear to god

Shravan: He was actually kissing it

Sidhant: Oh I was kissing it?

Sidhant hits the water bottle on both of their heads

Shravan: Okay I am joking now can we go inside the party is gonna start soon

Ravi: Oh so you invited all the girls and boys already

Shravan: Dude I am 23 years old now so I can do whatever I want now

Ravi: Yet you have a dumb brain

Sidhant stares at the house in front of them and looks on.

Shravan: What’s up with him?

Ravi: Apparently he sees some girl in his dreams

Shravan: Which girl are you are talking about?

Ravi: Probably some girl from his dreamland

Sidhant: Duffer, I am actually thinking about how some idiot would marry you

Ravi: Excuse me?

Sidhant: Because I am much hotter then you

Shravan: Well I must say that’s true

Ravi: You retard

Sidhant runs and says

Sidhant: Let’s get this party started before its 12am!!!

Shravan: I think you’re obsessed with the girls instead of him

Ravi: Okay idiot now let’s go

They run after him


The Temple (Around 11pm)

The wind starts blowing and the woman turns and is shocked to see a person. She runs towards that person and give him/her a tight slap

“How dare you here after so many years” She says

“Don’t act smart with you, Why are you doing all this” Him/her says

“You think you’re going to win this time? No way because this time they will take the revenge from you” She says

“I don’t believe anything you say, they died in front of me and I felt bad when I lost one of them, I still miss that person” Him/her says


Him/her pushes her and says

“You’re sick, go check your brain” Him/her says and leaves from there


“Whatever” he/she says before leaving

“I won’t let’s anything happen to them this time because I know they have become even stronger then before” She says

The woman starts crying to god so none thing bad happens.


Sana’s House

Sana: I am bored like hell

Jasmine: I like my nightdress

Sana: Yea because you’re wearing shorts and a Mickey Mouse top

Jasmine: Ha-Ha you know me so well, But Sana I needed to tell you something

Sana: What is it Jas?

Jasmine: It’s about the temple trip

Nia comes there and screams


Sana: Okay Nia what do you want to do?

Jasmine: Stupid Nia always ruins it

Nia: Did you say something?

Jasmine: I was trying to tell Sana something

Nia: Oh missy smarty pants she doesn’t want to listen to your stories

Jasmine: Look I am not playing games here

Sana: Guys stop, why you don’t sing a song Jas

Jasmine: Why me?

Sana: Because Nia told me you sing so well

Nia: I never said that

Sana: Shut up liar, Jas sing Na

Jasmine: Okay I will sing just this once

Shravan’s House

Shravan: Dude I am fully drunk right now

Ravi: Where did everyone go?

Shravan: Dude it almost 12 am and we partied way to much

Ravi: But those girls

Shravan: Go after them and where did Sid go?

Ravi: He went upstairs

Shravan: What the hell is he doing upstairs?

Ravi: Probably praying to god, I wanna stay a good boy forever

Shravan: Sid and good boy? He had at least 20 girlfriends and they all dumb him because of cheating and lying.

Ravi: I saw him go up with some girls and I don’t know… Right now I wanna dance

Shravan: I am going outside

Ravi: Wait you idiot I am coming too

Upstairs in one of the rooms Sidhant is with a girl. He tries to get romantic but starts laughing and says.

Sidhant: I am not in the mood, I need to sleep

The girl gets angry and throws water on him and he starts laughing

Sidhant: Well I got her too; anyways any girl would fall for me because I am made for myself and me

Sana’s House/Shravan’s House

Sana: Okay sing any song

Jasmine: This sounds so cheesy but I don’t have any songs in my mind at the moment

Nia: Then close your eyes and think of a song

Jasmine: Who does that?

Nia: I do and plus and plus pass me the popcorn

Sana: Just try it and think of any song

Jasmine: I don’t know any new songs, I only listen to English music and you know that

Sana: Okay do an old song then

Jasmine: Okay wait, I’ll think of one

Jasmine closes her eyes and starts singing the song Kaun Tujhe (From M.S Dhoni a new movie)

Sidhant then gets up to leave the room

Sidhant: I wonder where those two idiots ran off too.

Sidhant stops when he hears a voice singing.

