“We were known has Kunj and Twinkle, But now we have become Jasmine and Sidhant” Episode 1


“We were known has Kunj and Twinkle, But now we have become Jasmine and Sidhant” Episode 1

Hey guys Nusz is back aha with another Fan-Fiction of Twinj aka Sidmin (From Cad raised in England). This story will be very different than the actual track!! But everything will be based on a love track in my style… I have written many Fan-Fictions and people enjoyed it a lot so I wanted to give a try out for Twinj because I am big fan of them xx. I also love Tiwraj. Well I hope you will enjoy episode one today. I will try to make this Fan-Fiction longer I guess well it depends anyways if people like it I will continue aha xx.

20 years later in Mumbai

At a beautiful Temple aha

A woman at the temple start telling people a story and everyone thinks she is crazy. But this woman is someone who knew a couple who loved each other dearly. But nobody believed her at all. She still told everyone that they will return again and make this world peaceful with true love.

“They’re born again and will unite together and I will wait for that day to happen”

Everyone was confused and just walked away from the lady who was sitting near the God’s place.

“Okay don’t believe me… But I promise you that this time they will shine together”


A girl is running across the road but her sandal rips and she holds it on her hand. She was wearing a beautiful blue short dress with brown long boots on. She let her hair out while holding on her phone at the same time.

Girl: Oh god this slipper had to rip at the wrong time.

All of a sudden her friend was running after her and was really tired at the same time.

Roshni: What the hell why are you running so fast?

Girl: I want to go shopping that’s why

Nia: You’re very inpatient

Girl: Hey Jasmine Bhasin isn’t patient when it comes to shopping

Nia: Okay but first we need to go the temple

Jasmine: Why the temple? I don’t want to go there

Nia: I need to give something to my Aunt remember I told you earlier?

Jasmine: Why the hell does your aunt always want to meet you at the temple?

Nia: Because she thinks I am spoiled and don’t do religious things because of you

Jasmine: Oh so this is my fault too?

Nia: Oh Jasmine don’t waste my time and let’s go the temple just for today only please

Jasmine: But what about the others? Why won’t find us now and also my sandal ripped

Nia: How did you rip your sandal?

Jasmine: When we were running remember?

Nia: Excuse me Madam; you were the one running for some reason not me

Jasmine: I don’t know I just feel like I know this place for ages… It feels like I am connected to this place.

Nia: Okay you have lost it… Anyways I just text the others they will meet us outside the temple

Jasmine: Okay then let’s getting going because I really need to buy new dresses for the party tonight

Nia: Okay Baba let’s go


Gupta Mansion

A guy is coming out of the shower and puts loud music on. He starts singing and playing his guitar at the same time. He quickly finds and outfit and wears it so he can go out with his friends. Then he hears his mom knocking his door.

Deepika: Are you ready yet?

The guy opens the door and hugs his mom.

Guy: Good morning Ma

Deepika: Good morning Ma? It’s good afternoon

Guy: Oh I knew that

Deepika: When will you become a good and responsible person?

Siddhant: Ma I am Siddhant Gupta and only in college right now

Deepika: And you’re finishing college within in four months

Siddhant: Okay I understand but today is my friend’s birthday

Deepika: You always make excuses to leave the house

Siddhant: Okay Ma just for tonight I promise

Deepika: When will you be back home?

Siddhant: Before eleven I promise this time

Deepika: You say that every time

Siddhant: Okay ask Bebe

Deepika: She’s not home

Siddhant: Where did Bebe go?

Deepika: She went out to meet her friends this morning

Siddhant: Oh I see only she can meet her friends and I can’t

Deepika: You’re a young guy who needs to work with his dad for the business

Siddhant: I will I promise but now can I do

Deepika: Okay but first have this Ladoo before you leave
Siddhant then gets flashbacks but they’re blurry. Siddhant sees someone giving him Ladoo and he smiles seeing this…

Siddhant: What was that?

Deepika: Is everything okay Siddhant?

Siddhant: Yea everything is fine, I just saw something

Deepika: You see something every time

Siddhant: I don’t know why but I feel like something was left out of the my previous life

Deepika: Okay Siddhant no more talking

Siddhant: Alright Ma, I am going out now! So see you later

Deepika: Wait Siddhant!!

Siddhant: I almost forgot the best part

Deepika: Huh?

Siddhant quickly kisses his mother on the forehead and takes the Ladoo and leaves the place.

Siddhant sees his friends in the car and goes inside and leaves with them


At the temple

Nia and Jasmine enter the temple. Jasmine gets confused by seeing this place.

Jasmine: Nia

Nia: What’s wrong Jasmine?

Jasmine: I feel like I came here before

Nia: You came here before? You haven’t even entered a temple before

Jasmine: I know that’s the point but this place feels like

Nia: Okay stop with your little boring talks

Jasmine: No I am not joking

Nia: Okay Jasmine I need to give this to the priest and I will be right back
Jasmine: Yea sure I will stay here

Jasmine stand near the god’s place and sees the winding blowing heavily while the bells are ringing.

