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Now lets go into the journey of love…

Everyone looked at that direction shown by abhi and all having mixture of emotions as happiness, surprised, shocked, puzzled etc…
A: here is your bahu ma….
Suddenly a voice is heard… abhi meri bachu…on hearing the voice everyone turned..abhi ran to her and hugged her and sheds tears..she said abhi beta I am really sry beta.. I wont force you to marriage the girl of my choice.. I will agree to your love too.. bt don’t ever leave me beta… I am living only to see the happiness in my child’s eyes..dont leave me beta…she said it with teary eyes..

Everyone got tears in their eyes.. bcoz the strongest foundation of the rhr group whom they had never seen a little weak even at this age had breakdown now..(she is sweetly called as dadi and ma by the members of the family..Dadi: daljeet mehra(mother of ram,divya).. head of the family..)
A: no dadi.. please forgive me for not listening to you..if I had listened to you..then there had not be a separation now.. I am really sry dadi..pls forgive me…
Dadi by wiping his tears said nahi beta.. don’t cry.. you doesn’t do any mistake..nw show me my bahu beta…
A: dadi you know her verywell even more than me…
Dadi looks confused as she is going meet his love fr the first time.. nt only her even the entire family is going to see her fr the first time..
Dadi still nw remember that day…
A small fb is shown..
Before six months

On that fine morning the family is preparing fr the celebration as abhi,ranveer and arnav had achieved the first position in their business…whole family was really happy..
D: I am really happy beta as our childs had grown up and they made us proud today…
Ram: ya ma.. I am really happy as or ranvi,arnu and abhi had achieved a lot in this young age ma.. even khushi and bulbul too had started their career..
Raj: haan ma.. they had made us proud.. khushi and bulbul too want to stand on their own ma..
Harshad: ishani too had completed her studies and she was the best in her field ma and purab is also learning fast about the business..really they are the lucky charms of this house ma..
Dadi: haan beta.. they are the lights of this house…

Priya: haan ma u r right..if any one of them become a little sad then the reason fr their sadness will get destroyed by the others as they all love eachother that much..
Divya: haan bhabhi u r cent percent right. Look there no one can separate them…thanking god fr giving such a lovely and understanding gifts as our life…
Every one that time falguni entered with something in her hand and said enough all of you.. stop it… she called all the childrens of the family whom has completed just 24 yrs and 23 yrs…she gathered all of them and she does aarthi and thirsti (suthi podrathu)…she then said stop eyeing our child..they are precious..athanala kanu veikathinga..purunjutha…
Everyone smiled at her…and all the children in unison said love u ma and they had a group hug with her… everything was gng fine..
At noon dadi called everyone to the hall…
Arnu: dadi y u called all of us.. everyone looked at her fr the reason..
D: I am really happy beta that all my grand children had achieving in their life.. nw it’s the perfect time fr finding the perfect match fr my charming prince and the dazzling princess of this house..

Elders smiled at each other as they all know that some love tracks had been running in their house.. and they too were happy about it..
Arnav looked at khushi and the same happened with khushi too looked at arnav..
Likewise ranvi and ishu too looked at eachother..
Bulbul secretly looked at purab and he secretly admired his ladylove..
Everyones face was showing a lot of happiness..except one that is none other than our abhi…
He had no wish to get married to anyone other than his love…so he decided to tell his dadi abt her..when he thinks hw too say dadi speaks…
D: firstly I want our abhi to get married…everyone accepted that and dadi continued that she had selected a girl fr abhi and they are coming tomorrow to meet us to decide the date of engagement..
Every one was happy..abhi was shattered inside as he cannot say no to dadi…he loves her that much.. he runs to his room and locked himself..he doesn’t know what to do… everyone smiled as he had become shy and ran from there…
Bt arnav and ranvi went to his room as they know that their bro is in love…and he need them now..they knocked the room asking abhi to open it as it was them..he too open the door..they were shocked as their abhi’s eyes had become red as he had cried.. they asked wt hpnd bro
A: I don’t know what to do know na I love hr and I love dadi too a lot..i cant say no to dadi as well as her too..i don’t know wt to do.. in my life I had never feel this much helplessly..
Ar: stop it abhi..lets speak to dadi.. she will definitely agree abhi.. so don’t worry..k
Ran: haan abhi don’t worry.. everything will be fine soon.. you go to dadi and tell her about ur love nwitself..
A: I don’t know y I am feeling like this as something wrong is gng to hpn…
Ar: nthing will happen wrong.. you go abhi and tell her k va…
A:mmmm k arnu..

Then abhi went to dadi’s room.. dadi on seeing his condition asked is anything wrong beta..r u nt feeling good? Abhi just lied on her lap and said that dadi I am nt telling this to hurt you.. I am in love dadi.. I love her a lot.. I don’t know hw to say this to you as you had fixed my marriage with someone else.. I am really sry dadi fr disappointing you..sry dadi.. bt I cant marry anyone else dadi…tears were continuosly flowing from his eyes..even dadi’s eyes also got wet..
She made abhi to see her…abhi looked at dadi’s wiping his tears dadi said don’t cry abhi.. you know right I hate to see my child like this.. I agree that you love you think that your dadi will do something without knowing about it..i don’t know her name too.. bt I came to know that she is nt loving you as you do..i don’t know why she is sticking to you till if she reaches her destination she will definitely leave just try to understand abhi…fr that only I had fixed ur marriage..
Abhi on hearing that cant understand the meaning of it….after realizing wt dadi said he thinks that dadi had misunderstood his ladylove so he again tried to convince dadi rejected by saying that her trustworthy people had said this so she cant risk his child life
A: bt dadi u don’t even know her name.. than hw can u judge her.. I cant agree with you dadi..
D: abhi I know it will hurt u.. bt u r thinking abt todays happiness and I am worrying abt the sadness of tomorrow
A: no dadi…I will marry her..otherwise I will never marry saying this abhi left the room…

Due to their voices everyone gathered no one interfered as they all know that abhi as well as dadi was stubborn on their decision..the happiness which surrounded the family in the mrng has vanished in the air and silenced had occupied the entire mansion..all the elders support adi as they all know that there will be a strong reason fr the rejection of dadi…
After sometime the ladies entered dadi’s room and asked her the reason fr her rejection…dadi said that her friends grand daughter who had studied in the same clg with abhi had given this information as his love was pointing his money only so it is just a test to them..they asked dadi in detail..
Dadi then said that she had doesn’t fix any girl fr him.. he has to prove his ladylove can take care of him that’s it..all are relived…dadi said that she will tell him wt to do in mrng..she will send him out of the house without money to prove his love…she then asked permission from them to do so..they asked what is this ma…u r dng this fr his happiness only na.. so we all are with you..
bt on next mrng something unexpected had hpnd as abhi had left the house and his family fr her forever.. the happiness in the family has vanished from then.. dadi finds herself guilty fr ruining his life and their family one had smile in their faces..the six months went like hell to them…nw one week before they received call from abhi that he is coming back home as he is missing them badly..everyone was very happy as he said he is coming with their bahu who was there fr him when he needed her in these months…
fb ends
so Dadi looks confused as she is going meet his love fr the first time.. nt only her even the entire family is going to see her fr the first time..
the screen freezes on thedadi’s face
now ready guys fr both negative and positive comments…please do comment guys as I had taken a long break so sry fr that…love you all…

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