Jasmine: “Tu aata hai seene mein Jab jab saansein bharti hoon Tere dil ki galiyon se Main har roz guzarti hoon”

Sidhant: That voice…

Nia: This song is new…

Sana: I never heard it before…

Nia: It just realized a few days ago

Sana: Then how does she know this song…

Nia: I don’t know, wait let finish…

Jasmine gets up and goes near the balcony and starts out there.

Jasmine: “Hawaa ke jaise chalta hai tu Main ret jaisi udti hoon Kaun tujhe yun pyar karega
Jaise main karti hoon”

Sidhant touches his head and goes near the balcony

Sidhant: That voice I know I heard it somewhere…

Jasmine: “Ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ….”

Sidhant: Twinkle…

Tune plays

Jasmine then gets flashback and opens her eyes. She then starts singing again

Jasmine: “Meri nazar ka safar Tujhpe hi aake ruke Kehne ko baaqi hai kya Kehna tha jo keh chuke”

Sidhant then rushes downstairs after hearing her voice. He reaches outside and looks for her. He then realizes it’s coming from the house in front him.

Sidhant: I need to find out who is singing that song

Shravan and Ravi see Sidhant running out the gate and runs after him.

Jasmine: “Meri nigahein hain Teri nigahon ki tujhe khabar kya be-khabar”

Jasmine then touches her heart and feels someone touched her…

Jasmine: Kunj?

Sidhant is seen running and stop after seeing a flashback that is blurry…

Sidhant: Twinkle who’s that?

Jasmine: “Main tujhse hi chhup chhup kar Teri aankhen padhti hoon Kaun tujhe yoon pyaar karega Jaise main karti hoon”

Sidhant goes in front of the house

Jasmine: “Ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ….”

Sana: Should we stop her from singing

Nia: Wait I will be right back, I think something happened to her

Sana: Wait I have the medicines

Nia: Hurry up Sana

Tune plays

Jasmine: “Tu jo mujhe aa mila Sapne hue sirphire Hathon mein aate nahi Udte hain lamhe mere”

Sidhant then comes in front of the house where she’s singing from. Jasmine’s scarf hits her face he doesn’t see it clearly and looks at her.

Jasmine: “Meri hansi tujhse Meri khushi tujhse Tujhe khabar kya be-qadar”

Jasmine then takes the scarf off her face and it falls on Sidhant. The scarf touches his face and he feels like something is connected to him by the touch.

Sidhant: This touch feels like something…

Nia and Sana reach there and then Jasmine opens and her eyes and sees her scarf she was going to call him when she falls off and Sidhant sees this and throws the scarf and runs towards her. He catches her and the scarf falls on her head. Nia and Jasmine run after her and look down. They both rush downstairs while Ravi and Shravan reach there and sees them.

Background music: “Jis din tujhko na dekhun Pagal pagal phirti hoon Kaun tujhe yoon pyaar karega Jaise main karti hoon”

Sidhant then takes the scarf off her face and they both got to see each other after ages. They both share and eye lock

Background music: “Ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ….”

The music and episode ends with them staring at each other.

Moral – “When you meet someone for ages you will always getting these feelings when you actually loved him/her at a point in your life”

Recap: “Why did you drop me on the ground” “Because I think you’re a Siyppaa Queen” They share an eye lock with angry expressions ha-ha (Also I am very sorry for the late update now I will be on time, that’s my promise to you guys aha xx”


Characters of the Fan-Fiction (More revealed in the upcoming episodes)

Jasmine Bhasin (Twinkle Taneja)

Sidhant Gupta (Kunj Sarna)

Nia Sharma (Known has Roshni Khurana in Jamai Raja)

Ravi Dubey (Known has Siddharth Roshni Khurana in Jamai Raja)

Shravan Reddy (Known has Aryan from Krishnadasi)

Sana Amin (Known has Aradhya from Kirshnadasi)

Deepika Amin (Known has Usha Manohar Sarna in Tashan – E – Ishq

Woman a temple (Will be revealed later)

Twinj love destroyer (Will be revealed soon)


(By the way, if you’re reading this ff, please do comment your ideas and how is the story going for you. Also love you all aha x)

Btw I’ll post the next episode when I have time aha xx.

Thank you so much for enjoying this, please do comment and silent readers I need to know if you want me to make this Fan-Fiction longer or not!! Till then enjoy Episode 2!! (Also there might be some grammar errors because I didn’t read over my work so Hmm aha xx.)

Love you guys by Nusz aha xx.

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