Jasmine: I think today is a bad weather but I saw it was sunny the whole day

“Outside the Temple”

There Sidhant and his friend are hearing music and singing while the car tire punctures.

Ravi: Great now the tire punctured

Sidhant: It’s your car not mines

Ravi: Wait I will call Shravan to come pick us up

Sidhant: No need his is already waiting for us

Ravi: I know but it’s already three because of you

Sidhant: Oh now that’s my fault

Ravi: Okay Sidhant I will go get a tire from that store

Sidhant: I will call my mom to send a car instead

Ravi: You know I can do that too

Sidhant: Then do it smarty pants

Ravi: But I think getting a tire is better

Sidhant: Okay you do that, I will go the temple

Ravi: Temple?

Sidhant: I promised my Ma that I will one day

Ravi: Okay hurry up

Sidhant: Yea you carry on

Ravi: I am not your slave

Sidhant: I am joking I love you

Ravi: I am not Gay either

Sidhant: I know that you idiot

Ravi then leaves the get a tire from that store nearby the temple while Sidhant runs up the temple.

“At the temple”

A lady is speaking again

“They going to meet today I can feel it… and it will be at the same temple they met 20 years back”

The woman starts dancing in happiness

“Love will start again and will be given a new name… Oh god please tell me who is it”

Jasmine hair starts blowing and Sidhant is running up the stairs while the song Sanam Teri Kasam plays.

Tune plays

Jasmine: Why is the wind blowing all of a sudden and where the hell did Nia and all the people go? I think they’re on the other side…

While Jasmine was walking a flower falls on her head

“Betahasha dil ne Tujhko hi chaaha hai Har duaa mein maine Tujhko hi maanga hai”

Jasmine: This flower means good luck right?

Then she gets blurry images of her past

*Flashback 20 years back*

A guy and girl entered a temple and held hands together. They were named Kunj and Twinkle.

Kunj: Twinkle you know something?

Twinkle: What is Kunj?

Kunj: I will always love you till day we meet again

Twinkle: Why are you saying this?

Kunj: If we do leave this world together we will meet here again

Twinkle looks at Kunj and smiles and then she quickly hugs him.

Twinkle: I love you Kunj

Kunj: I love you my Twinkle

“Tera jaana jaise koi baddua Tera jaana jaise koi baddua Door jaaoge jo tum Mar jaayenge hum
Sanam teri kasam o.. Sanam teri kasam o.. Sanam teri kasam..”

Kunj: I want our child to be exactly like you

Twinkle: But I want a son

Kunj: I want a daughter though

Twinkle: SON


Twinkle: Can we stop fighting we came here to pray to god before leaving

Kunj: Leaving where??

Twinkle: Stop acting

Kunj: No I forgot

Twinkle: Goa remember

Kunj smiles at her

Twinkle: When we sat together and looks at the happiness around us

Kunj gets happy and carries her

Twinkle: What are you doing?

Kunj: I am carrying you all the way to the car and now I won’t let you walk on the ground when I am here

“Tumhe dekhte hi aankhen ho jaati namm Sanam teri kasam o.. Sanam teri kasam o.. Sanam teri kasam..”

Twinkle: Why do you love me so much Kunj?

Kunj: Because you’re the one taught me the meaning of love and I promise I will love you forever.

“Huaa ye kya hashar mere Judaa huaa sabar mera Main tere bin ek lamha Kyun kabhi naa jiya”

Twinkle kisses Kunj the cheek and carries her all the way to the car

*Flashback of 20 years ends*

Jasmine: Ouch what the hell was that? Why do I always get these dreams? I need to find Nia and leave from here.

Sidhant enters the temple and smiles and feels like he knows this place.

Sidhant: Did I ever come here? Or I always think that

Jasmine was about to go when her scarf blows and it falls on Sidhant

“Raat bhar ashqo ne tujhko pukara hai Har dua main maine tujhko hi maanga hai”

Jasmine: My scarf where did it go?

Sidhant touches the scarf and gets confused about his feelings…

Sidhant: Twinkle is that you…

“Tera jaana jaise koi baddua Door jaaoge jo tum Mar jaayenge hum Sanam teri kasam o.. Sanam teri kasam o.. Sanam teri kasam..”

All of a sudden Nia comes back

Nia: Jasmine

Jasmine: Where the hell did you go and I lost my scarf too

Nia: How?

Jasmine: The winding was blowing

Sidhant then says

Sidhant: Twinkle? Who the hell is Twinkle?

“Tumhe dekhte hi aankhen ho jaati nam Sanam teri kasam o.. Sanam teri kasam o.. Sanam teri kasam..”

Sidhant takes the scarf of his face and looks for the person

Sidhant: Who’s scarf is this?

