Knowing You- a SwaSan Fan-Fiction (Chapter 7)


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Swara was tensed thinking what punishment she would be given as she opened the door. The moment she opened it, she was shocked at what she saw and heard.
“Where is everyone? Why is it so silent?” She wondered.
“Raguuuuu! Where are you?? Raghuvir uncle?? Bachcha party?? Where are you all?” Swara called out to everyone, only to be greeted with silence. “Let me call Ragu once. Oh no! My phone’s dead! How to find out what’s happening? Why isn’t anybody responding? Have they gone out.. Somewhere? But darwaaza toh khula tha!” Swara worried. She prayed for their safety. “I hope they aren’t in any problem!” She walked through the dark rooms, occasionally calling out their names, but in vain.

The door shut loudly behind her which led her to scream a little. “Just the door Swara! No need to get so scared.” She thought. She proceeded towards the switch board to switch the lights on. But, to her surprise, the lights were still off. “Bijli nahi hai kya?” She mumbled. She continued calling out everyone but she didn’t receive any response this time too!
“Now this is scary! Sab hain kahan?” Worried, she fished around in that dark room for the landline. “The landline’s gone dead! Wow! Aur bhi kuch hona baaki hai?” She exclaimed, frustrated.

Swara was still wondering when she heard a scream, which startled her so much that she dropped her bag. “What was that?” She exclaimed in horror. She proceeded towards the door only to find it locked. “Damn! How did it get locked! I had just entered through it! Hanuman ji, please meri raksha karna!” Swara tried hard to open the door but failed. Tired, she sat down. Her hand fell on some liquid- thick and dark in color. “What can this be?” She wondered. She stood up and went towards the window to and began inspecting the liquid at her hand. It was red in color. Blood red. “Bbb.. bl.. lo.. Blood!” Her eyes widened as she stared at her fingers. She was trembling profusely. She breathed in and out to calm herself. She closed her eyes. She walked aimlessly in that dark room- the sight of blood never leaving her mind. She started feeling dizzy and held her head tightly. Soon, she fell unconcious.

Precap: Someone opens the door and gets shocked to see Swara unconscious.

Guys, I might be a bit irregular in my posts till 22nd. Though I’ll try hard to post regularly, I can’t really assure you of the same. I’m really apologetic about it but I hope you’ll keep showering your love on my ff like this! 🙂

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    This ep was short but Waiting for nxt eagerly. The Precap is awesome. I am very curious to see nxt ep. But post when possible dear. Love ya???

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      Thank you so much Sree! I’ll try to post often. It’s just a matter of few days, I suppose. Till the 22nd. After that, I’ll post regularly. By the way, I’ve uploaded the next part. Hope you’ll like it! ???

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    Scary..Where is everyone??Nice episode BTW.. 🙂
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      Anishaaaaa! Thanks a lot dear! Ofcourse as a writer, it’s my work to entertain you! I’m glad you’re liking it! Thank you so much! I love you too dear! ??????????

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