Knowing You- a SwaSan Fan-Fiction (Chapter 9)

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“Excuse me! You call these fresh?”
“Ma’am, please listen to us once.”
“You listen to me! How dare you use such flowers? I want fresh flowers right now! Kuch hi der mein shaadi hai and you all are just fooling around!”
The wedding planner and his team were listening quietly as she spoke angrily. Her azure-colored lehenga enhanced her beauty. Her hair, curled and left open, swayed with the soft wind that blew. Though angry, she looked beautiful. Light make-up, less accessories were complimenting her overall look. After reprimanding the workers, she went to check other arrangements.

“Swara beta, where are the fruits?”
“Meenu aunty, it’s kept over there. Haan! Mil gaya?”
“Haan beta. Tum nahi hoti to aaj kya hota!”
“Relax aunty! Take a chill-pill! Zyada stress mat lo aap! Make-up kharab ho jaayega! Don’t forget, aap dulhan ki chachi hain! Aapko sabse best dikhna hai!”
“Oh haan! You’re right! I should look the best. I won’t take any stress now! By the way, main kaisi lag rahi hoon?”
“Ekdum hot! I’m afraid, dulhe ko kahin aap hi pasand na aa jaao!”
“Stupid girl! Now go and see whether the bride’s ready or not!”
“Oh yes! Jiski shaadi hai usey toh main bhool hi gayi! I’ll just go and check whether everything’s good with her or not!”

“Swaraaaaa! Where were you? Meri shaadi hai and you are roaming everywhere in this world except my room! Pata hai main kitni nervous ho rahi hoon! And that Ragini! Tell her I won’t talk to her. How can she miss my wedding?”
“Hold on hold on Aakriti! By god! Atleast breathe a little while you speak! Dulhe ko ghodi chadhna hai, tujhe nahi!” The bride gave her an angry look and immediately Swara stopped her laughter, though unsuccessfully. Amidst her giggles, she resumed, “Aaku baby! You know na Ragu was soooooo excited for your marriage, but she had to go to Mumbai for her an important meeting. And that meeting must have been extremely important and unavoidable. That’s why she gave your wedding a miss. But you got her gift, right? So let it be na! I’m with you. What else do you want?”
“Okay. But Swara, tell me one thing, am I looking good? I mean, make-up over to nahi ho gaya na?”
“Baby, everything’s perfect! Infact, you’re looking so s*xy, that I was thinking ki kaash main ek ladka hoti! Main tujhse abhi isi waqt shaadi kar leti!”
“Very funny!”

Both the friends were busy with their friendly banter when they heard the announcement of the groom’s arrival.
“Baraat aa gayi!!”
“Kyaaa?? Aa gayi baraat? Aaku baby! Now I have to go! I want to see the groom first. Bye bye! Take care baby!”
“Swara listen! Sun naaa! Uff ye ladki!”

“Swara beta, please bring those flowers. Hurry up. The groom has arrived.”
“Okay aunty! I’ll bring in a jiffy!” Swara winked and rushed towards the porch where the flowers were kept. But suddenly, her leg twisted and she fell, not on the ground, but in the manly arms of someone. Swara slowly opened her eyes and was shocked as she saw the person holding her.
“Alok Nath???”
“What are you doing here?”
“Right now, saving you from dirtying your dress by falling down!”
“Oops! Thank you!” Swara said as she stood straight.
“Hmm, you’re welcome. By the way, tum yahan kaise?”
“Great! Meri friend ki shaadi mein aakar mujhse hi pooch rahe ho ki main yahan kaise?!” Swara replied as she rolled her eyes. “And what are you doing here?”
“Shaadi mein exam dene toh nahi aaunga na! Even I’m here to attend the marriage!”
“Very funny! Are you groom’s friend, or brother, or..”
“I’m groom’s friend. Not a close one though. But a good friend.”
“Oh, like that!”
“Swara betaaaa!! Where are you? Where are the flowers?”
“Durga maa! I totally forgot about it.” Swara mumbled. “Aunty bas 2 minute!” She shouted back.
“Sanskaari! Where are you going! Help me!”
Sanskar gave an irritated look but went to help her nevertheless.
“Arey theek se pakdo na! Chalo ab!”
“Swara beta, phool kahan hain?”
“Yahan!” Swara pointed towards Sanskar who was carrying the whole basket of flowers with much efforts.
“Oh. Bhaiyya, zara ye phool wahan rakh do. Aur ye kaise kaam karte ho aap log? These people! They don’t even know how work is done! Swara beta, tum jaake zara Aakriti ko dekho. Is ready or not?”
“Yes aunty.” Swara repiled hesitantly as she looked at Sanskar’s visibly angry and irritated face. She gestured an apology as she went.

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