Jasmine: I can’t leave without my scarf

Nia: It’s just a scarf

Jasmine: Gifted by mom remember that

Nia: Okay Baba I will look for it

All of a sudden Ravi comes there

Ravi: Okay let’s go Sidhant

Sidhant: Wait this is someone’s scarf?

Ravi: So what?

Sidhant: I need to return it…

Jasmine (in mind): Why this place? What is there always I am afraid off?

Sidhant (In mind): Someone I know was here… but who would I know?

“Nasha tera dil ko lagaa Dena nahi mujhko dagaa Main teri aadat ka maara Hai kya meri khataa”

Sidhant then sees to girls and goes towards them…

Sidhant: Hey is this your scarf

Jasmine: I don’t have time to talk…

Jasmine back is towards Sidhant.

“Tere bin naamumkin Apna guzaara hai Har duaa mein maine Tujhko hi maanga hai”

Sidhant: Hey I think this your scarf?

Jasmine: Okay stop talking… I don’t want to hear it…

Sidhant holds her hand and gives her the scarf…

They both confused by their touch then Ravi and Nia arrive there. Ravi goes in front of Sidhant while Nia takes the scarf

“Tera jaana jaise koi baddua Door jaaoge jo tum Mar jaayenge hum Sanam teri kasam o..
Sanam teri kasam o.. Sanam teri kasam..”

Jasmine turns around and sees Ravi and Sidhant runs down the temple stairs.

Jasmine: Thank you for my scarf

Ravi: It wasn’t me

Jasmine: Huh

Ravi: It was (He then turns around and sees Sidhant long gone)

Jasmine: It’s okay you don’t want to the take the credit but thanks anyways

Nia: Now can we go Jasmine??

Jasmine: Yea let’s go

Ravi: This idiot always wants me to get blamed by cute girls

“Near Ravi’s car”

Sidhant: What the hell was that? Why does it feel like I know that girl? I didn’t even get to see her face? This temple made me feel so uncomfortable? Who is this Twinkle and how do I know her name? I don’t want to go there ever again nor do I want meet people that I barely know.

All of a sudden Ravi comes there

Ravi: you idiot why did you leave me there alone and why are you talking to yourself??

Sidhant: I was thinking about something

Ravi: Like always those girls probably hate me now

Sidhant: Look Ravi please let’s leave from here

Ravi: Dude, are you okay?

Sidhant: This place is very odd

Ravi: How though?

Sidhant: Can we just leave

Ravi: Okay then

Sidhant and Ravi leave from there

“Near the temple stairs”

Nia: Why you so quiet?

Jasmine: This flower fell on me

Nia: So what?

Jasmine: And when that guy touched my hand I felt like I knew him for ages

Nia: Why do you always feel like you know something when you never saw it before?

Jasmine: Is from my previous birth?

Nia: I heard that when you get those flashbacks it means stop was missing from your previous birth

Jasmine: That’s nonsense

Nia: I believe it

Jasmine: Okay stop I hate talking about these things… But who’s Kunj?

Nia: Who the hell is Kunj??

Jasmine: I heard his name in my dream

Nia: You’re insane now let’s get in the car Sana is probably waiting for us

Jasmine: Okay I am coming

“Inside Ravi’s car and near Jasmine’s car”

Jasmine: Kunj…

Sidhant: Twinkle…

“Tera jaana jaise koi baddua Door jaaoge jo tum Mar jaayenge hum Sanam teri kasam o.. Sanam teri kasam o.. Sanam teri kasam..”

Sidhant (In mind): I wonder what all this is.

Jasmine: I wonder what my pervious birth was like…

“Tumhe dekhte hi aakhen ho jaati nam Sanam teri kasam o.. Sanam teri kasam o.. Sanam teri kasam..”

Tune plays.


The woman says

“They met… now love will blossom again”

She smiles and prays to god

Jasmine and Sidhant are confused about their pervious birth.

Episode ends.

Moral – “Now it’s time to be happy with all the love around us”

Recap: “We meet again but now I need to know you” “But first they will fight and know each other”


Characters of the Fan-Fiction (More revealed in the upcoming episodes)

Jasmine Bhasin (Twinkle Taneja)

Sidhant Gupta (Kunj Sarna)

Nia Sharma (Known has Roshni Khurana in Jamai Raja)

Ravi Dubey (Known has Siddharth Roshni Khurana in Jamai Raja)

Deepika Amin (Known has Usha Manohar Sarna in Tashan – E – Ishq


(By the way, if you’re reading this ff, please do comment your ideas and how is the story going for you. Also love you all aha x)

Btw I’ll post the next episode when I have time aha xx.

Thank you so much for enjoying this, please do comment and silent readers I need to know if you want me to make this Fan-Fiction longer or not!! Till then enjoy Episode 1!! (Also there might be some grammar errors because I didn’t read over my work aha xx.)

Love you guys by Nusz aha xx.

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